31 May 2009


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29 May 2009

How Not To Be Like Bella....

.......Or KStew...

Since my last list,What NOT To Do At A 100Monkeys Show.. made a huge splash (and ruffled a few feathers), I have decided to create another list. This time, with a little help from my friends :D

And before you ask...

Yes I have read the ENTIRE saga..Including the manuscript
Midnight Sun. My fave book in the series is Eclipse. No I do not dislike the series, Stephenie Meyer, or the film. So don't get your Twilight undies in a bunch... If you cannot appreciate humor, then well that sucks for you..

On to the fun stuff!!

List 1: How Not to Be Like Isabella 'Bella' Swan

  • Don't let your boyfriend boss you around and forbid you to hang with werewolves, even if he is a vampire
  • Thou shall not befriend a person that can turn into your own parka
  • Don't wear plaid.
  • Don't go out and buy a old truck. (even if it is from your dad's friend..)
  • Don't dye your hair like hers
  • Don't date anyone who doesn't ask if you are alright after tripping, but instead yells at you to be more careful
  • Don't be such a pushover for a guy.. Regardless if he's hot and rich!
  • Don't be so bloody selfish and impose your will on others
  • Do not go out of your way to anger the voice in your head lol
  • Don't ignore your friends because your boyfriend broke up with you
  • Don't ignore your friends when you get a boyfriend
  • Don't walk in the woods alone when you know you are clumsy as shit and attract more accidents than an ambulance attracts lawyers.
  • When someone says they've been watching you sleep & greasing your windows for easier access, that is code for STALKER! And you should call ADT immediately!!
  • If a man is willing to buy you a car(a nice expensive one to boot) and you refuse, slap yourself!
  • If a man is willing to pay your college tuition, no strings but that you enjoy your mortal life, don't turn it down..
  • Don't get married right after high school..
  • If a guy disables your vehicle for ANY reason, call the cops.. or a vampire executioner
  • Don't claim to be mature when in actuality you are acting more childish than a toddler and their fave toy!
  • Choose a man who makes you hot.. Not one who always gives you the cold shoulder..Literally!
  • Don't fall in love with a guy who 'sparkles'
  • don't fall in love with a man who uses your fluid or an animals to survive
  • Don't go into the woods to confront a guy..Most women never make it out alive...
  • If your BF calls you 'spidermonkey' chances are, he's gay....or close to it..
  • If a guy looks at you like you are his next meal, don't fall in love with him or try to jump his bones on the spot..
  • To escape a vampire, pepper spray is NOT the answer..
  • Do not meet/confront someone in an empty ballet studio ALONE!!
  • If the guy you are seeing hasn't had sex in over 80 years, he has blue balls..
  • Do not act like a dumb ass and pretend your best friend has no interest in you.
  • Don't jump off a cliff just so you can hear your dead, sparkly, blue-balled, gay ex-boyfriend in your head..
  • Don't name your child something they will regret being called as a teen..
  • Don't be the damsel in distress. Learn how to fight, shoot a gun.. Learn self-defense!

List 2: How Not To Be Like KStew..

  • Smile at least once..A genuine smile.
  • Try not to be fake or annoyed when meeting fans.
  • Don't break up with boyfriend of years to go pie-bumping (or rumored pie-bumping) with your co-star
  • Have an educational plan in case you get 'tired' of being an actress (cause you know, you can only play angst-ridden teens for two more years...)
  • Learn how to use inflection and tone when speaking to convey emotion
  • Stop BLINKING to convey emotion
  • Take a couple of acting classes and learn how to 'tap' into said emotions..That is if there are any present...
  • Don't look like you are always bored
  • Don't diss your projects
  • Don't diss the fans..And then try to cover your ass and lie about it..
  • Don't get photographed smoking a mini bong...
  • Do act and be grateful you have a job in this phucked-up economy...
  • Learn interviewing techniques
  • Try not to get caught in close proximity to said co-star at a certain friend's show...
  • Don't get caught sneaking to and fro from said co-star's hotel at 3am...
  • Never use the word LICKITY like ever....
  • Do not act like your Shit don't stink!
  • Don't make your boyfriend dress like your co-star...
  • Don't let your BFF rat you and your co-workers EVERY appearance out to the gossip rags..

If you follow these rules, you could be like the next Natalie Portman ..Not the next Lindsey Lohan....

Thanks to all my Twitter pals for their ideas and comments YOU ALL ROCK MY SOCKS!! lol

Advice for Jackson's Next Role...

4TNZ has some advice for J on his reported new role as Norwegian death rocker and former inmate, Varg Vikernes (as of 22nd of May 2009 he was released on parole).

4TNZ offers these suggestions:

- Has dyed blonde hair for Twilight. How 'bout jet black?

- Usually wears a nice suit while performing with his band 100 Monkeys. Rip that baby up and stick on some spikes!

