27 December 2009

End Of Time

As some of you know, the first of the Doctor Who two-part special, The End of Time, aired Christmas Day in the UK on BBC One and on December 26th here in the US. Some people have posted their reaction to the first part already. These last two episodes marks the end of David Tennant's run as The Doctor, making way for Eleven (played by Matt Smith). Smith has really big shoes to fill. Not only was David's Ten listed as the most popular Doctor(beating out long-time favourite Tom Baker), he's also the sexiest, as listed by a British poll.

My review of the specials will be posted after watching part two. Why you may ask? Simple, I want to get the whole picture RTD was trying to paint out. But I will say this, part one had very touching moments and a few wtf ones as well..

Till that review comes, I leave you with these lovely... gifs! lol

The 'Master' Race! John Simm (or Simms however you like to say it) has great gams!!

From the BBC Christmas indents.. The eyebrow... *dies*

25 December 2009

Althought I't been said....

Many times, many ways...


and you, and you, and especially you! :)

I hope you all enjoy the holidays!

24 December 2009

A Fond Farewell

Today in Twi-blogland, TwilightHeaded has posted their last blog.. Ever.. :(
I will miss the League!
They were one of my first affiliates via the Twi-world and they are great ladies all around!
Not to mention, one of them is one of my friends!

Good Luck ladies in all your other endeavors!

Read their last post

21 December 2009

Happy Birthday J-Action

Happy Birthday salute goes out to Jackson Rathbone!

Hope you are enjoying your day, man!

Tragedy in Hollywood

Actress Brittany Murphy passed away unexpectedly Sunday , December 20th, 2009 of an apparent heart attack.
She was 32 years old..

Murphy got her break as Taj in the 1995 movie, 'Clueless'. She has also appeared in 'Uptown Girls', '8 Mile', 'Sin City', 'The Groomsmen', 'Little Black Book', 'Just Married', 'Riding In Cars With Boys', 'Girl Interrupted', and a host of other films and television shows. She was also the voice of Luanne on Fox's 'King Of The Hill' and Gloria in the 2006 animated film, 'Happy Feet'; in which she also provided the singing voice.

At the time of her passing, Brittany had three movies in post production and two in pre-production.

I remember seeing her in Clueless and I thought she was hilarious as Tai, the skater-weed head tuned pet project of Cher and Dionne. She seemed real in her portrayal and in other films. As with the business, she slimmed down and at only 5'5", she looked tiny. When I was a teen, I looked up to a lot of young Hollywood actors because they were in my age group, good at their craft and making a name for themselves. Although we had different backgrounds, I saw her as someone who I could identify with.

Now let me state this.. When a young person dies, people want to know why. What shocked me was the vast amount of people via Twitter stating she died because of drugs or whatnot. I'm not saying if she did or didn't. I wouldn't know and you don't either. So far, the Los Angeles Coroner is stating natural causes. Personally, I think the Hollywood Ideal (you must be this small to be a successful actress) had something to do with it and her health was probably suffering. She quite possibly had other health issues as well. We do not know. But I will say this, young people die every day of heart attacks. Youth has nothing to do with it. We put a lot of stress on our bodies (women especially) to fit molds, gain acceptance, work, live, etc. that it can have a devastating affect on not only our psyches, but out bodies as well. I say let her rest in peace and leave the speculations in the trash! We have an economy, jobs, health-care, etc. to worry about.

My heart and condolences go out to her mother and her husband, her friends, and those who knew her best.

Rest In Peace Brittany... Tell Jonathan I said hi. :)

19 December 2009

Birthday Celebrations in Vegas

Last night, Jackson Rathbone celebrated his birthday (albeit a bit early) in Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Resort.

With bandmates Uncle Larry and Jerad Anderson

Amish hat and cake!

Marty as a cake? I smell expansion... lol

No copyright infringement intended. Pics courtesy of Wire Image

To see the rest of the pictures from the event, click HERE

18 December 2009


That's right, you heard me... FREE!

Those awesome guys, 100Monkeys, have just for us fans, posted 'Keep Awake' available for download on their website! Yes, just for us :)

artwork courtesy of 100Monkeysmusic.com No copyright infringement intended

So, what are you waiting for? Go Download it now! HERE

16 December 2009

New Twitter!

Hello my lovelies!

I know it's been a while, but this just couldn't wait!

My new Twitter name is @GallieAODRadio

Yes, that's right.. ArtistsOnDemand Radio!

