31 March 2009

Goodbye Andy...

Andy Hallett

I am really sad and at a loss tonight. I just learned that Andy Hallett has passed away... Andy was best known as Lorne aka The Host aka Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, from the TV series Angel. As a huge fan of the series, I was shocked to hear the saddening news. Reports are that he was suffering from a heart condition and went on into the next life at 33 on Sunday. My condolences, sympathies and prayers go out to his mom, dad, the cast of Angel, his friends and colleagues. Andy's distinct singing voice and comical timing was a joy to watch . One of my favorite performances from the show was when he performed Lady Marmalade. It was one of the reasons I bough the Angel: Live Fast, Die Never soundtrack (besides the remixed theme by Darling Violetta). On the series finale, Lorne was resposible for taking out Lindsey. That last request from Angel showed something deep. Andy was a talent who will be remembered in the hearts of fans everywhere..
You will be missed...

~~Dear Friends~~

Performed by Queen
Album: A Day At The Races
Written by Brian May

So dear friends your love is gone;
Only tears to carry on.
I dare not say as the winds must blow..
So a love is lost,
A love is won..

Go to sleep and dream again.
Soon your hopes will rise and then,
From all this gloom
Life can start anew.
And they'll be no crying soon...



Seriously Now!

The CBS Channel 2 News is reporting something awful today. In Valparaiso, IN, a woman finds herself a victim of racism at home AND at work. The African-American woman's home was vandalized and she claims a group of Caucasian teens vandalized the store she works in. It seems this isn't the first time racial vandalism has been occurring in the city. You would think that in this day and age, an age where we have our first minority president, that these things would not still occur. I myself have never been a victim of racism(thank God) and I believe it it morally wrong. If a person is going to dislike or even hate another human being(btw, hate decreases life expectancy by 25%), then that person needs a severe wake up call! We were made individuals by God and because of those differences, people judge. I hope they catch the people responsible..

Read the full article HERE


So.... fresh from the Twitter line and courtesy of Queen Perez Hilton, there is a screen shot of Rob in the buff from Little Ashes...Due to the content of the post, I will only be posting the link.. Be warned, panties may drop and and you might jizz in your pants or all your Edward illusions might be shattered(I do apologize in advance)..LMAO!! But i think its harmless..Just something to wet the whistles with... heheee Oh and no he does NOT sparkle.. Thank God for normal!! lol

Robert Pattinson in the Buff


So, over the weekend I was referred to a certain fanfic on twilighted.net by Ms. Meadow over at Twilight-Headed
and I must say, it is an interesting read.. Although if you are under 16, this might not be for you! Although, one of my Twitter peeps read it and she thought it was too smut-filled lmao! Well, the fic is called 'I Love L A' written by feathers_mmmm and it happens to star Mr. Robert Fucking Pattinson!! LOL. The flow of the fictional piece was good and the woman was very (and I do mean VERY) creative when giving Rob some choice 'skills'. I am recommending it because of the premise and I thought it was a good read. It kept me interested and wondering can he actually do that?? LMAO!

La Push Filming Pics!


Pics are up of Kristen and Taylor filming their scenes in New Moon, courtesy of Lainey's Gossip! I must say, kudos on the wigs/weaves(yes, if you look closely, Kristen is sporting a weave) and Taylor is looking buff! As we all know, the scenes being filmed involve more of Bella and Jacob's relationship. Form what has been said, there wil be some dream sequences planned that involve Edward.

So, clicks HERE to see the pics from the shoot!!

30 March 2009

First Jane, Now Caius.....

Well, it seems that the role of Caius has been cast! British newcomer Jamie Campbell-Bower has been cast as one of the three leaders of the Volturi. The Volutri are an integral part of New Moon and the following books Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. And accoring to Bower, there are other casting surprises and he dismisses some of the online casting rumors. The 20-year-old Brit was also in Sweeny Todd (good movie) and will be in The Prisoner with Sir Ian Mckellan.

Check out the full article here

29 March 2009

Too Far Gone

Recently, reports are stirring that the 911 emergency call made by the late Natasha Richardson were made public. To me, this is just completely wrong and morbid! How would you like it if someone released your last convo with those trying to save your life? I think it is an invasion of privacy for the grieving family! It is just like a relative of mine. Her family was murdered and as we all sat in disbelief and horror, we were also pissed at the abundance of media coverage surrounding the matter. It made it seem more surreal and something out of an episode of Law and Order. My stand is this, let them be! They have lost a daughter, a wife and a mother. Their grief is overwhelming and should not be displayed like parade. Some might say that this is part of being in the public eye.. But I don't think so! Just because you are in the public eye, does not mean that your private life is up for ridicule and made into headlines!

Say a Little Prayer

Just wanted people so send a prayer to keep those in Fargo safe from harm and danger. Let their damages to property be all the damage they suffer.

