31 March 2009

Goodbye Andy...

Andy Hallett

I am really sad and at a loss tonight. I just learned that Andy Hallett has passed away... Andy was best known as Lorne aka The Host aka Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, from the TV series Angel. As a huge fan of the series, I was shocked to hear the saddening news. Reports are that he was suffering from a heart condition and went on into the next life at 33 on Sunday. My condolences, sympathies and prayers go out to his mom, dad, the cast of Angel, his friends and colleagues. Andy's distinct singing voice and comical timing was a joy to watch . One of my favorite performances from the show was when he performed Lady Marmalade. It was one of the reasons I bough the Angel: Live Fast, Die Never soundtrack (besides the remixed theme by Darling Violetta). On the series finale, Lorne was resposible for taking out Lindsey. That last request from Angel showed something deep. Andy was a talent who will be remembered in the hearts of fans everywhere..
You will be missed...

~~Dear Friends~~

Performed by Queen
Album: A Day At The Races
Written by Brian May

So dear friends your love is gone;
Only tears to carry on.
I dare not say as the winds must blow..
So a love is lost,
A love is won..

Go to sleep and dream again.
Soon your hopes will rise and then,
From all this gloom
Life can start anew.
And they'll be no crying soon...



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