As I've mentioned before, I am one of the hosts on AOD and it's official.. LOL

Check us out!


We're on Myspace & Facebook as well.

Don't worry, I will be blogging more soon.. The 'Reject of Gallifrey' blog will still be... always :) !!

Plus, I have to keep you updated on the Reject so, @gallifreyeject is still here lol

Toodles and poodles,

Gallie aka GallifreyReject :)

03 December 2009

100Monkeys Videos

As most know, I am a 100monkeys pusher.. (They're like CRACK MAN!!!)

So I wanted to share a few vids of them. I love sharing Monkey Crack! I'm a junkie..lol And there is no MonkeysAnon either.. Guess I'm up the creek..

'Junkie' at ViperRoom 11/29/09

'The Beatles' Improv song 11/29/09

Courtesy of Vision2Vision

And these are from the guys official YouTube page. Drop by & show them some love!!

'Ugly girl'

Sleeping Giants (my fave)

Courtesy of 100Monkeys :)

19 November 2009

Remember Me Trailer

Aaah... Ok, Now that New Moon is hours away from being released, I thought it would be great to show the trailer for Rob's other film, Remember Me. As we all know, this film was made during the summer of 2009 while Rob was on break from the Twilight franchise. Also produced by Summit, Remember Me seems to be a coming of age/love story, but with a lot of grit and heart. Plus, Pierce Brosnan is also in the film.. Double Win!!!

So check out the trailer for Remember Me below...

04 November 2009


Guess who is one of two new host-in-training at Artist On Demand Radio ???


ME!! Gallie the Reject! Whoohoo!

I am happy to be joining Nikki, Vicky, Kristen, Megs, Dan & Ashleigh as a host! It is going to be a blast and an awesome journey!!

So, I want you to check out my first show 'Friday Free-For All' this Friday 8pm CST/9pm EST.

Friday, November 6, 2009

9:00pm - 9:30pm EST


Tune in as we introduce our brand new host in training Gallie! We will also be talking about the 100 Monkeys interview on Nov. 7th and everything coming up the next week, including Crisis In Hollywood & Tin Tin Can! Don't forget the music. Gotta love the music!

The link is below! See you Friday!!

02 November 2009

Rob Pattinson in December Vanity Fair

It seems like the world just cannot get enough of Mr. Pattinson. The 23 year old is on a rise and it doesn't seem like his star will diminish any time soon. In the December edition of 'Vanity Fair', There is a beautiful editorial and interview with Pattinson and some of his costars from the series. Below are some of the VF outtakes.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke on Rob and Kristen's chemistry:

"What Rob and Kristen had is a multitude of feelings for each other. Complex feelings for each other,” says Hardwicke. “It was what we needed. Complex, intense fascination.”

On his looks:

Despite the fact that he is an exquisite beauty—with perfectly formed red, red lips and a face that might have been dreamed by the Romantic poets—he thinks he resembles “a cartoon character.” One of his legs is longer than the other, which makes him look, he assures you, “like an idiot.”

Read the full article in Vanity Fair. On Newsstands this week.

Click here for the slide show of Rob's pictoral outtakes

But for a snippet of the article, click HERE

Attention Chicagoland Twilighters!!!!

Did you go to Hot Topic at Westfield Mall in Fox Valley Aurora, IL on Halloween to get your t-shirts and wristbands? Well, the New Moon event at that Hot Topic, has been moved to November 10th. Also Ashley Greene (Alice) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett) will be appearing at that Hot Topic. Also, Ashley will be at two other movie theaters (Hollywood Bowl Woodridge & Hollywood Cinema in Northbrook) in the suburbs the weekend New Moon opens, doing promo events.

For more info, visit this LINK

29 October 2009

Space for Rent

Have you even given someone space in your life, only to have them take up residence when they know it is only temporary? You have called yourself putting the 'space' up for rent, cleaning house, making sure things are well for them and losing yourself along the way? Did you ever wonder why you let them take up occupancy knowing they wouldn't let you reside? What am I talking about you may ask? I am talking about the space in your heart.

I recently saw a pic of someone I knew and their significant other and it pained me afterward. Was I happy for that person, yes. Was I upset, quite frankly yes. It hurt like a thousand needles sticking me in my backside, injecting their poison into my bloodstream. It affected me so bad that I could not sleep all night. It made me wonder why... Why had it affected me so. Then I realized that I had not 'cleaned house' so to speak with that person.

