19 March 2009

Doctor Who???

I had a friend ask me the other day, "What's Doctor Who?" I typed OMG YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT Doctor Who is?!! That is like saying I've never heard of William Shakespeare or Socrates in my book!! It was like ooh, I get to share my love of the series with someone.. yay!! LOL Because I'm so heartbroken over David Tennant leaving (dumps buckets of tears into toilet), I am kind of wondering what will his replacement, Matt Smith, be like in the role. I'm having flashbacks of when Tom Baker(doctor #4) left and Peter Davidson became the 5th incarnation.(I remember asking my mom, "Mommy, why did his face change?" But oddly, I don't remember what her response was..) LOL! But I am excited about the upcoming serials slated for this year. The first serial, 'Planet Of The Dead', will air Easter weekend. I hope that Russell and the crew give the Tenth doctor a great send off!

Another show I'm excited about is Torchwood!! Capt. Jack and the crew will be returning to the small screen in 5 one-hour episodes that will make up the 3rd season(or series as they say). Torchwood: Children of Earth will be premiering in the spring and I am beyond anxious!! Torchwood is edgier and darker than Doctor Who, but still entertaining! Doctor Who and Torchwood air here in the states on BBC America. Doctor Who also airs on PBS and Sci-Fi(SyFi *rolls eyes*. So, check your local listings!!

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