18 August 2009

Roadtrip & Spencer Bell Legacy Show

Let me first start off by saying a huge thank you to my friend Lisa for helping me have a fucktastic weekend! Second, to my Monkey Ladies & new friends, it was a pleasure meeting you, hanging out, hiding orange juice, cracking jokes and just being our awesome selves!

Now, as a few know, I was in Michigan this weekend to attend the Spencer Bell Legacy Show at Callahan's. Specer was a gifted musician who passed away from Adrenal Cancer in 2006. Do check out the Legacy site But I won't start with the show.. LOL It starts with the drive. Lisa arrives at my house around 2:30 CST. Not any fault of her own. she was caught in Chicago traffic (1 hour to drive 15 mph)! We made our way to the expressway/interstate and actually made it to the Michigan border in an hour and a half. It was the drive through Michigan that took so long.
While going thru Indiana, I saw many nice sights...

Farm Land in Indiana and corn...

Blue Skies

A farm house! Sadly no horses..*pouts*

As we made our way through Michigan, I tried to take more pictures, despite being a bit nauseated from the RedBull and PowerAde I was consuming...lol

A really huge rubber tire.. Think of all the used condoms, tires and crap melted to make this thing!!

Forest and the trees.. The sign said, "People love to be in Jackson" I fink.. or was it Jackson like to be in people....

Four Winds or Four Wings.. eh.. Vision blurry..lol

More bloody flippin' forest! I wonder how many bones are hidden in there.....

We finally made it to DTW airport to grab Megs about 7:30 EST and from then, it was on!

<~~ATT: ALL BIG BEAVERS! You now have your OWN road in Detroit!!!

^_^~~>8 Mile BEECHES! Gonna lose myself...lol

<~~A bankruptcy number sign next to an abandoned building..How fitting.

We arrive at the hotel about 30 min later. After we arrived, Kristin came to greet us..But then stole Megs away.. Kidnapper! LOL j/k Later on, we met up with Jess, Nikki, Vicky, Jeanette and Elexses (this woman rocks!!) tossed back a few & watched cops encircle the Courtyard three times before heading to bed. Now, as Ive been told, I apparently take too long getting ready. lol. But after the crew got food and made it back to the hotel, I was ready to go! Now.. On to the shows! The first show was a bit crowded and hot! My hair went from fab to fluff lol. But I still rocked out. A few of us stepped outside for a smoke when lo and behold..We see a Monkey! We call Jerad over to take a pic with us. Not even 6 minutes later, Ben G comes out! We call him over and yes, another group shot!

The ladies with Graupner..I am in the armpit!! lol

Us lovely ladies again, this time with Jerad. Elexses' pose is gangsta! LOL

So we go back inside and watch the show! The line up was Drew and the Medicinal Pen (still learning how to make my pen medicinal), The Stevedores, Tin Tin Can, & of course 100Monkeys! Unfortunately for some girls who were in attendance, Jackson was in Vancouver and unable to make it (I heard alot of fan girl hearts breaking that afternoon).That didn't matter to me. I came all that way to support a cause and see what I knew would be an awesome show.

The show kicks off with a letter read by Spencer's dad, Mr. Bill Bell, from the German/French Spencer Bell Memorial site. And then after announcing a raffle, the show begins. Up first Drew & the Medicinal Pen. They grew on me.. Then up was The Stevedores. This band also included Ben J from 100Monkeys and let me say that this man is awesome! Then Tin Tin Can who are from my neck of the woods! It was awesome to see such talented people come together!

<~~Tin Tin Can.

Below: Drew & The Medicinal Pen

The Toast..(below) "So here's to all the ties we've tied. Those tied too tight, we'll set aside. Tonight we toast our enemies and friends & strangers & enemies. A drink tonight, to gratitude." -Spencer Bell

Below: Orson Brawl aka Dan Graupner

Below: 100Monkeys ^_^

Both shows were simply amazing and you could feel the energy in the room :) Most of my pics are from the 21+ show. I met lovely people and I cannot wait for the next show:)

17 August 2009

Coming Soon!!

I will be posting a few pics from the Spencer Bell Legacy Show & the Novi, MI show within the week.. I'm tired, pooped, excited..etc... And I need sleep!!!!


Do visit the Spencer Bell Memorial Site!

You can learn about Spencer, his music, the Legacy Project & supporting the cause!

Spencer passed away from Adrenal Cancer in 2006. This is a rare form of cancer & the survival rate is slim to none. All donations made go to the University of Michigan Cancer Research.


03 August 2009

My Name

When I was a kid, this song was and still is one of my favorites. A lyric I kind of apply to me goes like this...

"...She used to have a carefree mind of her
own, with devilish look in her eye
Saying "You can call me anything you like, but
my name is Veronica..."

Kind of weird for a kid to be singing..lol I used to substitute 'Veronica' for whatever nick name I had that month. These days, I have a few more names I go by.. D.i.v.a.(not much anymore), Cams(very few use this & ya need permission lol), The Reject & the 'illustrious' Gallie. I like Gallie. It is up there with D.I.V.A in a sense. It stands for something. Something.. I think, besides Gallifrey..But this post is about names. We name our children names in the hopes that they fit; but do they? My birth name would have been Sara (thank GOD she didn't chooses Hall & Oats). I don't feel like a Sara.. Heck, I don't feel like a Camille. It is funny. My name is a classic & timeless one and people somehow still find a way to fucker it up (i.e. Ca-millie. camillay..) err..!
Sometimes I wonder about our educational system, then I see how they mess up a seven letter proper noun..

02 August 2009


I tend to think of myself as easy going, social, an original aka being me; but one thing that pisses me off is not giving credit where it is due. I detest people who are unoriginal. People who have to copy ideas (known ideas I might add) and try to pass them off as their own. You know the type. The ones who are copy cats! Original thought to those people are few and far between. I am a creative person in my own right & I respect other's creativity... But to pass something off as your own, without giving credit where it is due is despicable in my eyes. It is plagiarism to a degree. This isn't the first time in this case. Why not ask if it is ok to use the idea? Maybe if it was posed to me, then I would not be a pissed bitch right now.

I have no problem hurting feelings when I feel I'm wronged. Like a lioness protecting her cubs, I am fierce when it comes to loyalty and what is mine. My ideas, my creative process..Mine! And when people steal it, it offends me in the most hurtful way.