29 March 2009

Too Far Gone

Recently, reports are stirring that the 911 emergency call made by the late Natasha Richardson were made public. To me, this is just completely wrong and morbid! How would you like it if someone released your last convo with those trying to save your life? I think it is an invasion of privacy for the grieving family! It is just like a relative of mine. Her family was murdered and as we all sat in disbelief and horror, we were also pissed at the abundance of media coverage surrounding the matter. It made it seem more surreal and something out of an episode of Law and Order. My stand is this, let them be! They have lost a daughter, a wife and a mother. Their grief is overwhelming and should not be displayed like parade. Some might say that this is part of being in the public eye.. But I don't think so! Just because you are in the public eye, does not mean that your private life is up for ridicule and made into headlines!

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