29 June 2009

BET Awards '09 Coverage

So tonight I watched the BET awards and for the most part, its was a hot GHETTO MESS!!! I guess class education doesn't exist anymore.. And this is why I don't watch BET anyway.. But tonight, I wanted to see how they would remember The King of Pop, the Late Michael Jackson. I give credit to Jamie Foxx for doing the best he could with such a disjointed mess. But, I liked a few of the performances.

Now here are the few moments I liked:

Show opening of New Edition doing a Jackson 5 medley. Seeing how if it wasn't for J5, New Edition, NKOTB, the Osmonds, BSB, NSync, etc. would not exist. It was nice seeing that.

Ne-yo singing 'The Lady In My Life'

Beyonce's rendition of 'Ave Maria/ Arms of The Angel'
(the latter has a special memory for me and 'Ave Maria' always pulls my heart)

Ciara singing 'Heal The World'

The Ojay's :) nuff said!

Maxwell's return performance :)

Janet Jackson's emotional appearance speaking on behalf of her family.

Ne-yo and Jamie Foxx singing 'I'll Be There'

They also showed snippets from previous concerts and his last appearance with the Godfather of Soul, the Late James Brown.

I think maybe later a better tribute might be done.. Who knows. I hope so!

I think for the rush job it was, it had good moments. It focused on his achievements, his contribution to African-American history and culture, and his humanitarian contributions. During these last few days since his passing, the media and others have focused on his short comings, his eccentric behavior, his surgeries, and that mess of a trial.

It amazes me how ignorant people are when they do not know the facts.

Lets see, he had his first nose job after falling and breaking his nose on stage, not to mention the constant ridicule from his father. He suffered from Vitilligo, which is a skin disorder common in African Americans, so in order not to come outside in a heavy pancaked mess, he chose to fix it. And his eccentric behavior, PUHLEEZE!!! Everyone has their quirks and weird things about themselves. Don't act like you don't.. Glass houses...

In regards to the child molestation charges, the man was aquitted. Let it go! Mind you, noone has heard a peep from his accusors since the trial and crap. (even with being told to keep quiet, people still speak!) Especially those who profited from it. I think if someone was molested, they would be an advocate for child abuse. You didn't see that from those people and you never will...

This is a time to remember his contribution to popular culture, entertainment and history! He changed the way MTV played African-American artist, he broke Guiness book records, he contributed to over 30 charities, he helped raise funds for Africa and 9/11 families (I guess people forget those things), and he also brought people together from all backgrounds. He was also a son, a brother, and a father who will be missed not just this weekend, but forever.

I have a feeling he was greeted warmly in his next life and he is at some sort of peace.

It upsets me, and this goes for anyone, that people would make a mockery of someone's death so soon..

Its not kind to mock the dead...

Are you listening Perez.... Gossip mongers...

p.s. Now, don't think I'm saying this because I'm African-American. As the saying goes, don't get it twisted! There are alot of things I don't agree with that people do regardless of ethnicity, but I give credit where credit is due, regardless of what YOU think. So stuff that in you hypocritical-bullshit-like your shit don't stink-glass house living pipe and smoke it :)!

Maybe you didn't read my disclaimer...

25 June 2009

Perez Needs His ASS Whipped!! AGAIN!!

Yes I said it!

That wanna be famous, full of shit, ignorant, glass house living bitch! He is faker than the bitches he calls friends! I can't stand him! I can't stand how he talks so much BS about people and thinks its gossip or news! He is full of shit! And you know what? I'm glad he got punched in his bloody face! He deserves it! After the crap he pulls and then this today....

To see Perez's original post, Click here

Sorry, I refuse to post that pic because it's degrading! A stunt? Get real loser!! Regardless of his personal life, you remember the person's achievements!

So Perez, when God calls you up, you better make sure your life was worth living and you achieved something worth mentioning..

The KING of POP Is Gone...

Michael Joseph Jackson


The world was shocked, saddened and heart-broken to hear that legendary music icon, Michael Jackson, passed away....

At 12:20 PM PST, Michael was rushed to UCLA Medical Hospital after being found unresponsive at his LA home..

Two hours later, the sad news was released..

My condolences to his children, his parents, Katherine and Joe, his brothers Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, Randy, his sisters Maureen, Latoya and Janet; along with nieces, nephews, and a multitude of friends.

This statement from R&B artist Usher sums it up...