- Teeth are his only weapon in Twilight. Gonna have to get his hands on one of those spiked clubs.

A little background info on Varg. He is a black metal musician, a writer of German neo-paganism, a far-right political activist and church bomber (yeah not on my top listening list). He was imprisoned for murdering Oystein Aarseth and burning three Christian churches in 1993. Varg is also a racist and a facist but is denouncing his English translation of his manifesto,Vargsmal ( Speech of the Varg) saying that "Vargsmal was written in anger, while I was young and in isolation, and the book is marked by this". Lords of Chaos will be the basis of the movie.

This role would make Jackson draw from somewhere deep and hateful..It will be one of those roles that will shake a lot of his fans to their core. Scary isn't it.. *shudders* But what about J? Do you think he will be able to handle such a role? Personally, I think so. As long as he doesn't get absorbed in that way of thinking.. Some actors are known to deeply immerse themselves into roles.. And sometimes a part of it sticks with them.. Lets hope that this role doesn't make a mental sticky note in J's head.

Read the full 4TNZ article HERE


The MTV awards will be the setting for the first trailer from New Moon.
Reportedly, Kstew, Rob and Taylor will be announcing the trailer...

But today,

ET has revealed a 14 second clip of the film on their website


Check it out!

And I want to hear your thoughts.....

pic courtesy of spunk-ransom.com

If You Don't Already Know.....

The 100Monkeys are on Twitter!


And today the Official100MonkeysFans website will be up and running!!!

So, follow the guys on Twitter and join the club!!

28 May 2009

Are You Ready...

You are? Good! heheee...


Hotpocket Pie lovers across the globe got sneak peeks of the reunion scene from New Moon curretly being filmed in Italy (mind you, one of my fave moments from the uber depressing book). Have you had a chance to breathe yet? Did you do laundry? Are you able to function today? lol.

Rumor has it that Sparklepants was so nervous about being shirtless, that the extras were asked to turn around.. I don't know why? Its not like you see jelly rolls and a Homer-esque belly!

Man up Pattinson!

I will admit, the man looks GOOD! (although I miss the facial hair) Whoever he's been training with needs to hook me up! Seriously! So.....

Let's discuss said pics..Shall we? hehee

There is clear evidence of extensive ab work outs here. Plank & plank twist, crunches, reverse.... And some weight training.. He looks a bit bow-legged as well.. Oh ladies.....

Why the stink-face Robbie poo? Could it be that besides being the human incarnate of EC, that now people will request you to be shirtless in EVERY film thereafter? and require you to..*gasp* SHAVE!!

*sings* Here comes the sun..And the CGI dots...Here comes the sun and I say I'm sparkly....
That lovely line us regular people try to obtain at the hip..And do I spy lack of underwear?? Hmmm....

I swear it looks like he is commando under those trousers... Maybe he tucked for this movie too? Channeling Ken?? I see no hair there...

Buttcrack Santa lives..... In New Moon! My proof there *points* that Pattinson is going commando!!
That and those CGI dots! I bet girls were like he has moles and freckles THAT large???

So yeah ladies..Your wish was granted..Shirtless Robbikins.. Did he disappoint you? I doubt it..How? My Twitter last night! Every other post was Rob shirtless.. Rpattz shirtless...etc..etc..etc
That is dedication! We all know Rob loves his Hotpockets and beer to keep this up lol!

You wanna discuss? Come comment..share.. *sips coffee and bites biscotti*

Now for a lovely montage of the above photos and more.....

Check out this vid by one of my Twit girls VickyB! Someone's just too sexy! LOL


pics courtesy of Radar Online and A Socialite

26 May 2009

What NOT To Do At a 100Monkeys Show...

Or ANY show for that matter!

You know its bad when Capt. Jean-Luc Picard hides his head in disappointment..

This post was born because of ALL the EPIC FAILS and 2nd hand embarrassments (UC and Moon :D)I have seen via You Tube, Twitter and other blogs regarding Twilight conventions, 100Monkey shows and dammit EVERY BLOODY FAN ENCOUNTER!!

Enough is enough PEOPLE!
So I have compiled a list of What NOT to do at these events!
Heed the knowledge I present to you...