There are things I know about this person that his wife would probably be upset about; might even be grounds for divorce.. Dirty little things that will not come from my lips and be shown the light of day. But I digress. It was over years ago and of course we both have moved on. But, what probably upset me so is that I wish the 'spaces' in my heart would close.

It is not easy. It is not easy when you have feelings that are not reciprocated and what is left in that space is hurt, anger and most of all, an empty hole. There is another person who I cannot seem to let go. Despite this person being evil towards me and wishing my demise, I still let him rent space here. Why? I have no clue. Maybe it is because I still care but, I know it is not worth it. I could be dying (God Forbid) and this person still would not give a rat's ass.

Another person I let rent space has a huge chunk of Reject real estate. I hear the 'I miss you', "I care about you', blah blah mess but the actions do not fit the words. I keep wondering to myself why! Why the flying fuck do I keep renting out spaces to those unworthy of me? Am I that twisted and masochistic that I allow these things to occur subliminally?

To answer my own question.. Probably yes. I let those I know will never reciprocate the feelings I have inside and granted them access to the most important thing I have.. My heart.

So to you, my readers.. don't let unworthy people take up space in your heart. Clean house with those there and if they are not worthy of you, let them go. It is easier said than done; yes I know. But in the long run, it will be better for you and you won't have to be like me.. Staring at a picture and hurting inside.

28 October 2009

Coming Soon!

New post!

New stuff!

View... words.. a 100 city tour? oooh...

See you soon :)

11 September 2009


Well, someone saw Sorority Row and filmed the second New Moon trailer. And because they are such huge fans, they posted it on YouTube for all the world to see! *does happy dance*I must say, this looks like it is going to be much better than Twilight (THANK GOD!!). Heck, even some of the acting from the first cast looks improved. But wtf is with Alice looking like an old woman..wait, she is like old enough to be Bella's grandmother... CGI wolves ooooh! But, I really cannot wait to see Michael Sheen as Aro; not to mention those oh so smexy Wolf Pack..*thud*

Mad courtesy and props to Twilight Sisterhood for the tip :)

And if the copyright blowholes at Summit have removed the video...

That means you have to wait till Sunday at the MTV VMA's. Personally, I'm going to be watching the season finale of HBO's True Blood ..Go Team Eric!!!

10 September 2009

What Were You Doing.....

.....The day the World Trade Centers fell?

Tomorrow is the eight year anniversary of the day our modern world stood still. The day people from all walks of life perished. Commonly referred to as 9/11, September 11th, 2001, to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, is "the date that will live in infamy". I use this quote because this was my generation's Pearl Harbor. My great uncle fought in World War II. I remember stories he used to tell us of those times. Both he and my grandfather could remember exactly what they were doing when the news came across the radio announcing Japanese armies had struck. On that day, lives were unnecessarily ended to prove a point to our nation that we are not indestructible; that we are not mighty and that we too like the Berlin wall, can fall.

The horrible events of that day will forever live in our minds and have changed the world as we know it. We have colored terror alerts and the infamous Privacy Act which gives the government the right to spy on our citizens. We also have increased security measures at airports (although, I do not like looking at stranger's ugly toes while going through the security gates).

Our lives have changed but has the way we think changed as well? What did the attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon teach us? What did those brave people who risked their lives teach us trying to prevent another airplane from striking another place? We live in an era when the mere utterance of disapproval sends the government running. We also saw an outporing of solidarity from all Americans, breaking color walls down; even if it was for a short period. But we also saw our nation's first minority President elected last year. Progress is slow, but some is better than none.

But, as the years went on, things, in my opinion, went back to normal...

What was I doing that day? Getting ready to leave the house. I was watching the Today show when the coverage of the plane hitting the first tower was shown. I saw, as many others did that morning, the second plane hit the 2nd tower. When I first heard about it, I thought it was an accident. A plane went off course and had a dreadful accident. But when the second tower was hit, I knew this was no mere coincidence. I called my mother and she was told like everyone else, to evacuate downtown Chicago. I then tried to call my friend in NYC to see if her family was ok. Calling out of NYC was easier than calling in.

I also knew her brother and sister-in-law worked in the Trade Centers as well. My prayers went out to her and them. And when the news came out, we all cried for those lost.

So I ask you,

What were you doing that fateful day? How has it changed you?