Twitter and the Rise of the Fakes!

As you all know, I am on Twitter (gallifreyreject), and I have noticed the onslaught of fake celebs on there. I mean its one thing to say I'm a fan and my Twit name is a reflection of it; but to outright pose as another human being is just down-right wrong! So, me and a few others, along with valebrity, have been weeding out the posers. It is a fun process I must admit. There are simple ways to confirm a Twitter account. You could say it in an interview, a post on an official site or have your management contact Valebrity. If you click on who I follow, you will see those who are confirmed that I am a fan of and a select few who are posers. I'm not going to say who yet but, it will come out..lol With my knowledge of the industry and crap, i'm the wrong person for posers to pull one on.. But I'll let them have their fun lmao

28 March 2009

Lifestyle Changes and the Mass Media

It's that time again, according to all the magazines, to get in shape for the summer.. Blah, blah blah! I think its a ploy to sell those rags. Put a photo shopped pic of a celebrity or some model on there, add some diet tips, a few how-to's and bam! Ship the publication off to print! I have been up and down the scale my entire young adult/adult life and I know one thing for certain....Magazines don't help! And neither do gym memberships. Why, because some of us are lazy.. Yep! L A Z Y! (Me included!) LOL There used to be nights when I wanted to be a size 4 but then I would look at my frame and go.. aww shit! Bloody genetics! I think that is what people do not take into consideration. We have beings who are naturally small, meduim and large. And yes genetics plays a part in it. I remember living in Chula Vista and wondering why could'nt I look like my neighbors or counterparts. Why couldn't my legs not look like tree stumps and have that curve. Then my father told me that I was pre-destined to be a 'big' gal! Thanks alot dad..(RIP). This is possibly where my fear of shorts and skirts came in.

I detest my legs, thighs and rear! Yes! I said it! Why? Because I was brainwashed into what the ideal woman should look like.(you know, 5'9..really slim..) Not to mention the men in my life who were so gracious to tell me I was a big girl. For my height and weight, being a size 4 would make me look worse than Lindsey Lohan (and um that's not cool!!). Being in the entertainment industry as a plump gal(notice i didn't say fat... as one of my model friends would put it, i'm all thighs and boobs, with a teeny waist..lol) you don't get many front-line jobs..Unless you want to be cast as the best friend or the side-kick! Which to me hurts because what about the ideal woman? The woman who is real?! Why can't we have that diversity? On Grey's Anatomy(my fave show) Chandra Wilson plays Dr. Bailey and I love that character! She doesn't fit the ideal and I think it rocks! She's also smart, talented and to me, one of the best actresses out there. But then I see others in my age group working and getting smaller by the movie..

Some people say, well Queen Latifah is a big girl..And I'm like um I don't see her doing serious roles either. I want to be the actress who can have those roles that say something and bypass all that race mess. Basically characters written with no race in mind. I like those roles. Even a period piece. Who knows. MaybeI'll be the one to change that cause I'm not giving up my quarterly gyro sandwich(aka every 4 months) or my vitamin water!!

Doctor Who Producers Interviewed By Fans

Doctor Who fans in the UK attended a special Q&A at the Celtic Media Festival in Caernarfon. The panel included executive producer Julie Gardner, designer Edward Thomas, Euros Lyn (Director), Ian Grutchfield (Brand Manager) and Barnaby Edwards (Dalek Operator). The panel answered questions from fan who submitted their inquiries via the website and then took questions from the audience. Needless to say, this was an interesting experience for those in attendance. There were also questions asked how the regeneration from David Tennant to Matt Smith would happen. OOh now that's something I want to see!

For more on the Q&A visit Doctor Who at BBC.com

27 March 2009

How To Be News!!

The soundtrack for How To Be will be released the 28th of April, which coincides with the release of the film in the US. The soundtrack includes original songs performed by Pattinson, along with the original score by Joe Hastings and electronic sounds by Johnny White (Ronnie). Along with the CD is a 12-page song lyric listings, new stills from the movie and one of two fold-out posters of the cast. The digital download will be availible on the 28th of April via I-Tunes. If you pre-order the cd via Dreamboat Records, you will have a chance to win one of 250 limited editions autographed cd booklets signed by Robert; and save $2.00 of the reccommended price.

For more information, check out the Official How To Be site.

Pattinson Clears The Gossip Fumes

Finally! From the man himself!

Moviephone's Angie Argabrite spoke with Pattinson in regards to his upcoming release, Little Ashes (in theaters in May 8th *jumps with glee*) and addresses the recent barrage of rumors that seemed to fly out of nowhere regarding his personal hygiene, taking a fan out to dinner, the infamous head injury... To me this isn't news, it is confirming what we already knew. I am glad he is addressing this craptastic mess, even thought he doesn't have to. Too many people who have encountered him speak differently.

