31 March 2009


So, over the weekend I was referred to a certain fanfic on twilighted.net by Ms. Meadow over at Twilight-Headed
and I must say, it is an interesting read.. Although if you are under 16, this might not be for you! Although, one of my Twitter peeps read it and she thought it was too smut-filled lmao! Well, the fic is called 'I Love L A' written by feathers_mmmm and it happens to star Mr. Robert Fucking Pattinson!! LOL. The flow of the fictional piece was good and the woman was very (and I do mean VERY) creative when giving Rob some choice 'skills'. I am recommending it because of the premise and I thought it was a good read. It kept me interested and wondering can he actually do that?? LMAO!

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