17 March 2009

How to Be review

I had the privilege of attending the Chicago International Film and Music festival held here last week. I love seeing movies for free! Well I had a chance to see 'How To Be', written and directed by Oliver Irving. The cast included Rob Pattinson of Twilight and Harry Potter fame, Mike Pierce(Nikki) and Johnny White(Ronnie). The movie centers around Art (Pattinson) who is trying to find balance in his life. During his quest, he encounters a numerous amount of setbacks and even hires a therapist, played by the late Powell Jones, to help him become more 'normal'. The movie has a lot of humorous moments and Robert shines in his portrayal of Art. I left the movie feeling Art was content and finally on a road towards balance and happiness.

It reminded me of his character Daniel Gale in The Bad Mother's Handbook. Daniel, like Art, was quirky, shy and really didn't fit it. What these two movies have in common besides Robert is they are both characters who have a sort of depth, humility and quirkiness about them. Not to mention the clothing...Both characters I felt had a realness about them. You could sympathize with Art and Daniel. The overall theme of the movie is that everyone needs help sometimes. I think this is one of his better roles. Don't get me wrong, I think he was one of the best actors in Twilight. It does take skill to present a 108 year old vampire (ask Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise); but I believe he will become a more versatile actor with the parts he chooses. Robert brings a certain aspect to all of his roles; his own unique spin. As with the character Arthur, I think it was more of himself shown.

I would recommend this movie to everyone just for the fact that it is not like the movies that are curretly out.

For more information about the movie and screenings, click here~~> How To Be.

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