24 March 2009

"Memiors" of an Englishman....

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Robert Pattinson is in talks to star in a movie headed by Summit called, 'Memoirs'. The film would be about a couple who try to keep their relationship together in the midst of family turmoil. Sound like something up his alley. Lets see, emotional wreck, check! Conflict with others, check! Love amongst pressing issues, check! So far, the film is in that talking stage, mostly due to the fact that it would have to be fitted before Eclipse begins filming. My suggestion to Robert is to do the film!! I think it would be an interesting project, especially if they treat it as such and try to appeal to his fan base(which is a multi-cultural diverse base if I might add..). I can reccomend a co-star.. She's about 5'6..Brown hair...Olive=brown complexion...*winks*

Read the whole areticle here.

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