  1. No home made canvas bags with pics (I'm all for creativity..but this reminds me of the Pattinson Pants..again..DONT' DO IT!!)
  2. No monkey hats (unless you are under 14)
  3. No screaming out baby proposals.. (this goes for you too 6ft Amazon pit woman!)
  4. NO SAYING HOW MUCH THE BAND SUCKS in PUBLIC(opinions entitled and dully noted..yes..but save it for your blog...)
  5. No screaming out JASPER! (seriously.....)
  6. No stuffed giant monkeys (yes you girl..This isn't Great America/DisneyLand/Magic Mountain..etc)
  7. No going up to Marty and flirting with him just to get to the guys (I will CUT ya for that!)
  8. If they reek of weed, Don't tell.. Jeepers. (You want someone telling your sordid details??)
  9. If you are at the bar and they're there, do not push your humongous tatas in their face..
  10. Do dress appropriately!(this means no bloody mini-dresses with flip flops!)
  11. No Twilight-inspired permanent works of body art...(no Bella tattoos, Rob signatures, etc.) And if you have it..WE don't wanna see it..
  12. No being rude to regular people.. Karma is a BITCH and a dirty one to boot!
  13. No screaming 'I love you Jackson!' or anything along those lines, in the middle of anyone singing!! I don't want to hear your vocals killing what's left of my hearing!! Not to mention, its RUDE!!
  14. No flirting in hopes of scoring! (You know who you dirty skanks are...)
  15. If you know you are on the plus side..Do not..I REPEAT do not wear anything that makes you resemble Shamu's cousin..sister..bro...(Watch What Not To Wear..srsly!!)
  16. Do not wear the clothes you take out the trash, wash your car, sleep in, etc. at a show..
  17. Do not look homeless.....
  18. Do not jizz on yourself when in verbal distance or close proximity of the guys.. *shudders* They have bathrooms for that!
  19. Do not yell "JACKSON!" in the middle of a street! It induces a fan riot (this means you TwilighterFAIL chick from the weekend...)
  20. Do take advantage of free drinks *winks*
  21. Do yell out and show the late Spencer Bell some love! ~~ http://www.spencerbellmemorial.com ~~
  22. Do not come dressed like a hobo on free lunch day..SRSLY! LAMESPICE! I know your parents taught you better....
  23. Do not wear your skany's best outfit
  24. Don't force Ben J. to sing the Monkey Rap by yelling it out yourself until he sings it just to shut you up...
  25. Do not diss the fan club!
  26. Do avoid all Twi-hards aka die hard Twilighters...(you will know them by their sparkly arms, dazed glossy eyes, and their Twilight merch...)
  27. Do not go to a show just cause its JASPER! grrr *rolls eyes*
  28. Do let the guys know you are appreciative and they have a unique sound..Basically compliment them if ya like the sound..If not..shaddap! :D
  29. Don't tell J he looks like your ex in order to score lol
  30. Do remember if ya have big boobs to wash em and powder them up! No guy likes foul tits
  31. Do wash your arse before said events (SRSLY! I don't like smelling foulness...Not in the age of soap and running water!! ICK!!)
  32. Do not wear your TWILIGHT merch to a show..(again..we know you have spent all your loot on this but they can't sign it all!!!! And secondly, at a show.. GET REAL! )
  33. Don't complain about guys sweating when they are stuck in a room with over 100 other people and there is not a ventilation system in sight...
  34. Avoid all overgrown teenyboppers with hairy pits..(funkspice..ICK!)
  35. Do buy the guys a round if your ballin' like that.. (if not make sure its open bar night :D)
  36. Don't ask J about Rob, Kstew, Taylor, Ash or anyone from the movie..*rolls eyes* If you are there to see the band..SEE THE BAND! grrr...
  37. Do realize that J and Jasper are two different people..one is real...one is FICTION!
  38. No unauthorized mauling or groping...
  39. Listen to the music before you go to the show.. That way, if it sucks, you don't have to waste money!
  40. Be respectful! SRSLY!
  41. Don't ask the same LAME question over and over and..you get my drift! How would you like it if someone asked you 1000 times, "so, did you read the book before you got the role as so and so?"
  42. Don't ask any super duper personal questions..Cause you won't get actual replies!
  43. You can ask about upcoming projects! Us actors/musicians LOVE that stuff :D
  44. No bite me request! EVER!!
  45. Do Not mention you read a fan fic written about them and you want to re-enact a scene*coughs* from it...
  46. Do NOT ask to pose with the actors like in the adverts for the film..*shudders* * facepalm to the dome!!*
  47. Do not convince yourself or them that you are their one true love by stalking their every move..Stealing their plates, retrieving burned out cig butts, following them to the bathroom..
  48. Do not FOLLOW the guys or girls into the bathroom and STEAL their articles of clothing, tissues, etc..
  49. Do not leave ridiculous freaky post on their websites, fan pages, etc..You will get BLOCKED by the admins..(you know who you are..)
  50. Remember, they are human too. The fart and pee just like everyone else..
If you follow my simple rules, and use a bit of common sense you can avoid being a 2nd hand embarrassment and a crazed nutter :D

UC & Moon...Lauren~~>rockSPICE!! :D and thanks to my MC girls.. :D

25 May 2009

100Monkeys At Khyber Videos!

This weekend, 100Monkeys played SOLD OUT shows at Khyber! From what I hear, it was awesome!
Kudos to the guys!!
In the first clip,at 2:47 someone shouted out that they wanted to have J's baby! ROTFLMAO! But being the person he is, he just smiled and laughed!

This is the CAKE improv from the 21+ older show..