Here are a few snippets from Angie's interview.

I heard that you follow all the online gossip about yourself?

I read that and thought it was such bullshit. I was like, "God, I sound like such a loser!"

So it's not true?

Well, I do sometimes. I used to a lot more before and then ... I only look at the negative stuff. I just want to know whoever's saying negative stuff, and I just want to remember their names. I write it all down in my black book. [Laughs]

Is it true that, I don't know if you saw this, but a source on the set of 'New Moon' said that you don't smell good, that you don't shower?

I haven't even been on the set yet!

You know the same thing went around about Zac Efron a while ago; that he doesn't shower.

Really? He looks like he smells really good [laughs]. I also do shower.

I also read that you got hit on the head with a sign while you were fil

You know, that is the most ... I actually got told about that this morning. It's like, "What?" It's the most boring story.

Read the full article HERE

Leave the MAN Alone!

Since when did a person's 'supposed' personal hygiene cause such an uproar that major news publications(like my very own Chicago Sun-Times) are dwelling on this issue?! I have really, truly grown tired of hearing about Rob's supposed bad BO!! Do we care, no! Do we give a rat's patooie?? NO! Is it news worthy?? Hells no!! Whatever goes on in his personal life is HIS OWN BUSINESS!!! So to the I-have-no-news-today-so-I'm-gonna-write-about-a-famous-person's-BO, weed use, etc... Let it go! How about writing about those new troops being sent to Afghanistan or the AIG bonuses?? How about doing some REAL journalism for a change??!!

Freedom of...

It seems that I might be on a 'burn list' so to speak with some people. I was told growing up that everyone is entitled to their own opinions (hence why we have critics); but I think sometimes people take criticism and misconstrue it as a slam against someone. As I have mentioned in my critique of Twilight, I thought certain cast members could have done a bit better in their performances. Do not get me wrong, I liked the movie. I love the series and I think that they did a good job trying to capture the essence of the book and remain true to it. As a movie goer, actress, and a person with an opinion I state that. I don't have a problem with any actor, especially if I have never met them, but what I critique is their performances. Some people may not like what I have to say because maybe they can't see past it the character; but since I know how hard some of these actors work on projects and their dedication, I respect them for their work.

Take for instance when Interview With A Vampire came out. I saw Tom Cruise's performances in other movies but was a little peeved when I heard about him playing my beloved Lestat De Lioncourt! I was thinking Tom Cruise as Lestat?? WTF!! But then I saw it and it was brilliant! He basically transformed himself into Lestat and it won people over, including Ms. Anne Rice herself! Sometimes as actors we need to go to that other place to make the reaction true, and some do not.

What I am trying to say is do not knock someone for their opinion. We are all fans in one way or the other and sometimes we agree to disagree. It is not a slam on someone, but more or less an astute observation. People have critiqued my performances and some were good, some were bad. But, atleast they were noticing. And the constructive critiques benefit a person, especially if it comes from the fans! If a person doesn't notice something about you, then that means you weren't memorable in the first place...

26 March 2009

Little Ashes

As a huge Salvador Dali fan, I am excited about the upcoming release of Little Ashes; which happens to star Robert Pattinson! I will be attending the screening in Chicago which I believe is in either April or May. As the dates get closer, I will update! But to keep me enthralled and such, I've posted my two favorite clips from the movie. And IMHO, Rob does a fantastic job of capturing Senior Dali!


Pattinson Guarded by Mounties!!

Seems that the producers of the second installment in the Twilight series, New Moon,have hired some Canadian Mounties to guard the star from overzealous fans*looks around* (hey i'm too broke to fly to Vancouver...lol) who want a peek at him and the cast. Access Hollywood and RadarOnline reports that the Mounties were hired to make sure filming went off without a hitch. The Mounties did allow Kristen Stewart to speak with the fans and sign autographs (aww..)Now, if they could find out who the leaking mole is on set.....

Take a gander at both articles below.

Robert Pattinson Guarded by Canadian Mounties

Canadian Mounties Called to Protect Pattinson

Pattinson Readies Fans for Sequel

Robert Pattinson offers this advice to those who have not yet read the second book in the Twilight saga, be ready for something different and strange. Pattinson told Reuters that "The book of New Moon, the majority of it is incredibly depressing," and that "obviously Twilight was about finding first love and the difficulties of that, but New Moon is really about loss and reconciliation, but the reconciliation isn't completely full." Pattinson also stated that, "It's(Twilight) turned into this crazy situation. I guess it has become a sort of phenomenon now which I really, really didn't expect," in regards to the global phenomenon it has become. The movie has grossed over $373.4 million globally. For now, he said there are no plans to put his music on New Moon, but he has become "obsessed" with composing songs. This will be a plus for those of us who love hearing Rob's bluesy, Van Morrison/Jeff Buckley-esque voice. The second installment of the saga, New Moon, is slated for release November 20th, 2009.