100Monkeys Show Review

I know I am behind on postings, so bear with me:)

I went to see 100Monkeys at Lucky Strike last month and all I can say is AMAZING! This topped off what was an already awesome weekend. My friend Lisa and I also attened the Barnes & Noble autograph signing in Novi, MI earlier that day (see this post for pics from meeting the guys).

So, after waiting in the rain and heat, we were allowed inside to cool off and eat, then re-line up back outside to enter the upstairs. Opening up for the guys were The Stevedores and Drew & the Medicinal Pen. Both bands were awesome, especially The Stevedores. 100Monkey man Ben Johnson did double duty that weekend. Not only playing with 100Monkeys, but also with The Stevedores. I developed a new respect for this man!!

I got a chance to speak with Ben G. for a bit and totally the coolest guy ever..*fist bumps*

The guys performance sans Jackson was amazing. A totally unique and different energy. Also, we heard more of Jerad singing 'Thank You' and since Ben J was pulling double duty, the audience sang 'The Monkey Song' and 'Twenty To One' (both songs by Spencer Bell :). The night before, Ben G forgot a verse from 'Twenty To One', so when asked should he sing it, I yelled out, "NO!" lmao. Needless to say all eyes were on a ducking me!

My feet are still slightly traumatized by an attack from Dan Graupner aka Orson Brawl (he apologized this past week! I love ya DAN! :) ).

The funniest moment of the show, an improv song called 'Pineapples and Love Apples'.. But I swore I heard 'cum' apples.. ROTFLMAO!

Overall it was an awesome show! I do hope to see them again with Jackson soon . Oh and btw, Uncle Larry is a vessel of awesomeness!

Jerad's cool too, but um yeah I can't travel like that! lol

Below are a few pics I took at Lucky Strike. If You want to use, contact me first :).
One of my absolute fave pics I took that night.. Graupner!! :)

Pineapples and Love Apples....

Graupner & Uncle Larry!

Missy, Drew and Anna of Drew & The Medicinal Pen


Till the next post...


09 September 2009

The Power of Social Networking

As some already know, I'm on Twitter.

But before Twitter, I was on Myspace. Before Myspace, I was on Facebook. The thing I love most about social networking sites is that I can re-connect with friends I've lost touch with throughout the years. Case in point, friends of mine I hadn't seen since Kevin Richardson was a Backstreet boy, found me on FB & Myspace! Cool huh. Then there are those I went to high school with and college. A few exes too lol. But, connecting with these people made me remember all the good times had. Although some memories form h.s. they can keep.. lol

Not to mention new friends I met throughout my travels and other things. I think social networking has its advantages. And a crap load of disadvantages. Like I don't want to be followed by spammers and porn bots on Twitter, so I block. Perverted men on Myspace... I reject their friend request. People on my Fb I only accept if we have:

  1. Mutual friends
  2. Met in person before
  3. Have a common interest
  4. Networking/Jobs
  5. I knew them from a previous life.. lol
As of right now, I have a nice group of people I keep in contact with. And as my interest grow, so does the list.


Did you miss me?

Oh come on.. You know you did! LOL

We are less than 90 days away from the release of New Moon and with Eclipse being filmed, the frenzy has not died down. And judging from all the pap pics I've seen recently, it is getting hot in Vancouver!

No not sexually.. (although Robsten lovers would LOVE that!)

Set stalking has resumed and Twitter is a blaze with set pics and cast locals. I wonder do these gals ever quit (the stalking ones)?

Did I mention I met some awesome people last month in Michigan? Did I also mention I met 100Monkeys as well (sans J-Action)? Did I mention that I rock socks? LOL Did I also mention that Lucky Strike has an awesome club area?? OOOOOOh!

Don't believe... See the proof kiddies..

Oh and my hair was all kinds of messed up by the end of the night.. Sweat and humidity are not my BFF's! LOL

J Rad aka Jerad Anderson & Me (I will travel if ya pay me.. LOL)

The awesome.. Ben J aka Ben Johnson :) I have mad respect for him :)

Ben G aka Ben Graupner.. (note to self: Don't pull a Graupner..LOL)
Ooh we're both all gums!