And Last but not least, my fave of the moment..That's What She Said...*winks*

Thanks to KyattonoEdo and Vision2Vision :D

24 May 2009

My Favourite Poem..

I wanted to share one of my Favorite poems by John Donne...


by John Donne

AS virtuous men pass mildly away,
And whisper to their souls to go,
Whilst some of their sad friends do say,
"Now his breath goes," and some say, "No."

So let us melt, and make no noise,
No tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move ;
'Twere profanation of our joys
To tell the laity our love.

Moving of th' earth brings harms and fears ;
Men reckon what it did, and meant ;
But trepidation of the spheres,
Though greater far, is innocent.

Dull sublunary lovers' love
—Whose soul is sense—cannot admit
Of absence, 'cause it doth remove
The thing which elemented it.

But we by a love so much refined,
That ourselves know not what it is,
Inter-assurèd of the mind,
Care less, eyes, lips and hands to miss.

Our two souls therefore, which are one,
Though I must go, endure not yet
A breach, but an expansion,
Like gold to aery thinness beat.

If they be two, they are two so
As stiff twin compasses are two ;
Thy soul, the fix'd foot, makes no show
To move, but doth, if th' other do.

And though it in the centre sit,
Yet, when the other far doth roam,
It leans, and hearkens after it,
And grows erect, as that comes home.

Such wilt thou be to me, who must,
Like th' other foot, obliquely run ;
Thy firmness makes my circle just,
And makes me end where I begun.


24th of May 1956, my dad was born...

15th-26 November of 2007, my dad was reborn..

Today, he would've been 53.

Sometimes I can still smell the apt. in Tulsa..

Sometimes , I can hear his voice

The cringe I felt walking into his final resting place..

The smell of death lingering on everything I touched..

The void....

I was the one to take care of his business and bring him home...

I was up for the challenge and I succeeded...Task completed..

I stated this once I came home..

I've done my daughterly duty...

I have lain the absent king to rest...


I can rest..

Maybe now I can grieve too.. It's been almost two years and I still look for the cards in the mail.. The emails.. The phone calls.. Subconsciously.. I was hoping he was around.. I had lost a family member every year up til 2007. The following Spring, a friend was murdered..That summer, my godmother who helped me out more than anyone will know, passed away..That fall, my cousins were murdered..The youngest being seven.. I was damn tired of death making calls close to home..

Death do not darken my door

I have seen thy face and I shan't anymore

Thy power is weak..

It comes cowardly..

Working through souls

Dastardly and most wickedly!

Do not darken my door..

Cowardly reaper..

I fear you no more.. ~CA

I know days are not promised

There is a time and a season for all creatures.

Love while you can..


22 May 2009


You are probably wondering why I haven't posted anything of Rob being in Cannes..

Well, the truth is... EVERYONE HAS!!! From video of him being in paps cattle call, to interviews, to even his auction for charity... (if we all donate 1 dollar..hehehe...)

Everyone's at it..

So in my infinite wisdom I decided not to post them. Sorry!

But my affiliates at Cullen Boys Anonymous and TwiCrack @ Confessions of A TwiCrack Addict

and some of my other fave sites have Robapalooza pics galore! I ship you to them for the mayhem that is Rob at Cannes! :D

PB @ PillowBiters

Goz @ Robsessed

The Twilight Sisterhood

Love ya!


20 May 2009

Junior League!

Today, yours truly, is a featured Junior League member at Twilight-Headed today!!

This post HERE talks about what I think about the infamous leg pics! I left it up to the League to take their own thoughts as well..

So yes, go check it out :D

~~Gallie :D

18 May 2009

More NYLON Pics of J-Action!

Here are some more of Jackson from the NYLON photo shoot!
Gotta love the warrior tail turned mohawk!
Tickling The Ivories....
Pass the Aqua Net!!! Stat!

There is also a video with him and along with other young Hollywood up and comers. And you can see him play the piano quite marvelously..*swoons*

To see the rest and the Young Hollywood LA vid, click HERE

courtesy of

no title...

I got some terrifying and saddening news this morning. One of my former teachers was murdered in his home in the wee hours of the morn. The man was a role model, straight-forward and did not deserve the fate which has befallen him. Police are still investigating the homicide as I type. He taught at my old high school and was well-respected. I remember having talks with him and his life experience and what he tried to pass on to us students so that we become better adults will always be in my memory.

My condolences go out to his family, my fellow alumni and those who were blessed and fortunate to make his acquaintance.

Remember, life is short.. Live well and try to leave a legacy worth remembering..

A day in the life..a moment in time..a glimpse into the future..Lives intertwined. Guaranteed no more..Extinguished form this realm.. ~~CA

I Spy With My Eye.....

Something that begins with a T.....

Could it be Jackson's new tattoo?

Why yes it was!

One of my dear peeps informed me that there is a lovely pic of J with his newest tat...

Have I seen it?

