25 June 2011

An Observation

Passerbys on the street..
Many you will never meet..
Interaction limited to a turnstile.
At the corner of a street,
Standing a few feet
Conversation mundane..
A bloody Sox game.
life ending, life beginning..
Cars driving down the lane..
Every day the same..
the train stalls..
The corner is empty
Lights never change
No cars in the lane..

Copyright 2009 Saturday'sChild


I've been looking for you.
Under the stairs,
Across the sky.

I've been waiting for you.
In my heart.
In my mind.

Pieces cast in various places
never linking..

I'm still sinking..



The lifeboat has passed.

Copyright 2009 Saturday'sChild

A Tale

Once was a woman who loved too deeply.
Her pain hidden by masks of security.
The lines from strain, the internal rage,
create the holes in her soul.

She attends the meetings with a vacant stare.
She cooks the meals in a robotic manner.
Her glare is steady, constant and cold.
Ritualistic in her manners and careful in her steps.
She laughs as if on cue. The lines already set.

One day this woman could take no more,
leaving a note by the kitchen door.
Fed up with the melancholy and lies she was told,
she flung herself forward, releasing the black hole in her soul.

From this tale of woe I tell to you, you never know what goes on behind closed blinds and pray its never you..

24 June 2011

Losing Grip

Hanging from a wire overlooking the range.
Feet keep slipping on rocks near the grave.
I balance myself slowly,
keeping my head above the pile.
Bones all around me,
the wire unwinds.

Losing my grip,
Falling into decrepid coffins.
Sealing me out reality,
closing on my humanity.

Am I able to surface?
Am I able to rise again?

Locked shut from the outside,
banging out sound from the inside.
I can't breath the stagnant air.
I can't think..not aware..

Is it me or my environment?
Where are the friends I held so dear? Noone rallying for my salvation. I am lost & stuck here..

Truth In...

The truth is something when asked, if more often not given.
The half-truths, patronizing and deflecting, are well-crafted decietful tales.

I seek the truth in all things.

I seek truth in love. I have never been of simple thought.

I seek truth in the universe. But the universe hides his vast knowledge from me.

I seek truth in friendships. Ties we've tied. Phoney and fake I see.. people really shouldn't underestimate me.

When does the truth rear its head?

A wrong text in the middle of the night. Pacified tales to keep the anger out of sight. Unread & acknowledged thoughts.. smiles in faces and dogged out of sight.

Yes, the truth comes when we need it. It is given. You just need to see it to accept it.

break me

Still working on this one..

Break Me

You have it but act like you don't.
You have me but act like I don't exist..
This reality isn't fair.
This heart held in your hands..
As fragile as I stand,
On sheer will I am..
This damage to my psyche
Was there before you found me.
And all while I'm drifting,
This current pulls & pushes me along,
Against the rocks on the shore,
I keep screaming nevermore to the silence..

You don't comprehend how
My heart is in your hands..
I'm pleading for you..
Not to break me.
Promise not to break me.

I couldn't survive again,
These cuts will never mend..
Unravelling at my seams.
Looking through me,
Phase right through me..
I guess I'm something to pass the time..

A distraction in your eyes..

Never ask cause you don't care.
Never care cause I'm not really there..
Pretty words to pacify..
Non-existant in your eyes,
I was so blind..

I'm consumed & the fire is killing me.
This shell wasn't made for this journey.
Killing my soul slowly,
Permantently hollow..
You promised to tread lightly,
But your heavy as a stone..

Reniged on your word,
Purgatory you've placed me in..
Promises like sand,
Seep through my shaky hand.
No absolution from you..

I'm busted, broken & sliced in two..
Damaged, unrepairable by you..
You promised not to break me..
Then why am I in pieces...

Copyright 2011 Saturday'sChild

Something New

'Ello Lovelies!

I've been working on some things & i'd like to share this with you..


He's the type that's hard to talk to,
Doesn't like conflict and neither do I.
I am conflicted.
Confused by everything thrown my way.
The silence kills me,
A blow to my self-esteem..
I'm wondering am I falling..

Unitentionally willing to sit this out.
That's not me,
Not what I'm about.
I don't know becomes common
I'm used to this now.
I speak and the walls come up.
Falling backwards & hopeless..

Made up my mind & it has to end,
I can't stay, there is no battle to win.
I'm used to this now
The unrequited cycle..
Option-land knows my name
Sorry he doesn't feel the same.

No reasons to hang on to this ledge,
No need to push anymore.
I see,
There is truth in your actions,
Your words are deciphered..
The lines are rehearsed..

I'm making this worse...
If you felt the same way I did,
You wouldn't go,
Or leave me this way...

Copyright 2011 Saturday'sChild