29 March 2009

Twitter and the Rise of the Fakes!

As you all know, I am on Twitter (gallifreyreject), and I have noticed the onslaught of fake celebs on there. I mean its one thing to say I'm a fan and my Twit name is a reflection of it; but to outright pose as another human being is just down-right wrong! So, me and a few others, along with valebrity, have been weeding out the posers. It is a fun process I must admit. There are simple ways to confirm a Twitter account. You could say it in an interview, a post on an official site or have your management contact Valebrity. If you click on who I follow, you will see those who are confirmed that I am a fan of and a select few who are posers. I'm not going to say who yet but, it will come out..lol With my knowledge of the industry and crap, i'm the wrong person for posers to pull one on.. But I'll let them have their fun lmao

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