Of course... *winks*

I will say it is quite adorable and about 2 inches in length.. the color red.. and about 2 inches in circumference..

Is it personal? I think so..

Our J loves his mommie :D

15 May 2009

Cross-Dressing Bananas and Mini Jerad!!

Yes you head me right...LOL

As most know, I love 100monkeys!! The band..Not the actual primates..Although, those cute lil' baby Orangutans are just the most adorable....

So as their official website is still in the 'works', they do have their new music video for 'Slow Down' up.

In my opinion, it reminds me of an early Monty Python sketch. Poor bananager... Bad Mini Jerad bad! lol

Say it..Out loud...Monkeys... What do we eat...Bananagers....

See it here : 100Monkeys Official Web Site

Also be sure to check them out on Myspace and their Official FaceBook page :D

13 May 2009

David Tennant Is A Masterpiece!

David Tennant will be the new host of PBS' Masterpiece Contemporary.

This news was announced today and Tennant will make his debut on the long-running public TV anthology this fall.

Known to all for his portrayal in the title role on long-running serial Doctor Who. He was also Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and as Casanova in the BBC mini-series.

Masterpiece Contemporary began as Masterpiece Theater in 1971 and is broadcast on public television.

For the complete article, Click HERE

HotPocket Pie Birthday Wishes!!

It's a sunshiny day....

Rejoice all Hotpocket Pie lovers!!!

It is HotPocket Pie aka Mr. Sparklepeen aka Rob Pattinson's birthday! The life-size version of Edward Cullen (glitter not included) turns 23 today! In his honor , I've composed a little something, something..
Ode to That Guy Filming That Movie...

Sparklepeen pie hair wonder,
Makes the girls and cougars go under,
They cream when he speaks,
greased lightning from their seats!
Got them guessing in heated debate,
What your pie just might taste..

Pepperoni or Heineken!
They see that crooked smile..Again??
The cougars are excited too.
For as you get older,
They grow in hopes of shaggin' you!
They say you dazzle them with your eyes..
I guess I must be blind!
I have no clue I might add,
But they're into you..
I guess you're rad!

Even when you say you're a dick,
People still love you..
And your prick!

Turning 23 today, oh joy I must say!
Hope that you enjoy your day..
Stop banging Kstew by the way...

Love and silliness,

Gallie the Reject..

11 May 2009

Jackson Gets A Second Tattoo At EyeCon

Mr. Rated Number One Pie Giver on Twitter *smirks* Jackson Rathbone was seen getting his arm tatted up at EyeCon. The pic was taken by one of the band members.. Damn! I wonder who else got a new tat..Hmmm...lol There is even a chesticle shot and that oh so adorable smile!! !!! LOL

**amendment: There was a pic here of J getting tatted, but after careful consideration and out of respect for J, I pulled the pic down..Sorry peeps. I love my monkey men and I think this was a bit private and for that J, I apologize :( ..**

You can check out all the road trip pics on their Official 100Monkeys page on Facebook!

100Monkeys (i heart you guys :D )

The Great Pie Debate

Last night began the first ever..Great Pie Debate via Twitter *winks*

Several of us girls debated whether Jackson, Kellan or Rob was the best 'pie' giver...

Mind you this is an adult conversation..If under the age of 18, don't read..*snickers*

(the ones in plain underline are from me, the ones in bold are to me)

How it started was a discussion on recent pics from Vancouver Saturday of Kstew and Rob's inter-leg mingle. So being the gal I am, I said they were pie bumping...aka stick hoping...tommy-knocking, pole-rubbing..If you get my drift..hehee

So I posted this question to a few of my twit buds:

Who do you think gives the best 'pie': Jackson, Kellan or Rob?

And it just ran from there!!!

@twitterbuddy1 i say friends with pie benefits lol @twitterbuddy1although jackson looks like he gives better pie! and kellan looks like his pie has steroids lol *dies laughing*
@twitterbuddy1 lol yep.. i'm tellin ya.. he looks like he gives good pie! lol

@GallifreyReject oh yes, Jackson looks like a sneaky pie giver! LMAO
@GallifreyReject *cracking up* HILARIOUS!!! No no - I disagree. I think RP gives the best pie all around! LMAO
@twitterbuddy1 lmao!! hahaha!!! well maybe its a Jackson/Rob tie.. best pie giving!
@twitterbuddy1 LMAO oh hells yes! see.. see... undercover pie givers!! I claim Jackson as numero uno Pie Giver! I will recieve with open um.. legs!
@GallifreyReject why will young girls and cougars be running?
@twitterbuddy2 because robsten are pie bumping.. :D
@GallifreyReject ew no. and they shouldn't be "pie humpin" she has a boyfriend. or does that mean nothing to people is "hollywood"?
@twitterbuddy2 lmao well that's what i think.. others disagree with the pie bumping and snogging lol
@twitterbuddy1 ROTFLMAO!! hell i even put it in my profile.. Willing pie receiver! lmao
@GallifreyReject BWHAHAHAHA! I bet you will !!!! ROTFLMAO
@everyone *sings* i don't see nuthin' wrong.. with a lil pie and griiind....
@twitterbuddy1 lmao i did.. go look lmao!! i just didnt mention names lmao
@GallifreyReject get outta here!!!! LMAO

