18 March 2009

The Color of.....

I had an associate ask me a question earlier and it got me thinking. Yes I know me thinking, uh oh...A storm is brewing that head.. hehe lol. Well, seems that he had gotten asked out by a woman. Now, it wasn't the fact that he got asked out by her, but what he included. The woman who asked him out was in her early 20's and African-American. Did i mention my associate is Caucasian...I told him just to go for it. Not like it's gonna hurt! I have the mind set of,"I don't care, so why should he/she?" Unfortunately, some do. Is it a matter of preference? Do people really judge you by the color of your skin or the person you date and/or marry?

Personally speaking, I really don't think that her pigment should be an issue, but her age well that's a different story. Like I stated, it got me thinking. I have friends who are of diverse backgrounds and I got to asking them as well. Now, I've had my share of the rainbow coalition and in my experience, a few were all enamored of my ethnicity..*rolls eyes*, and other didn't really care(those I like!). And I've had a few who felt that I might not be accepted in their circle because of my ethnicity. In all races you have the few who feel it is wrong to date outside your race. As if it were some kind of mortal sin. So I would like to know does race really matter when dating?

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