30 March 2009

First Jane, Now Caius.....

Well, it seems that the role of Caius has been cast! British newcomer Jamie Campbell-Bower has been cast as one of the three leaders of the Volturi. The Volutri are an integral part of New Moon and the following books Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. And accoring to Bower, there are other casting surprises and he dismisses some of the online casting rumors. The 20-year-old Brit was also in Sweeny Todd (good movie) and will be in The Prisoner with Sir Ian Mckellan.

Check out the full article here


  1. I really like it! The volturi are old of life as vampires, but this face as Caius (boy),brings a necessary arrogance and allowed to the character. (My humble opinion)and sorry my english...

  2. its cool.. i think he would make a fine caius.


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