31 March 2009

Seriously Now!

The CBS Channel 2 News is reporting something awful today. In Valparaiso, IN, a woman finds herself a victim of racism at home AND at work. The African-American woman's home was vandalized and she claims a group of Caucasian teens vandalized the store she works in. It seems this isn't the first time racial vandalism has been occurring in the city. You would think that in this day and age, an age where we have our first minority president, that these things would not still occur. I myself have never been a victim of racism(thank God) and I believe it it morally wrong. If a person is going to dislike or even hate another human being(btw, hate decreases life expectancy by 25%), then that person needs a severe wake up call! We were made individuals by God and because of those differences, people judge. I hope they catch the people responsible..

Read the full article HERE

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