See, I so rock socks off Monkeys yo! LOL Just missing one signature... Oh Jackson... LOL

Myself & the Man.. The Myth.. The Legend.. Uncle Larry :)
taken at the Spencer Bell Legacy Show

Yeah I know, I'm soo behind in posting.. But you love me anyways.. right?? lol

Oh and also, Check out this montage I made, with a little help from my friends, of course.. :P

Oh and btw, this vid is also up on my You Tube channel XxGallifreyRejectxX . There will be more 'Amandah' vids up soon, as well and whatever I feel like putting up there.. lol, But in the mean time, rate, comment on my channel.. :)

Ok..Till the next post...


p.s. I have this awesome pic I took with Dan Graupner aka Orson Brawl, but because I love me some Dan, I ain't posting it :) hehee

18 August 2009

Roadtrip & Spencer Bell Legacy Show

Let me first start off by saying a huge thank you to my friend Lisa for helping me have a fucktastic weekend! Second, to my Monkey Ladies & new friends, it was a pleasure meeting you, hanging out, hiding orange juice, cracking jokes and just being our awesome selves!

Now, as a few know, I was in Michigan this weekend to attend the Spencer Bell Legacy Show at Callahan's. Specer was a gifted musician who passed away from Adrenal Cancer in 2006. Do check out the Legacy site But I won't start with the show.. LOL It starts with the drive. Lisa arrives at my house around 2:30 CST. Not any fault of her own. she was caught in Chicago traffic (1 hour to drive 15 mph)! We made our way to the expressway/interstate and actually made it to the Michigan border in an hour and a half. It was the drive through Michigan that took so long.
While going thru Indiana, I saw many nice sights...

Farm Land in Indiana and corn...

Blue Skies

A farm house! Sadly no horses..*pouts*

As we made our way through Michigan, I tried to take more pictures, despite being a bit nauseated from the RedBull and PowerAde I was consuming...lol

A really huge rubber tire.. Think of all the used condoms, tires and crap melted to make this thing!!

Forest and the trees.. The sign said, "People love to be in Jackson" I fink.. or was it Jackson like to be in people....

Four Winds or Four Wings.. eh.. Vision blurry..lol

More bloody flippin' forest! I wonder how many bones are hidden in there.....

We finally made it to DTW airport to grab Megs about 7:30 EST and from then, it was on!

<~~ATT: ALL BIG BEAVERS! You now have your OWN road in Detroit!!!

^_^~~>8 Mile BEECHES! Gonna lose myself...lol

<~~A bankruptcy number sign next to an abandoned building..How fitting.

We arrive at the hotel about 30 min later. After we arrived, Kristin came to greet us..But then stole Megs away.. Kidnapper! LOL j/k Later on, we met up with Jess, Nikki, Vicky, Jeanette and Elexses (this woman rocks!!) tossed back a few & watched cops encircle the Courtyard three times before heading to bed. Now, as Ive been told, I apparently take too long getting ready. lol. But after the crew got food and made it back to the hotel, I was ready to go! Now.. On to the shows! The first show was a bit crowded and hot! My hair went from fab to fluff lol. But I still rocked out. A few of us stepped outside for a smoke when lo and behold..We see a Monkey! We call Jerad over to take a pic with us. Not even 6 minutes later, Ben G comes out! We call him over and yes, another group shot!

The ladies with Graupner..I am in the armpit!! lol

Us lovely ladies again, this time with Jerad. Elexses' pose is gangsta! LOL

So we go back inside and watch the show! The line up was Drew and the Medicinal Pen (still learning how to make my pen medicinal), The Stevedores, Tin Tin Can, & of course 100Monkeys! Unfortunately for some girls who were in attendance, Jackson was in Vancouver and unable to make it (I heard alot of fan girl hearts breaking that afternoon).That didn't matter to me. I came all that way to support a cause and see what I knew would be an awesome show.

The show kicks off with a letter read by Spencer's dad, Mr. Bill Bell, from the German/French Spencer Bell Memorial site. And then after announcing a raffle, the show begins. Up first Drew & the Medicinal Pen. They grew on me.. Then up was The Stevedores. This band also included Ben J from 100Monkeys and let me say that this man is awesome! Then Tin Tin Can who are from my neck of the woods! It was awesome to see such talented people come together!

<~~Tin Tin Can.

Below: Drew & The Medicinal Pen

The Toast..(below) "So here's to all the ties we've tied. Those tied too tight, we'll set aside. Tonight we toast our enemies and friends & strangers & enemies. A drink tonight, to gratitude." -Spencer Bell

Below: Orson Brawl aka Dan Graupner

Below: 100Monkeys ^_^

Both shows were simply amazing and you could feel the energy in the room :) Most of my pics are from the 21+ show. I met lovely people and I cannot wait for the next show:)

17 August 2009

Coming Soon!!