"This loss has deeply saddened me, with a heavy heart I composed this statement. May God cover you Michael. We all lift your name up in prayer. I pray for the entire JACKSON family particularly Michael's mother and all his fans that loved him so much. I would not be the artist, performer, and philanthropist I am today without the influence of Michael. I have great admiration and respect for Him and I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to meet and perform with such a great entertainer In so many ways he transcended culture. He broke barriers, he changed radio formats! With music, he made it possible for people like Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama to impact the mainstream world. His legacy is unparalleled Michael Jackson will never be forgotten.”

Jackson Rathbone Interview with NY Examiner

NY Examiner Gabrielle Long had the pleasure of sitting down with Jackson for an interview recently. In this interview, Jackson mentions his type of girl, what he goes for and what is a huge no-no in his book (married/attached women need NOT apply!

Here is a snippet from the interview:

On qualities he looks for:

I look for a woman with a sincere smile and a love of the arts. I love being able to go out on crazy dates, like breaking into zoos after hours, so a woman who has a sense of adventure...

but I also love a calm night of jamming on a beach at midnight with a bonfire, whiskey, and friends... so a woman who can hang in any situation and not get too clingy if I'm playing some music and spending time with my friends and family

On worst dating advice:

"Say whatever she wants to hear." I forgot who told me that, but it's complete bull-shenanigans. Trying to be what she wants is a terrible idea.

I try to find a woman who I can be myself around, and who can be herself around me. I hate when relationships change people, but it happens... sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, but when two people fall in love and are still the same people, that's true love. In my humble opinion.

On deal-breakers:

: If a girl is involved with another guy. I don't believe in the ideology of "if it's a different area code, it's not cheating," I think that's more of an "idiot-ology."

Too many times I've been hit on by a woman with a ring (engagement and/or wedding), and it disgusts me, to be frank. Even if a woman has a boyfriend she is about to break up with... to me, it's wrong. I won't even consider flirting with a woman unless she is completely single.

After reading the interview, it is OBVIOUS why women of ALL ages love Jackson! He is sweet, down-to earth and has qualities we wish our significant others possessed. And I must admit, I like this guy more and more each interview I read.

For the interview in its entirety, click HERE

Thanks to TwiCrack for the tip :)

21 June 2009

Lacking Motivation

I lack motivation...

Yes, me! Sucks doesn't it. Today I was supposed to see my mom sing with her choir, but alas, I am at home.. Why, because my ginormous arse can't fit anything! You are prolly going ok, and, so lose the damn weight fat ass! Easier said than done shithead! Do you know how hard it is to lose weight? I thyink I've done everything besides being cut open and crap! The funny thing was I've lost weight before.. And I felt really good about myself.. I felt I accomplished something. Now its like oh fuck! The bad thing is motivation.. I need it! I need to be told daily to get off my ass and work out.. But how? I do it daily..Tell myself to do it and next thing you know, nada..

So, I want you to tell me how do YOU get motivated to achieve a goal? It could be anything from losing weight to, say meeting someone. So yes..comment below! Cause a sistah need some help!l

18 June 2009

Simple..But Effective..

Listen up you rabid, shame-enducing, epil fail creating girls....



Do YOU want someone harassing you at work constantly?

Would you like it if someone interfered in what pays YOUR rent?

How would you like it if strangers followed YOU to your job everyday??

Would you like it if YOU were hounded??

Doesn't seem sane does it??

So why do it to him?

Let the man do what he gets paid for and mosey on...

Don't make me get the pepper spray and batons.....

17 June 2009

100Monkeys LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Well, their OFFICIAL web site is live, up and running!!

So...What are you waiting for???


Rush on over!!!!
Check it out!!



Do all that neat stuff!!


And tell em Gallie sent ya!


Just Kidding....


16 June 2009

A Hell Of Their Own Making...

As some may know, I was in a play last night called, A Hell Of Their Own Making, which was part of the 24 Hour Plays Chicago. The concept of the 24hr play is to create, cast, rehearse and perform a play in 24 hours! No easy feat for some! This idea was first done in New York and was met with success. My character was a demon..lol It was an interesting experience! I would like to thank all who sent their well wishes, good karma, energy and stuff to me! It helped bunches!!

Now..If Only I can get my beloved Monkeys to Chicago... hmm....


100Monkeys Interview and Ripped Shirts...

My most hearted and loved affiliates at Cullen Boys Anonymous.com posted their hilarious and must see interview with 100Monkeys and Uncle Larry from their Allentown, PA (*sings* so we're living here in Allentown...) show!

And its official..You CAN molest Jackson!! (his words..Not Mine!!) And, he's such a 'grammar whore' *dies laughing* just like me!