Read the article here

25 March 2009

What is it About Edward Cullen???

I was surfing the internet when I came across a few articles from Associated Content. This site allows you to post how-to, editorials, etc. (I learned how to properly straighten my hair on this site, LOL) What caught my eye in particular was a couple of articles breaking down Twilight's brooding yet chivalrous Edward Cullen and why women of every background and age fell in love with the character and Robert Pattinson. I have to admit, before October 2008, I knew NOTHING about the series. Nada..Zilch.. Zip.. Zero!! But I checked out the movie out of curiosity and...BAM! Hooked..

Which kinda threw off my reading Swallowing Darkness by LKH because I got the series and her latest at the same time (sorry Laurell). But what hooked me on the series wasn't the film per se. I thought the film was on the cheesy side(I like my cheese!!). I thought (and I still think) that Kristen could have been a bit better in her portrayal. Although, it still didn't stop me from watching it and I bust into laughter when she has her Tourettes/seizure moment in the hospital scene... Now after seeing the film, I wanted to read and see what they left out and what all the hoopla was in regards to it.

Now, I kind of, sort-of knew about Robert. I saw him in the Bad Mother's Handbook with Catherine Tate and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But again he wasn't legal and only legal shows up on my radar! LOL

Anywhoo, back to the articles. I thought they were well written and basically confirmed my thoughts about the character and why we all lust er, love him... Even with what we have seen about Robert, we still want to know more (and some might want more than what he can give..he is 22..lol), but I think most importantly that this role has branded him in the minds and hearts of women everywhere, and if it wasn't for his talent and him understanding Edward, the movie probably wouldn't have been a huge success.

Now, when I read the series I thought that Edward was creepy in a I'm stalking you-sneaking into your room, oiling your windows, watching you sleep, and disabling your car kind of way. But as I read on, he still seemed creepy,well more like manic-depressive/lonely- but in a lovable and protective way... So to speak..He had his moments where I was all swoony and though dammit! Why can't men in real life say such beautiful things!! And I thought Bella was um.. selfish and slightly inconsiderate towards the feelings of others... Again, my opinion. But I did love the inner conflict of Edward and Eclipse is my favorite book out of the four!


What is it About Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen: What is it that Makes Him so Enticing?

Thou Shalt Not Covet Another Man's Wife..Husband..Cheese...

I'm not a big Beyonce' fan *ducks*, but when I ran across the trailer for her new movie, Obsessed, I just had to share! Obsessed is IMHO, Single White Female and Fatal Attraction, with a twist. A temp comes to work at this company and falls in love with her boss. She then continues to weed and worm her way into his life and his bed. At one point, she drugs him! The film also stars Ali Larter (Heroes) as the conniving and crazy temp. It looks like it might be an interesting movie. Beyonce' kicks Ali's behind in a few scenes too!

Take a look
Obsessed exclusive featurette

24 March 2009

Twilight Bunnies!!

I have to share this with you all!
It is one of my fave Twilight re-enactments!
Its done by Angry Alien Productions and
they do movie parodies, but in cartoon bunny form.
I got a kick out of it!
So, check it out!!

Twilight Bunnies

"Memiors" of an Englishman....

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Robert Pattinson is in talks to star in a movie headed by Summit called, 'Memoirs'. The film would be about a couple who try to keep their relationship together in the midst of family turmoil. Sound like something up his alley. Lets see, emotional wreck, check! Conflict with others, check! Love amongst pressing issues, check! So far, the film is in that talking stage, mostly due to the fact that it would have to be fitted before Eclipse begins filming. My suggestion to Robert is to do the film!! I think it would be an interesting project, especially if they treat it as such and try to appeal to his fan base(which is a multi-cultural diverse base if I might add..). I can reccomend a co-star.. She's about 5'6..Brown hair...Olive=brown complexion...*winks*

Read the whole areticle here.

Sparkles and Smells????

First was the hair and now is the bod, jeepers! I guess it was a slow news/gossip day. Apparently (and this is a 'foul' rumour in my book) Rob Pattinson doesn't bathe. According to E! online's Ted Casablanca, a person from the New Moon set says that Rob reeks due to the fact he never bathes. "He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy," This is according to a crew member. Now I have read the masses of fan encounters with the golden one and not one of them state his BO! Matter of fact, all say that he smells 'clean' and 'fresh' and a few mention tobacco but he smokes so...lol.

Check it out for yourself!

Rob Pattinson's A Dirty Boy

23 March 2009

Slowly Losing...