So since I had to get more opinions the convo became public so....I stated again:

Ok girls..Who gives the best pie? Do you think Jackson, Rob or Kellan?? lol

@GallifreyReject ok I may be out of the loop but what the hell is pie bumping?
@twitterbuddy2 pie bumping..stick hopping..groin grinding..aka sex ! lmao
@GallifreyReject OOHHHHHHH lmao...what?! no way!!
@GallifreyReject if we're going on looks-Kellan but singers normally are really good in bed...from what I know of them...Kellan totally
@GallifreyReject dont know much about jackson-looks not all there but might be a good "pie" giver,kellan is to damn hot to not try it once
@GallifreyReject and Rob looks to lazy! HA!!
@twitterbuddy2 well kellan is a bad singer and he looks um selfish..so my money is on Jackson.. Rob looks a bit confuddled about pie giving lol
@GallifreyReject lol yeah! Jackson looks like he might put forth the effort to please,kellan looks like he just wants the fun of it
@twitterbuddy2 lmao yep! like oh just get on and ride pie.. no time..no effort..lmao
@twitterbuddy2 um he's a cutie..i go for cute and multitalented :d kellan well um hehee
@GallifreyReject Bahahaha!
@GallifreyReject ah but the fun guys are usually the kinkiest and willing to do things that will make your pie experience AWESOME!
@twitterbuddy2 exactly.. and you know about those gentlemen..hehe..so yeah jackson woulds give GREAT pie in my book lol
@GallifreyReject Rob
@twitterbuddy3 why rob? lol
@GallifreyReject His hair is majestic, lol
@twitterbuddy3 lmao so he has pie hair?? hmm...
@GallifreyReject rofl, No, he has sexy hair, makes him more kissable
@twitterbuddy3 aah but so does jackson.. lol
@twitterbuddy2 hmm.. true very true.. aah pie..lmao my money is still on J though..Kellan got a short 2nd and rob flatlines..lol
@GallifreyReject ok I'd totally give J a shot since you seem to be so determined but I still think K would be better.
@twitterbuddy2 :D well you don't have to.. i just think J would give better pie..something in the eyes says PIE GIVER EXTRAORDINAIRE!!
@GallifreyReject You Jackson fan! : p lol
@twitterbuddy3 um yes..and :D i likey rob too lol just in a brotherly way lol
@GallifreyReject ok that works for me you and @twitterbuddy4 can fight for J while I get K to myself...wait a min, aren't I married? lol
@twitterbuddy2 lmao! un ur married you can't have j and k pie!! lol
@GallifreyReject hehe hey now! it doesnt matter where u get ur appetite as long as you come home for dinner
@twitterbuddy2 hmm.. true very true.. aah pie..lmao my money is still on J though..Kellan got a short 2nd and rob flatlines..lol
@GallifreyReject pie bumping? bahaha hilarious!
@twitterbuddy7 lmao well pie bumping=sex.. pie giving/receiving =oral lmao its my own terminology :D
@GallifreyReject lmao...... stop your killing me!
@GallifreyReject @twitterbuddy2 K has weird lips. but J....mmm
@twitterbuddy4 @twitterbuddy2 exactly! j has those omg snog and suck for hours lips..lol
@GallifreyReject Sorry, but 'overheard' your conversation :-) .. my money is with Jackson too... hubba hubba.
@twitterbuddy5 lmao no problem! and yeah jackson..pie ..hells yes!!
@GallifreyReject rofl.. liked tohe humble pie....lol..
@GallifreyReject Ooh, pie, huh? prompt us with a pie question. Make it a good discussion question! :)
@GallifreyReject lmao..k, rob then.
@twitterbuddy6 rob? no way? how so? lol
@GallifreyReject rob only under certain circumstances though...
@GallifreyReject why don't u stuff yourself w/ some hot pockets or smokes and let me know what you think? lmao
@twitterbuddy6 eww! i dont eat hot pockets!! lol and um rob..nooo jackson pie giver superhero! lol
@GallifreyReject but it's not gonna be u eating the hot pockets. *wink*
@twitterbuddy6 lmao true.. but um i want him to eat PIE!! not hot pockets!!! lol
@GallifreyReject stuff yourself like a thanksgiving turkey and you'll see...rob wins! ;)
@GallifreyReject Rob fans just know how to lure him in...hot pockets, cigs and heiny. ur just biased sweetie. i guess i am too. lol

@everyone: Ok so based on this convo on pie giving, we have Jackson in 1st, Kellan in 2nd and Rob in a dismal 3rd.. Rob, work on ur giving skills mate!