It seems that Ben G was accosted in the bathroom by two girls which lead to his shirt being ripped and a tie theft and some girl tried to make off with Jackson's hat. Bad girls!! *face palm* And people thought I was MAD when I compiled the What NOT to do list! See.. That is why!!

But yes!! Check out this must see interview by clicking HERE!!

12 June 2009

Eclipse Auditions

Are you over the age of 14?

Are you of Native American or First Nations decent?

Want a role in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ?


Summit has opened a casting call for the roles of Seth and Leah Clearwater!

And its REALLY easy!!

You have to upload a video of the part you are auditioning for (script provided on the site)

You never know what might happen :)

So click on the link already!!!

And... Break a leg!!

Eclipse Casting


by the way... in the terms of agreement, it doesn't say you have to be that.. it is open to everyone.. But they are specifically looking for Native American/First Nations..

and thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the tip via twitter :)

11 June 2009

Well Well..

Seeing how my modem died on me Sunday morning, I was not aware I was a winner on The Twilight Sisterhood.. (thank you Nessa :) ) Especially since it used my other email address lol. So yeah it was a huge shock!

Also, I saw a lot of the 100Monkeys clips from their shows over the weekend..Good job guys! Now hurry your keisters to the Windy City..lol

Seems there is some debate over who should play the late Jeff Buckley... My vote will be with James Franco.. He closely resembles my musical soul-mate than any of the contenders..Although, Rob's voice has some strong similarities..

Robsten ..eh..I'm not going there...lol

Last Airbender..*jumps up and down with glee* hehe..I can't wait..

Did I mention I will be in a play locally here? yep!! Is June 15th and I'm uber excited! If you are in the vicinity and want to see it or want more info, drop me a line her or on twitter @gallifreyreject

Oh yeah..Kstew is portraying Jona Jett in a biopic called The Runaways (which also was the band of the awesome Lita Ford!) and to channel her inner rocker and to look like Joan circa 1970's, she cut and dyed her hair.. Dedication!!

I just hope it doesn't come across as a Josie and the Pussycats meets Band Slam(although I liked the Josie movie :) ).. Remember Kstew hun, no blinking...lol

Rob's in NY..Whoohoo!

Peter Facinelli's new role on Nurse Jackie.. Hilarious..lol

Season 2 of True Blood premiers Sunday @ 9pm EST

um.. i think that's all..lol

06 June 2009

Oh my

I know.. I know..

Days without a Twilight related post...Sowwy :(

I've been a bit busy with things & such.. Lovely fun..lol I've also been working on new poetry & some other things...

The one thing I'm dreading is writing my letter of decline to AADA. It pains me to write it & that's why I haven't as of yet. This economy really bites in more ways than one. But, when one door closes..as they say.

I also have to mention some awesome people I've met. They know who they are! I tend to think of myself as a good judge of character..Just don't prove me wrong..


Anywhoo, things are looking up in other areas and that is what is important to me.. My career, my familia y mi vida :)

So, till the next post...

04 June 2009

A Moment Of Silence..

A moment of silence for blues legend Koko Taylor aka Queen of the Blues..
David Carradine.. Bill from Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Kung Fu: television series...

01 June 2009

You Know What...

You are probably wondering why I'm saying this..

As an up and coming person in my field, there is ONE thing professionals do not tolerate... UN-PROFESSIONALISM!! You DO NOT call a casting agency asking about casting if they have NOT contacted YOU! That is the way it is! Only agents can call them. The only way to submit headshots and resumes is via snail mail.. Or your agent..

Well, those lovely die-hard Twi-hards, once it was out that Eclipse was casting, decided to flood the LA casting office handling the auditions with calls!! YOU DON'T BLOODY DO THAT! And thanks to those enormous amounts of individuals, people like me with no agent who love the business and see it as an opportunity, now have to find another means of gaining an aufition. Yes the info was posted about it, but it was also sated that NO PHONE CALLS!

That to me is not only unprofessional, but stupid and completely RUDE!

You want to be a part of the franchise, ok sure..I understand that. A lot of people do. It would be a career boost.. An epic opportunity that looks great on an actor's resume. Or just to say you were in the film.. But I know why many did it..To get close to the cast! Go to convention, set stalk for all I care. Hang out infront of the hotel and shit.. Be a bloody extra! But don't fuck up opportunites for the rest of us who love acting and who want in the business so bad it bleeds.

Yeah there are other ways of maybe getting an audition for some role in the film, but SERIOUSLY! If you knew how hard it was for actors go get in film, you would'nt have been such a jackass in your dealings. You idiots made an epic fail of massive porportions!