I will be posting a few pics from the Spencer Bell Legacy Show & the Novi, MI show within the week.. I'm tired, pooped, excited..etc... And I need sleep!!!!


Do visit the Spencer Bell Memorial Site!

You can learn about Spencer, his music, the Legacy Project & supporting the cause!

Spencer passed away from Adrenal Cancer in 2006. This is a rare form of cancer & the survival rate is slim to none. All donations made go to the University of Michigan Cancer Research.


03 August 2009

My Name

When I was a kid, this song was and still is one of my favorites. A lyric I kind of apply to me goes like this...

"...She used to have a carefree mind of her
own, with devilish look in her eye
Saying "You can call me anything you like, but
my name is Veronica..."

Kind of weird for a kid to be singing..lol I used to substitute 'Veronica' for whatever nick name I had that month. These days, I have a few more names I go by.. D.i.v.a.(not much anymore), Cams(very few use this & ya need permission lol), The Reject & the 'illustrious' Gallie. I like Gallie. It is up there with D.I.V.A in a sense. It stands for something. Something.. I think, besides Gallifrey..But this post is about names. We name our children names in the hopes that they fit; but do they? My birth name would have been Sara (thank GOD she didn't chooses Hall & Oats). I don't feel like a Sara.. Heck, I don't feel like a Camille. It is funny. My name is a classic & timeless one and people somehow still find a way to fucker it up (i.e. Ca-millie. camillay..) err..!
Sometimes I wonder about our educational system, then I see how they mess up a seven letter proper noun..

02 August 2009


I tend to think of myself as easy going, social, an original aka being me; but one thing that pisses me off is not giving credit where it is due. I detest people who are unoriginal. People who have to copy ideas (known ideas I might add) and try to pass them off as their own. You know the type. The ones who are copy cats! Original thought to those people are few and far between. I am a creative person in my own right & I respect other's creativity... But to pass something off as your own, without giving credit where it is due is despicable in my eyes. It is plagiarism to a degree. This isn't the first time in this case. Why not ask if it is ok to use the idea? Maybe if it was posed to me, then I would not be a pissed bitch right now.

I have no problem hurting feelings when I feel I'm wronged. Like a lioness protecting her cubs, I am fierce when it comes to loyalty and what is mine. My ideas, my creative process..Mine! And when people steal it, it offends me in the most hurtful way.

31 July 2009

Advertising Fail WTF

So I'm browsing around and I find this commercial on YouTube. It shows African American women in a salon and one is getting a weave.. My question is..Why just Black Women?

Why not show our Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian counterparts getting 'weaved up'(and we all know they do)? Simple.. They don't want to. I was appalled actually. This was aimed at African Americans(Iguess trying to reach theirt 'target audience'. To me, it promotes negative stereotypes that all BW wear weaves and have major attitudes. I find it funny that in this world where it is acceptable for non-BW to enhance their features (rhinoplasty, tanning, breast augmentation, etc.), that BW cannot do the same. Don't get me wrong, I love to change my style as much as the next woman, but seriously..Why not incorporate other ethnicities? This is an advertising FAIL!

30 July 2009

The Week In Review

This is the week(or weeks) in review!

Last week, geekdom reached popular high lever as the 2009 Comic-Con was the place to be! Fans of Twilight saw more clips from this winter's New Moon. And I must say, it looks quite promising. I will say that I was not a fan of Chris Weitz after seeing The Golden Compass but, my opinion is slowly changing.

Also on tap was The Doctor Who panel *sighs*. This panel included David Tennant, Eros Flynn, Julie Gardner and Russel T. Davies. I have a lot of respect for Russel and the crew. They revised and continued the story about a 900 year olf time lord from Gallifrey and brought the show back in a huge way. I am also saddened because this is David's final series as The Doctor, and according to reviews of the snippet shown for The End Of Time, it's going to be one hell of a send off!!

Fans also got to see previews of upcoming films such as Jonas Hex and The Book of Eli. Personally speaking, I'm looking forward to seeing The Book of Eli. :)

I also saw the interview clips from the New Moon panel and of course, I am wondering why doesn't Summit get Kstew some interviewing lessons! When I was in college, they made us take interviewing lessons so that we would be prepared for job interviews. Back in Hollywood's hey days(before actors could negotiate their own contracts & were the property of the studios), they prepared their stars for interviews. And as usual, Kstew comes off as a snobbish, un-interested bitch!