I feel I'm slowly losing hope. I feel that what I truly want is going slowly down the drain. I am so sad right now, I have no clue what I'm going to do anymore. I was looking for a place to stay in LA while I attend AADA.. I was talking to this girl about rooming together, but when I told her that I don't start til July, well that fell through. My mom recommended those extended-stay places(you know like for business travelers and such). I got an email from the representative and my heart sank. It sank so low I believe it is in my basement. For the basic rate is $144..Per day! That's the cheapest rate they have. Since I don't know my way around La, I thought I could find something near the school.. Eh!

Somehow, it seems like this is an obstacle that it a tad too high. I totaled up the daily rate and it was about $4,300. For six bloody weeks!!!! That's just for a 1 bedroom with a bathroom. I have a feeling I'm going to be sleeping in my car. Why does pursuing my dream cost so bloody much? I feel very disjointed I'm close to calling the school and saying I decline my acceptance. I have no idea what I am going to do...

22 March 2009

Mom Rules!!

My mom rules!!

I came home today to find out that she bought me Twilight!! hehehee!! She got it at Wal-Mart for $17.00. Not bad.. But it wasn't the one I wanted..lol So we went to Best Buy and got the 2-Disc special edition for $17.99. But one must factor in tax(in Chicago, sales tax is 10.25% while outside is 9.75%) So total amount paid was about $20.00. But I'm glad I got it because I wanted to see the documentary and hear the audio commentary lmao! So tonight is a Twilight viewing night..for the 5th time ! lol. Best Buy also had Eclipse and Breaking Dawn for $16.00..... Oh well, I downloaded the PDF files of the books for free..lol I have no idea why I like this film so much.. No wait, I know why.. Rob is in it! I'm glad he's over 21. I like them legal and single!

21 March 2009

Twilight Madness!

As you may have seen in my previous post, Twilight midnight release parties were happening everywhere in the US, but only a few locations had 'special guest' (i.e cast and crew). It was interesting to hear about the crowds and so far no one was crushed or injured! Thank God!

Below are where the special guest made appearances.

LA- Borders @Westwood Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter), Hot Topic Ashley Greene(cast)

NYC- Borders @ 2 Penn Plaza Edi Gathegi (cast)

Chicago- Hot Topic @ Lombard Nikki Reed (cast)

Dallas- Borders & Blockbuster Allen /Frisco, Tx Catherine Hardwicke (director)

Salt Lake City/Riverton- Wal-mart Rachelle Leferve (cast)

As you can see, I did not make it to Lombard..(even made a few phone calls to get a meet-up) My car needs more work than I thought and my sitter didn't arive till 10pm, so I stayed home. But I had spies everywhere lmao!! What irked me was that the Hot Topic in Lombard was not on the list has a host store. That ticked me off a bit! It was sneaky! I was thinking that it might be at the Borders on Michigan Ave. because they always have signings and Q&A at that location. And unfortunately, there was no sign of Robert or Kstew at any of the signings. I guess their either filming or the screaming mobs got to their psyche. LOL

Now, if you are in LA, below is just for you!!


FROM 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen)
Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen)
Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)


FOR $75

FROM 9:00am – 12:30pm

(info courtesy of TwilightMoms)

20 March 2009


LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

As reported on Thursday on AccessHollywood.com, “Twilight” stars and filmmakers will arrive in 5 cities tonight to join fans at the midnight release parties for the film’s DVD – and now, Access can reveal where they’ll be.

In Los Angeles, at Hot Topic at 6801 Hollywood Blvd.

In Chicago, at Hot Topic at 142 Yorktown, Lombard.

In Salt Lake City, at Wal-Mart at 13502 S. Hamilton View Rd., Riverton

In Dallas, at Borders at 965 West Bethany Dr., Allen, and at Blockbuster at 5649 Lebanon, Frisco.

And in New York, at Borders at 2 Penn Plaza.**just added**


How Long

I've noticed that when you want something, the wait is unbearable! I wrote in my previous blog about being accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA). Earlier this month I got my acceptance letter and I was floored! I had to audition for the school which put me in the 'zone'. Basically immersing myself in the two plays I chose the monologues from. For my audition, I performed Salome by Oscar Wilde(who I love) and an excerpt from The Colored Museum. When I got to the audition, I was a bundle of nerves! I had everything down packed, but I wasn't sure if I would do well. It had been years since I auditioned for anything and I was basically not myself. But according to the director, I did quite well... Even though I flubbed a few lines...

