19 March 2009

Kristen not a 'Social Networker"?

In a report published today in the Winnipeg Sun, Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame disses the social networking trends of Twitter, Facebook, etc, while discussing her character in her new movie, Adventureland.

"It connects us, but I think in a superficial way..." she stated. "People will be over it eventually. It's fun right now; it's a novelty."

Wow! Coming from someone who has a large internet fan base. The more interviews I read and see, the more she starts to come off as a self-righteous little girl. In another article, she flat-out dismisses her tween/teen fan-base. I really don't see how actors can diminish fans who would plunk down their hard-earned cash to support someone who really could give a crap. Back in the day, critics used to dismiss rock and roll as something that would not last...

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