25 March 2009

What is it About Edward Cullen???

I was surfing the internet when I came across a few articles from Associated Content. This site allows you to post how-to, editorials, etc. (I learned how to properly straighten my hair on this site, LOL) What caught my eye in particular was a couple of articles breaking down Twilight's brooding yet chivalrous Edward Cullen and why women of every background and age fell in love with the character and Robert Pattinson. I have to admit, before October 2008, I knew NOTHING about the series. Nada..Zilch.. Zip.. Zero!! But I checked out the movie out of curiosity and...BAM! Hooked..

Which kinda threw off my reading Swallowing Darkness by LKH because I got the series and her latest at the same time (sorry Laurell). But what hooked me on the series wasn't the film per se. I thought the film was on the cheesy side(I like my cheese!!). I thought (and I still think) that Kristen could have been a bit better in her portrayal. Although, it still didn't stop me from watching it and I bust into laughter when she has her Tourettes/seizure moment in the hospital scene... Now after seeing the film, I wanted to read and see what they left out and what all the hoopla was in regards to it.

Now, I kind of, sort-of knew about Robert. I saw him in the Bad Mother's Handbook with Catherine Tate and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But again he wasn't legal and only legal shows up on my radar! LOL

Anywhoo, back to the articles. I thought they were well written and basically confirmed my thoughts about the character and why we all lust er, love him... Even with what we have seen about Robert, we still want to know more (and some might want more than what he can give..he is 22..lol), but I think most importantly that this role has branded him in the minds and hearts of women everywhere, and if it wasn't for his talent and him understanding Edward, the movie probably wouldn't have been a huge success.

Now, when I read the series I thought that Edward was creepy in a I'm stalking you-sneaking into your room, oiling your windows, watching you sleep, and disabling your car kind of way. But as I read on, he still seemed creepy,well more like manic-depressive/lonely- but in a lovable and protective way... So to speak..He had his moments where I was all swoony and though dammit! Why can't men in real life say such beautiful things!! And I thought Bella was um.. selfish and slightly inconsiderate towards the feelings of others... Again, my opinion. But I did love the inner conflict of Edward and Eclipse is my favorite book out of the four!


What is it About Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen: What is it that Makes Him so Enticing?

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