27 December 2009

End Of Time

As some of you know, the first of the Doctor Who two-part special, The End of Time, aired Christmas Day in the UK on BBC One and on December 26th here in the US. Some people have posted their reaction to the first part already. These last two episodes marks the end of David Tennant's run as The Doctor, making way for Eleven (played by Matt Smith). Smith has really big shoes to fill. Not only was David's Ten listed as the most popular Doctor(beating out long-time favourite Tom Baker), he's also the sexiest, as listed by a British poll.

My review of the specials will be posted after watching part two. Why you may ask? Simple, I want to get the whole picture RTD was trying to paint out. But I will say this, part one had very touching moments and a few wtf ones as well..

Till that review comes, I leave you with these lovely... gifs! lol

The 'Master' Race! John Simm (or Simms however you like to say it) has great gams!!

From the BBC Christmas indents.. The eyebrow... *dies*

25 December 2009

Althought I't been said....

Many times, many ways...


and you, and you, and especially you! :)

I hope you all enjoy the holidays!

24 December 2009

A Fond Farewell

Today in Twi-blogland, TwilightHeaded has posted their last blog.. Ever.. :(
I will miss the League!
They were one of my first affiliates via the Twi-world and they are great ladies all around!
Not to mention, one of them is one of my friends!

Good Luck ladies in all your other endeavors!

Read their last post

21 December 2009

Happy Birthday J-Action

Happy Birthday salute goes out to Jackson Rathbone!

Hope you are enjoying your day, man!

Tragedy in Hollywood

Actress Brittany Murphy passed away unexpectedly Sunday , December 20th, 2009 of an apparent heart attack.
She was 32 years old..

Murphy got her break as Taj in the 1995 movie, 'Clueless'. She has also appeared in 'Uptown Girls', '8 Mile', 'Sin City', 'The Groomsmen', 'Little Black Book', 'Just Married', 'Riding In Cars With Boys', 'Girl Interrupted', and a host of other films and television shows. She was also the voice of Luanne on Fox's 'King Of The Hill' and Gloria in the 2006 animated film, 'Happy Feet'; in which she also provided the singing voice.

At the time of her passing, Brittany had three movies in post production and two in pre-production.

I remember seeing her in Clueless and I thought she was hilarious as Tai, the skater-weed head tuned pet project of Cher and Dionne. She seemed real in her portrayal and in other films. As with the business, she slimmed down and at only 5'5", she looked tiny. When I was a teen, I looked up to a lot of young Hollywood actors because they were in my age group, good at their craft and making a name for themselves. Although we had different backgrounds, I saw her as someone who I could identify with.

Now let me state this.. When a young person dies, people want to know why. What shocked me was the vast amount of people via Twitter stating she died because of drugs or whatnot. I'm not saying if she did or didn't. I wouldn't know and you don't either. So far, the Los Angeles Coroner is stating natural causes. Personally, I think the Hollywood Ideal (you must be this small to be a successful actress) had something to do with it and her health was probably suffering. She quite possibly had other health issues as well. We do not know. But I will say this, young people die every day of heart attacks. Youth has nothing to do with it. We put a lot of stress on our bodies (women especially) to fit molds, gain acceptance, work, live, etc. that it can have a devastating affect on not only our psyches, but out bodies as well. I say let her rest in peace and leave the speculations in the trash! We have an economy, jobs, health-care, etc. to worry about.

My heart and condolences go out to her mother and her husband, her friends, and those who knew her best.

Rest In Peace Brittany... Tell Jonathan I said hi. :)

19 December 2009

Birthday Celebrations in Vegas

Last night, Jackson Rathbone celebrated his birthday (albeit a bit early) in Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Resort.

With bandmates Uncle Larry and Jerad Anderson

Amish hat and cake!

Marty as a cake? I smell expansion... lol

No copyright infringement intended. Pics courtesy of Wire Image

To see the rest of the pictures from the event, click HERE

18 December 2009


That's right, you heard me... FREE!

Those awesome guys, 100Monkeys, have just for us fans, posted 'Keep Awake' available for download on their website! Yes, just for us :)

artwork courtesy of 100Monkeysmusic.com No copyright infringement intended

So, what are you waiting for? Go Download it now! HERE

16 December 2009

New Twitter!

Hello my lovelies!

I know it's been a while, but this just couldn't wait!

My new Twitter name is @GallieAODRadio

Yes, that's right.. ArtistsOnDemand Radio!

As I've mentioned before, I am one of the hosts on AOD and it's official.. LOL

Check us out!


We're on Myspace & Facebook as well.

Don't worry, I will be blogging more soon.. The 'Reject of Gallifrey' blog will still be... always :) !!

Plus, I have to keep you updated on the Reject so, @gallifreyeject is still here lol

Toodles and poodles,

Gallie aka GallifreyReject :)

03 December 2009

100Monkeys Videos

As most know, I am a 100monkeys pusher.. (They're like CRACK MAN!!!)

So I wanted to share a few vids of them. I love sharing Monkey Crack! I'm a junkie..lol And there is no MonkeysAnon either.. Guess I'm up the creek..

'Junkie' at ViperRoom 11/29/09

'The Beatles' Improv song 11/29/09

Courtesy of Vision2Vision

And these are from the guys official YouTube page. Drop by & show them some love!!

'Ugly girl'

Sleeping Giants (my fave)

Courtesy of 100Monkeys :)