Now I'm not knocking the bloggers who posted that the casting had begun.. No.. Not that..That was posted on E! But not the contact info.. This is for those idiots who were so nice to get the info from a certain resource and act completely stupid without thinking..Or reading!

So if I lose Twitter follwers or readers, I don't care. This career..its my life..My dream(although my dream will continue regardless) and I don't tolerate stupidity and unprofessionalism!!

So yeah you fucked up.. EPIC FAIL to you..

MTV Movie Awards Recap and Review

Unless you were living under a rock, or in another country..The MTV Movie Awards were last night..And it was interesting...

Anyone and everyone knew Twilight was going to take it all.. Well almost..lol

Myself and others were Twittering during the live event and when the results were announced, lets just say, I was VERY vocal!

We also saw the first trailer for New Moon(i have it posted HERE), scenes from Transformers 2 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

For one, I was disappointed that the Best Villain award was not presented live; which totally irked me! Yes, Heath Ledger got it posthumously, but still a public acknowledgment by the fans would've been nice!

Best Female Performance...EXCUSE ME! This is how I KNOW the Twilight fans voted their socks off! How the hell can you say Kstew was the best actress beating out Taraji P. Henson..HELLO!! She was much better as Benjamin Button's surrogate mother! An outrage!!!

Andy Sandberg (I LOVE HIM!!) was hilarious in the beginning and he did well with his hosting!

The WTF moment of the night, Sasha Baron-Cohen aka Bruno, landing arse first into Eminem's face! That was CLASSIC!! Staged or no, it was still the best WTF moment of the night.

Forest Whitaker singing D**k in a Box.. LMFAO!

Rob talking about something coming out of his pants..Um yeah.. the shirt!! lol

The kiss that all Robsten fans wanted to see, never occurred! It looked like Rob was so into kissing her publicly and Kstew just looked um..like she wanted to hurl! Arms crossed.. Also, did anyone notice how far apart Rob and Kstew were that night? The only time they were sitting together was for the Best Kiss award.. Adding more fuel to the fire of Robsten gossip.

Ben Stiller getting the Generation Award.. NICE!! I love Ben Stiller! The whole Oscar parody was funny. Kiefer breaking down was silly lol.

Oh lest we not forget Kstew's epic fail of major proportions! I loved it! Clumsy chick dropping stuff.. hahaha!

Oh and for those who were wondering... Jackson was NOT at the awards.

Now to the fashions...Errr...

Cam Gigandet- One Word.. HOT! If he didn't have a GF already..lol
Kstew *fashionFAIL* Her dress looked like she pulled it from a bottom of a shredder bin. And the sneakers? *shakes head*
Ashley Greene- NICE! Very classic and beautiful dress! She looked lovely! Her dress complimented her shape and the hair was classic. KUDOS!
Rob Pattinson--err... Seriously! Did he totally take his clothes straight from the suitcase? A steam iron works wonders dude... STYLIST FAIL!!
Taylor akak Taytay- Good job. Nothing more to say.
Peter Facinelli- YES! although, I would've loved the jacket to be a bit longer over the torso..But still looking very nice!
Kellan Lutz- You can take the boy out the midwest..But you can't take the midwest out the boy. I think he borrowed Jackson's hat. Still nice!
Miley Cyrus- I loved that dress! Bad color, but very nice! IM ON A BOAT YO! lol
Ashley Tisdale (from HSM3) looking adoreable! Darker hair, not so overprocessed.. and cute outfit..
Vanessa Hudgens--Um a bit over dressed.. but cute..
Zac Efron- Yeah.. Clean, classic and well cut..
Christian Serrantos- Gorgeous! The dress was a good cut for her tiny figure and the color was complementing.
Megan Fox- WTF was with the oil slick? Looked like she stole one of Dita Von Teese's dresses..

And yeah that's the fashion run-down! lol

So here is the complete list of winners:

Best Movie : Twilight
Best Breakthrough Female: Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical 3
Best Breakthrough Male: Rob Pattinson in Twilight
Best Male Performance: Zac Efron in High School Musical 3
Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart
Best Comedic Performance: Jim Carrey in Yes Man
Best Song from a Movie: Miley Cyrus 'The Climb' from Hannah Monatana: The Movie
Best Villian: Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
Best Kiss: Rob Pattinson and Kristin Stewart in Twilight
Best Fight: Rob Pattionson vs Cam Gigandet in Twilight
Best WTF Moment: Amy Poehler in Baby Mama
Generation Award : Ben Stiller

for videsos of acceptance speeches and highlights, visit mtv.com