22 March 2009

Mom Rules!!

My mom rules!!

I came home today to find out that she bought me Twilight!! hehehee!! She got it at Wal-Mart for $17.00. Not bad.. But it wasn't the one I wanted..lol So we went to Best Buy and got the 2-Disc special edition for $17.99. But one must factor in tax(in Chicago, sales tax is 10.25% while outside is 9.75%) So total amount paid was about $20.00. But I'm glad I got it because I wanted to see the documentary and hear the audio commentary lmao! So tonight is a Twilight viewing night..for the 5th time ! lol. Best Buy also had Eclipse and Breaking Dawn for $16.00..... Oh well, I downloaded the PDF files of the books for free..lol I have no idea why I like this film so much.. No wait, I know why.. Rob is in it! I'm glad he's over 21. I like them legal and single!

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