18 March 2009


As someone who is on a few networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, etc.), I know and stress the importance of being true to yourself and being real. I use the sites as a way of branching out my circle. I like people who have similar interest and ideas; and maybe, as I use Facebook for, to network and find old friends. What I don't understand is the need to be fake. The need to portray yourself as something you are not. Why not be real? Do you feel that this will enhance your social circle/network? Or is being fictitious a game to you and your 'posse?' I wonder this because on Twitter, there has been a host of fake celebrity names cropping up. From fake David Tennants to fake cast members from Twilight.

Now I follow a few celebs because I am a fan of their work and some of the things they tweet are funny! If they tweet back to a response, cool! I'm not there to have a crap load of followers. I like quality verus quantity. So when I ran across a site called Valebrity, I was curious to see who they had validated. I think it is an excellent site because their requirements for validation include a video of the person saying their Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace URL, confirmation from managers and publicist, etc. And they have a list of who is real and what profiles are fake. Our society has become celeb-obsessed and crap but really.. Do we need impersonators?? I say NO! Lets leave that to the drag queens please, they're much better at it!!

So, check out the site Valebrity and see for yourself!

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