@twitterbuddy6 lmao well i heard cause rob has sex hair& hot pockets.. dammit this is pie eating at its finest &ppl talk about hot pockets lol
@twitterbuddy6 lmao yep.
@GallifreyReject LMAO !!!!!
@twitterbuddy1 he has no bum!! sam's bum is bigger than his!! lol
@GallifreyReject LMAO !!!!!!!!!!

@everyone:Remind me that if I EVER meet Jackson, Rob or Kellan or all three to ask about their pie skills :D

@GallifreyReject oh I'll remind you- don't worry LMAO
@twitterbuddy1 hehe and watch i'll be right.. rob will be like pie? as in food..he'll go i dun like pie. then i'll say sucks for u then! lol
@GallifreyReject BWHAHAHAHA!
@twitterbuddy7 you and Every Twilight fan in the world...hehee
@twitterbuddy1 hell Taylor prolly knows about pie!! lmao
@GallifreyReject you think? LOL
@twitterbuddy1 i think so.. but since he's a minor, he can't be ranked in the survey lol
@twitterbuddy7 naw..i'd make sure i was tipsy first..liquid courage :D
@twitterbuddy7 then id ask and watch for priceless expression lol
@GallifreyReject well then you just have to conduct your own personal survey LOL
@twitterbuddy1 i think so :D and i have to get video lmaooo
@GallifreyReject video is always good! LMAO

The discussion will continue...Wanna join? Follow me on twitter @gallifreyreject *winks*

10 May 2009

Rob Is On His Way Back To Vancouver!

Damn this man is racking up the frequent flier miles!!

Earlier today Rob was seen in L.A. doing a test shoot for his upcoming film, Remember Me and hanging with a friend; now he's on his way back to Vancouver.

Click HERE to see the pics.

(yeah..this source won't share pics..spammit!!)

Creation's Twi-Tour comes To The Windy City!!

Creation Entertainment has a Twi-Tour: Salute To Twilight Convention scheduled for October 2-4th here in Chicago! *birthday present for me*

Well, technically Rosemont, IL; which is 40 minutes west of downtown Chicago. They have a slew of events planned including a special brunch with Jackson Rathbone on Sunday *swoons*, a Vampire ball, costume contest, trivia and more.

Scheduled to appear so far are Peter Facinelli on Friday and Jackson Rathbone on Sunday. More guest will be confirmed later.

Currently, they have several packages available for purchase. Unfortunately, the brunch, photo-ops and autograph sessions are seperate from the event charge, unless you purchase the gold package.

They also have a-la carte packages as well. More information will be posted as the convention gets closer.

The convention will be held at:

Westin O'Hare
6100 River Road
Rosemont, IL.
Fri., Sat. & Sun.
October 2-4, 2009

For complete details, visit the CreationEntertainment site HERE

Official 100Monkeys on Face___


My boys, my monkey men are officially on the 'book! 100Monkeys have created a fan page on the 'book and have been posting their road trip pics :D . They are asking the fans where they would want to see them next.. And of course I stated CHICAGO!! Well, me and 10 others... so I've been keeping count.. Chicago is in the lead then the UK.. And then some other states lol

If you have a 'book profile, become a fan :D And show them some love :D

Official 100Monkeys Road Trip

And who knows..Maybe they will come to a city near you...

Pattz Back In Black and Still In L.A.

As I previously reported, Rob was back in L.A. this weekend. Today he was spotted hanging with a friend around LA. I wonder was it cool there because he is in head-to-toe black.. My fave color! Pattz, stay out of my closet!!! lol

See the rest of the pics HERE

courtesy of JustJared jr.

The Worst Rob Fans....Ha!!!

Ok so I was paying a visit to Letters to Rob and I stumbled upon this post, The Worst Fans That Ever Lived..

Now I love post with bits of humor and this was way funny.. (Unintended Choice and Themoonisdown I *heart* ya!) Because they outed themselves lmao! And I thought why not state what I know and how bad of a fan am I.....lol