Seriously!! We all know she's been filming The Runaways with Joan Jett looming over her with detailed intimidation over her shoulder but, that is no excuse to come off so uncouth during interviews! This isn't the first time I picked up on this and as we can see, it won't be the last.
I'm all for sarcasm and humor! Seriously, I am.. But if I am running press for a movie(regardless of the built-in fan base), I am still going to be excited and glad my behind is even a part of the franchise....

Speaking of franchise heart-break...

There has been a lot of upset this week as we learned that Rachelle Leferve has been replaced.

And who takes her place???

Former M. Night muse, Bryce Dallas Howard. BDH is the daughter of Opie Taylor/Richie Cunningham/Cocoon man/Award winning A-List director, Ron Howard. Personally, I think this is a foul move on the part of Summit.

From what I gather, Summit knew before-hand of Rachelle having a 10 week shoot in Europe for another movie. I cannot see how this would be a problem, especially since schedules were worked around for Cam Gigandet & Elizabeth Reaser. I think Eclipse director David Slade had some input on the departure. The sad thing is that this is very reminiscent of when they were going to recast Jacob Black... But the fans prevailed and Taylor is STILL Jacob Black. Personally, I couldn't see anyone else as him..(Sorry Michael :( ).

And this goes the same for the character Victoria. I could'nt see the character being portrayed by anyone else. When the original Albus Dumbledoor from Harry Potter passed away, they HAD to recast. But in this situation, it is about money and a name...

...A name to bring some sort of celebrity presence to Eclipse. Even if that name only fits the character's red hair....

As many fans know, Rachelle has been one of the most beloved cast members from the series. She is, from what I was told, is very gracious and kind to the Twilight fans. She knows that without the built-in fan base, they would'nt have made it past the first movie. Even her tweets on Twitter are nice!!

It is a major blow for the fans.. But, has Stephenie Meyer weighed in her opinion of the recast? We shall see..

29 July 2009


I'm not dead... Gonna have new blogs coming. Will include Comic-Con, Eclipse recast & stuff..

Stay Tuned..

17 July 2009

Whose Your Caddy, Daddy?

So, I'm up late cause of my wicked insomnia and I ended up watching 'Whose Your Caddy?'. This movie stars Sherrie Sheppard(The View), Big Boi (Outkast, Idlewilde) and that weird guy from Ferris Bueller's Day Off(you know, the teacher who Jennifer Grey maced..). So, as I get past the part about the lawyer sent to the guy to bribe him so he won't join the all male/all Caucasian club and guess who I spy???

Twilight dead hunk(James)/DILF...Cam Gigandet!! lol

A bit skinner and playing golf! I saw the movie before and though ooh he's hot.. This was before Twilight of course. And so I just had to blog about this cause it's totally funny. The movie isn't really funny, but it has moments. I'd reccommend Good Luck Chuck and Knocked Up. That was actually not too bad. LOL

But anywhoo, if you have satellite or cable, check out The Movie Channel (Showtimes sister channel) On Demand and watch it.. Cam doesn't show up until about 25-30 minutes into the movie :)

Also, for my 100Monkey fans, I also saw Bratz..*rolls eyes* OMG that movie was CRAP! Seriously, I get the whole friends theme, but really.. This movie is for girls under 13 who have those big headed dolls! I'd rather watch HSM3 again....But as I was about to say, 100Monkeys member Jerad Anderson plays a jock in the film. I was cracking up laughing because he has this goofy look on his face as his character gets a C+ after being tutored by one of the Bratz girls. Hehe..

That's the insomnia round up..lol

13 July 2009

Last Airbender Pics!!

Here are the latest pics of the principle cast of M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. As you know, the film is based on the highly rated and loved Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender

(Team Sokka and Iroh!!)

Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, Skins) as Prince Zuko
Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, New Moon) as Sokka
Nicola Peltz (Deck The Halls) as Katara
Noah Ringer as Avatar Aang

I don't know about anyone else, but I am excited to see how M. Night takes on the series. Being a fan, I am completely vested and hope that this will be a good film. Lord knows we don't need anymore animated show to screen failures (Street Fighter anyone???)

Courtesy of my affiliates at CullenBoysAnonymous and LastAirbenderFans.com