16 March 2009

Come Chip in

I'm trying to raise money to help pay for tuition this summer. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. As a single parent, going back to school is a must for me. Going into another field is a must for me. Not to mention if it is a field you love and can be successful at it, why not? And with the job market as it is, having secondary skills makes one more marketable. I know you are wondering what about financial aid? Well, it covers some but not all.
Not to mention living expenses near campus. ERRRRRRRRRR! It's strange! You are probably asking why this method. Well, state programs don't cover certain incidentals like getting out there, some books, fees, etc. Hell, I couldn't even get a job at McD's part-time!! This sucks. But please don't think I'm not doing my part, I am. I've been scrabbling every bit of change I can. Hopefully, it will help. So, If you can, contribute.

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