So, here it is the 20th of March and I'm still trying to get my wits about myself! You know how it it why you want something so badly you can taste it and it leaves its memory in your mouth? Well, that's how I am right now. I've always wanted to be an actor, but for many years I was told I wasn't the right 'type'. And I hate typecasting!! I was either too short, too big, etc.. And then life happed(the birth of my son) and I still kept coming back to it. I want to be able to live my dream, cause it seems that I can't do anything else...lol I would love to attend the school. To get experience as well. That's why I started my donation drive. I rarely admit to needing help cause I was raised to do it on my own. But then my pride knocked me down to the floor and the floor was dirty!! *gags*

I start in July, if everything works out. Been in contacts with a couple of people about having somewhere to stay for the duration. When I got accepted, my first thought was, damn where am I gonna live? See, I used to live in Chula Vista with my dad and when he passed in 2007, I literally had noone else I knew outside Illinois. I didn't know his friends very well and I'm not the type to go hey! i'm so and so's relation do this or something. That's not me. So I got the idea from my friends at Twifessions because they are raising money to go to TWICON this summer (good luck girls and remember my Jackson autograph!! LOL). I even did a You Tube video about it! I pretty much am out of ideas. I just know that if I don't go, I'm gonna regret it and be misreable and heartbroken.. Kind of like Bella in New Moon when Edward left her.

19 March 2009

Robert Is Gay!!

I got this post via Twitter from Twilight and Beyond (thanks girl!!) It was so funny, I had to share. This blogger has proof that Robert is gay! Now don't bust out into a rabid tear-jerking mess-it's a joke! The blogger at Buzznet, Newageamazon ,uses photographic evidence to prove her point.

In one shot(which I call the NAMBLA shot) he undeniably and irrevocably looks like jail bait....

So, check it out and you be the judge!

Access Hollywood to Announce Special Guest at select Twilight Parties!!

Tomorrow, Access Hollywood will have details as to where certain Twilight cast members will make appearances at select Twilight parties throughout the US! So the party you attend might be with a cast member in attendance!!

Click here for full article!

Doctor Who???

I had a friend ask me the other day, "What's Doctor Who?" I typed OMG YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT Doctor Who is?!! That is like saying I've never heard of William Shakespeare or Socrates in my book!! It was like ooh, I get to share my love of the series with someone.. yay!! LOL Because I'm so heartbroken over David Tennant leaving (dumps buckets of tears into toilet), I am kind of wondering what will his replacement, Matt Smith, be like in the role. I'm having flashbacks of when Tom Baker(doctor #4) left and Peter Davidson became the 5th incarnation.(I remember asking my mom, "Mommy, why did his face change?" But oddly, I don't remember what her response was..) LOL! But I am excited about the upcoming serials slated for this year. The first serial, 'Planet Of The Dead', will air Easter weekend. I hope that Russell and the crew give the Tenth doctor a great send off!

Another show I'm excited about is Torchwood!! Capt. Jack and the crew will be returning to the small screen in 5 one-hour episodes that will make up the 3rd season(or series as they say). Torchwood: Children of Earth will be premiering in the spring and I am beyond anxious!! Torchwood is edgier and darker than Doctor Who, but still entertaining! Doctor Who and Torchwood air here in the states on BBC America. Doctor Who also airs on PBS and Sci-Fi(SyFi *rolls eyes*. So, check your local listings!!

Twilight Starts To Make Surprise Appearances At Parties

The phenomenon known as Twilight will be released on DVD this Saturday, but there are parties being held all over and you just might be able to see one of your favorite actors from the film. MTV.com is reporting that the cast of the $70 million dollar weekend opener, will be making appearances at various Twilight midnight parties around the country. Edi Gathegi (Laurent) stated the he is going to"sneak into one" and that going to one would be outside his "comfort zone." Read the full article below.

Twilight Stars To Make Secret Appearances

To find a party near you, visit the Twilight movie site.

Illinois Governor To Raise Taxes on Already Hurting Constituents

As some people know, IL Governor Pat Quinn is proposing several tax increases to balance the $12 million dollar budget deficit. With our national unemployment rate at 8.1% and Illinois rate at 7.6%, constituents feel that a tax increase may not be the best solution. Gov. Quinn is proposing a 50% increase in the state income tax, as well as a 50% increase in business tax. He is also proposing a raise in motor vehicle fees and wants to increase the cigarette tax by $1.00. Currently, Cook County holds the record for the highest local tax at 10.25%. Also, a pack of cigarettes in Cook County ranges from $7.25 to $9.00 due to the increase in the local tax; whereas outside of Cook County, cigarettes range from $3.95 to $5.00 a pack. To tax the people of Illinois during a recession seems greedy, especially when our elected officials cannot seem to balance the state's checkbook. Raising fees and taxes hurts those who earn less than the national average. Below, I have links on local responses and the Governor's plan.

Reaction to propsed increase

Inside the Governor's planed tax hike

Kristen not a 'Social Networker"?

In a report published today in the Winnipeg Sun, Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame disses the social networking trends of Twitter, Facebook, etc, while discussing her character in her new movie, Adventureland.

"It connects us, but I think in a superficial way..." she stated. "People will be over it eventually. It's fun right now; it's a novelty."

Wow! Coming from someone who has a large internet fan base. The more interviews I read and see, the more she starts to come off as a self-righteous little girl. In another article, she flat-out dismisses her tween/teen fan-base. I really don't see how actors can diminish fans who would plunk down their hard-earned cash to support someone who really could give a crap. Back in the day, critics used to dismiss rock and roll as something that would not last...

