28 March 2009

Lifestyle Changes and the Mass Media

It's that time again, according to all the magazines, to get in shape for the summer.. Blah, blah blah! I think its a ploy to sell those rags. Put a photo shopped pic of a celebrity or some model on there, add some diet tips, a few how-to's and bam! Ship the publication off to print! I have been up and down the scale my entire young adult/adult life and I know one thing for certain....Magazines don't help! And neither do gym memberships. Why, because some of us are lazy.. Yep! L A Z Y! (Me included!) LOL There used to be nights when I wanted to be a size 4 but then I would look at my frame and go.. aww shit! Bloody genetics! I think that is what people do not take into consideration. We have beings who are naturally small, meduim and large. And yes genetics plays a part in it. I remember living in Chula Vista and wondering why could'nt I look like my neighbors or counterparts. Why couldn't my legs not look like tree stumps and have that curve. Then my father told me that I was pre-destined to be a 'big' gal! Thanks alot dad..(RIP). This is possibly where my fear of shorts and skirts came in.

I detest my legs, thighs and rear! Yes! I said it! Why? Because I was brainwashed into what the ideal woman should look like.(you know, 5'9..really slim..) Not to mention the men in my life who were so gracious to tell me I was a big girl. For my height and weight, being a size 4 would make me look worse than Lindsey Lohan (and um that's not cool!!). Being in the entertainment industry as a plump gal(notice i didn't say fat... as one of my model friends would put it, i'm all thighs and boobs, with a teeny waist..lol) you don't get many front-line jobs..Unless you want to be cast as the best friend or the side-kick! Which to me hurts because what about the ideal woman? The woman who is real?! Why can't we have that diversity? On Grey's Anatomy(my fave show) Chandra Wilson plays Dr. Bailey and I love that character! She doesn't fit the ideal and I think it rocks! She's also smart, talented and to me, one of the best actresses out there. But then I see others in my age group working and getting smaller by the movie..

Some people say, well Queen Latifah is a big girl..And I'm like um I don't see her doing serious roles either. I want to be the actress who can have those roles that say something and bypass all that race mess. Basically characters written with no race in mind. I like those roles. Even a period piece. Who knows. MaybeI'll be the one to change that cause I'm not giving up my quarterly gyro sandwich(aka every 4 months) or my vitamin water!!

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