  • I have seen The Haunted Airman, The Bad Mother's Handbook and unfortunately Rings of the Nieblung(sp) The last one DEAR GOD I REGRET!!
  • Went to see How To Be..FOR FREE! hehee!
  • Wrote a review about it HERE
  • Saw him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and was cheering for Harry...Kill the Spare!! lol
  • Downloaded Twilight because I got tired of seeing it flash on my 'Space page every bloody time I logged in...lol
  • Actually LAUGHED at the first time I saw it *does stuttering tourettes scene* whhat nnnno youu..noo.. *blinks to show emotion*
  • Only read the books to see what the hoopla was about..Did I mention those were free too :)
  • Actually was hoping for more of Jackson *giggles* I love how he looks like he has to poo!
  • I do not have any interviews of Rob on my lappy..
  • I have a few pics of Rob on my lappy..
  • Has sworn off any type of set-stalking cause um for one I have a rep to uphold and two, I might be working with these people in the future...sheesh!
  • Did not know who Kstew was until someone mentioned Zaruthra to me and I was like, Oh the bratty sis.....That was her? lol
  • Did I mention I never heard of the series till October of 2008??
  • I put off reading Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton to read all four books and the Midnight Sun manuscript... *bashes head*
  • I still think that Rob looks more constipated than conflicted in Twilight.. *passes the Pepto and fiber*
  • *amended* When I wake up in the morning, my hair looks like his.. but less greasy and no one calls its sex hair!
  • I know is bday is May 13th and he has two sisters, they dressed him as a girl and he got kicked out of school..
  • Downloaded the Twilight soundtrack because Collective Soul and Muse were on it..On and Rob too...
So there you have it! Am I a bad fan? Possibly... Do I want to know everything about him? Gosh no! It would take away the mystery of this Brit boy..lol Would I rather meet Jackson and 100monkeys than Rob? Um..noo comment.. LOL Will there by Galli's own Letters to Rob? Heck no! Unintendedchoice and Themoonisdown do it so well!!

Rob In LA

Rob was spotted in Los Angeles leaving a casting studio Saturday. Me thinks he was auditioning his soon-to-be female lead in Remember Me. He was spotted carrying a script and an unmarked CD. Now for those who aren't aware, Rob is set to begin filming Remember Me in New York during his mini-break before filming Eclipse . There has been some speculation that Amanda Seyfield (Mamma Mia) will be his female lead... But Emmy Rossum (don't ask me..I have no clue who she is) was also spotted leaving the same studio. Seems like Rob was in a good mood because he was also whistling... Oh and it seems he went straight from Vancouver to L.A. because check out the plaid....

For the rest of the photos, Click the links below :D

Thanks to JustJared.com and RobSessed

09 May 2009

Twisted Leg Commentary

It is now time for Reject commentary! This is when I, the Lovely Reject, will interpret what is shown in the photographs. These two pics were taken at 3am in a cab leaving the cast get together.. It's funny how with all of that room, she sits directly across from Rob..Legs rubbing against his.. Message sent..lol
Photo 1:
Kstew: Yeah you see me.. And? Oregano who? He's mine Twi-hards!! *internal conversation* Those gossip are gonna love this. MUAHAHAHAAA!!

Rob: Uh I..Uh..Yeah..I was working on this chord in the loo and um yeah I think it might work..

Photo 2.
Rob: *strums away on the invisible guitar* I'm loving another man's woman..Oregano bites the.. *slight rise occurs as Kstew rubs his leg then looks at camera* What?! What? Oh Shit! Pattinson jr. is awake!

Kstew: *internal conversation* oh when we get back to the hotel..imma slide my legs here..Grab that non-existent ass closer and say....*face conveys apparent lust and soon to be sweat-inducing activities* Drunk sex is the best....

So there you have it! What I think was happening in the cab as these were taken.. Pure speculation of course.. *winks* But what do YOU think is going on..Let me know :D

Cast Hangs Out In Vancouver

The cast of New Moon and Stephenie Meyer had a nice outing at Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar in the Yaletown area of Vancouver last night. Dakota Fanning, Rachelle Leferve, Jamie Campbell-Bowers, and Taylor Lautner were also in attendance. Also appearing but not photographed was Selena Gomez..Hmm...And of course Rob and Kstew were there as well and were seen together as well..

Thanks to one of my Twitter sources and Radar Online

08 May 2009


As many know, I will not be attending Twicon due to two things, 1. finances *cries* and 2. I'm supposed to be studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for the summer (that is if I can get the tuition paid in full by June 22nd :(. So with that in mind, I need a favor. As some know I have like a lust crush *laughs* on a certain Twilight cast member and he will be there at Twicon along with his band who I support whole heartedly. *smiles* (i heart my monkey men!! See I want like pictures, autographs, video (especially of 100Monkey's show :D), peeps saying hi Galli/Camille wish you were here type thing..lmao, etc. So to whoever helps will be my bestest friends for life and I would be in deep dept to you :D I already have one of my friends at Twifessions doing something huge (hehe) for me (well if she still goes along with it..) and it would make this down and out girl so blippin happy!! And yeah I know some of you are going to order tix for the brunch with him (YOU BLOODY BETTER GET THOSE TIX PEOPLE!!!) Coffee, tea, Jackson... Sweet Niblets!!

There is something about that Texan with those eyes that just...*insert unheard mumbling here*Lawd help me! lol So, since we all love Twilight, I say..HELP a lady out !! lol And you know what, I even have an EXTRA unopened copy of Twilight here and I will give it away(including postage in the US) to WHOEVER does the most awesome thing.. Yeah I know who doesn't have the dvd, but hey... Its an incentive :D

So if you are game for the Gallifrey experiment, Leave me a comment below :D