18 March 2009

A Fond Farewell

Natasha Richardson, Daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, Wife of Liam Neeson, has passed on to the next life.

As you may have read, she was involved in a ski accident and fell and injured her head on a beginners ski trail Monday. She was hospitalized in Montreal and then flown to a NYC hospital where she passed today.

I remember seeing The Handmaiden's Tale when I was younger and her performance blew me away. She was a talented and gifted actress of stage and screen and she will be missed.

My condolences go out to her family.

May she rest in peace.

The Color of.....

I had an associate ask me a question earlier and it got me thinking. Yes I know me thinking, uh oh...A storm is brewing that head.. hehe lol. Well, seems that he had gotten asked out by a woman. Now, it wasn't the fact that he got asked out by her, but what he included. The woman who asked him out was in her early 20's and African-American. Did i mention my associate is Caucasian...I told him just to go for it. Not like it's gonna hurt! I have the mind set of,"I don't care, so why should he/she?" Unfortunately, some do. Is it a matter of preference? Do people really judge you by the color of your skin or the person you date and/or marry?

Personally speaking, I really don't think that her pigment should be an issue, but her age well that's a different story. Like I stated, it got me thinking. I have friends who are of diverse backgrounds and I got to asking them as well. Now, I've had my share of the rainbow coalition and in my experience, a few were all enamored of my ethnicity..*rolls eyes*, and other didn't really care(those I like!). And I've had a few who felt that I might not be accepted in their circle because of my ethnicity. In all races you have the few who feel it is wrong to date outside your race. As if it were some kind of mortal sin. So I would like to know does race really matter when dating?

OOH God Don't Like Ugly!

I received this post from someone via Twitter and I wanted to share.
I would like to know your views on the person's comments.

Who you callin' a B*itch!


As someone who is on a few networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, etc.), I know and stress the importance of being true to yourself and being real. I use the sites as a way of branching out my circle. I like people who have similar interest and ideas; and maybe, as I use Facebook for, to network and find old friends. What I don't understand is the need to be fake. The need to portray yourself as something you are not. Why not be real? Do you feel that this will enhance your social circle/network? Or is being fictitious a game to you and your 'posse?' I wonder this because on Twitter, there has been a host of fake celebrity names cropping up. From fake David Tennants to fake cast members from Twilight.

Now I follow a few celebs because I am a fan of their work and some of the things they tweet are funny! If they tweet back to a response, cool! I'm not there to have a crap load of followers. I like quality verus quantity. So when I ran across a site called Valebrity, I was curious to see who they had validated. I think it is an excellent site because their requirements for validation include a video of the person saying their Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace URL, confirmation from managers and publicist, etc. And they have a list of who is real and what profiles are fake. Our society has become celeb-obsessed and crap but really.. Do we need impersonators?? I say NO! Lets leave that to the drag queens please, they're much better at it!!

So, check out the site Valebrity and see for yourself!

17 March 2009

VH1/MTV News Posting Interview with Kristen Stewart

Here is a new interview from MTV via VH1 with Kristen.
She talks about New Moon and future sequels and her feelings on a woman directing Eclipse.

Check it out!


A Good Laugh

I usually don't post gossip or what not, but because this man went from zero to hero(I love Hercules!!)..well lol. Its funny, you would think that he could get laid any where on the planet due to his status as a sex symbol(yeah I said it!!). Maybe he should drop his standards some. Naw... cause if he did, us older gals(25 and up) wouldn't respect his slutty ways! LOL Mind you all the fan girls and fan fictions(and he READS THEM Girls!!) would decrease like Tom Cruise's popularity!! So, go, read.. not to mention in the latest edition of GQ, he dismisses what is written about him..

Robert Pattinson's Sex Moan

How to Be review

I had the privilege of attending the Chicago International Film and Music festival held here last week. I love seeing movies for free! Well I had a chance to see 'How To Be', written and directed by Oliver Irving. The cast included Rob Pattinson of Twilight and Harry Potter fame, Mike Pierce(Nikki) and Johnny White(Ronnie). The movie centers around Art (Pattinson) who is trying to find balance in his life. During his quest, he encounters a numerous amount of setbacks and even hires a therapist, played by the late Powell Jones, to help him become more 'normal'. The movie has a lot of humorous moments and Robert shines in his portrayal of Art. I left the movie feeling Art was content and finally on a road towards balance and happiness.

It reminded me of his character Daniel Gale in The Bad Mother's Handbook. Daniel, like Art, was quirky, shy and really didn't fit it. What these two movies have in common besides Robert is they are both characters who have a sort of depth, humility and quirkiness about them. Not to mention the clothing...Both characters I felt had a realness about them. You could sympathize with Art and Daniel. The overall theme of the movie is that everyone needs help sometimes. I think this is one of his better roles. Don't get me wrong, I think he was one of the best actors in Twilight. It does take skill to present a 108 year old vampire (ask Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise); but I believe he will become a more versatile actor with the parts he chooses. Robert brings a certain aspect to all of his roles; his own unique spin. As with the character Arthur, I think it was more of himself shown.

I would recommend this movie to everyone just for the fact that it is not like the movies that are curretly out.

For more information about the movie and screenings, click here~~> How To Be.

Support the girls!!

A friend of mine wrote a nice short blog about me playing Leah Clearwater in the Twilight saga films.

The Perfect Leah

I thought that was so cool! Check out her blog and a few shout outs to me! She knows how badly (and a few others) I want this role! Acting is my life, in a sense. It has always been a dream of mine to be in films. To be able to portray characters outside my own reality. And with that, be able to bring a bit of myself to the roles. We are given desires to influence our dreams.. This is one of many dreams I have. And hopefully, by the grace of God and with faith, it will occur. Now if I can just find a good photographer....

How Was I Supposed To Know..

I got an interesting surprise last night via a networking site I use. A guy in my network I've known for about four years and had been with in an intimate fashion changes his status to,"In A Relationship With...So and So." This came as a shock to me. Why you may ask, because not even a month ago, we were making plans to see each other. Now I know your thinking and?? Well, this makes me wonder the validity of his intent towards me. The numerous text messages, pics and emails exchanged that were um... well you know quite racy. I wasn't thinking as far as relationship because we had talked about it before. But seeing that status did upset me a bit. I had always had a fondness towards him. I looked forward to hearing from him and likewise. But I cannot say that I didn't feel it coming. About a few weeks ago, the text stopped coming. Matter of fact, a simple HI got no reply whatsoever. I thought well maybe his phone is off again or something. Well, last night I got my answer. But for all pleasant purposes, I am happy for him..

I have always wondered why the men I fancy don't fancy me in return. Is it my skin? My legs? My personality? The fact that I'm a single mom(well even before then) etc..etc..etc. I can't and I highly doubt I will ever understand. I don't fit the mold of what beauty is. I don't have the sexy abs or the slim legs or whatever else men google. I hate working out! Sometimes it hurts. It hurts deep and men really don't get that we have feelings. I think its the whole I ME MINE syndrome. And I have standards! Oh boy do I have standards. But it affects me when I'm turned down in any fashion. Hell, its even worse when ignored. To some extent, I think I'm lonely and I envy those who have relationships. I envy those who have someone who is perfect for them and fits their ideals and standards. Sometimes I wonder, will it ever be my turn?

16 March 2009

I am Leah


Yes.. Leah as in Leah Clearwater. I know you are thinking WTF!! But after reading the Twilight series and seeing the movie, I felt I wanted to play her. Why? Well, I like the character! And yes I know I'm not completely Native American and the tribes would disavow any knowledge of my family history..But I DON'T Care!!! I want to play her! Make up does wonders for people these days!! (They Made Rob Pattinson sparkle!! Robert Downey, Jr. was Black!!) If I ever get a chance to audition for the role, I would make it known here first!!Well, after I told my family and friends..hehe! I think Leah is the Anti-Bella of Twilight. She was hurt emotionally..Hell and to top it off, she ended up becoming a werewolf (actually a shape-shifter with wolf as the preferred form), and having early onset menopause! And she comes into her own somewhat later in the series. And her character is older than the others(with exceptions to the Cullens ,Billy Black and Charlie). And I feel someone older should play her. Not someone barely out of her teens!
Well that's my stance! I want to play Leah Clearwater and I'm damn sure gonna try!!

Come Chip in

I'm trying to raise money to help pay for tuition this summer. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. As a single parent, going back to school is a must for me. Going into another field is a must for me. Not to mention if it is a field you love and can be successful at it, why not? And with the job market as it is, having secondary skills makes one more marketable. I know you are wondering what about financial aid? Well, it covers some but not all.
Not to mention living expenses near campus. ERRRRRRRRRR! It's strange! You are probably asking why this method. Well, state programs don't cover certain incidentals like getting out there, some books, fees, etc. Hell, I couldn't even get a job at McD's part-time!! This sucks. But please don't think I'm not doing my part, I am. I've been scrabbling every bit of change I can. Hopefully, it will help. So, If you can, contribute.

The First Step

Well, Well hello!!!

I have decided to blog because I am on a mission. A mission of self-importance and self-discovery! Well, more like something I have come to the realization about. Some people know, I love the arts. I love the creative process, the ideas, the innovations, etc. I have been blessed to be accepted into a really good academy, despite my lack of experience. I think I'm off to a great start! I have the support of good friends and family and I feel I will be successful in my endeavors.