30 April 2009

Kellan Back In The US

Kellan Lutz returned from Australia Wednesday night. He was there with Edi Gathegi (Laurent)*I heart black olives* promoting the release of Twilight on DVD. The duo also did a bit of nutbushin' at a Twlilight prom. Now if you don't know, Nutbush was a song performed by Tina Turner. It was written about her hometown of Nutbush, Tennessee and it seems it spawned a dance as well. But, getting back to Mr. Lutz, he also donned a black fedora and black sunglasses. Although someone should tell Kellan that brown shoes with black accessories..fashoin faux pau babes! :D

Images courtesy of Just Jared

Kellan Comes to Chicago...Sort Of

As most have heard, Kellan Lutz of Twilight fame, has signed on to star in the revamped Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Kellan finished his scenes for New Moon a few weeks ago and the script for Eclipse is still being written. It will be filmed here in Chicago and in Barrington, IL. High school locations are currently being scouted in the suburbs. If you have never seen Nightmare On Elm Street, here is the premise. A child murderer is killed by the parents of a town, only to make an evil pact to come back and kill the children of his murderers. How does he kill them, in their dreams! The original series which starred Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger, had seven movies made.

In the previous movies, death found the teenagers in strange ways. Johnny Depp, who was in the first movie, was killed by being swallowed by his bed. Other deaths were linked to the teens falling asleep at the wrong time or being in a drug-induced state. One of my favorite ones was this girl who was obsessed over her physical toughness, was killed in a roach motel.. *giggles*

These days, it seems to be all the rage to revise old movies(The Day The Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds) or based on comics or novels(X-Men, Spiderman, Blade, Twilight, Harry Potter). I think it is a good idea to view other sources for inspiration.

Filming will begin on May 5th !

29 April 2009

Something BlondeThis Way Comes....

I assure you, its not moi...Hello!! I'm not a blonde! This is actually something via Twitter I encountered over the past couple of days.. You know how I've written about Twilight posers on Twitter (See I Told You, Ted Backs Me Up..Sort Of) and how although quite entertaining, can damage a persons reputation..That is if that is the goal.. Being duped is one thing, but following someone you know isn't who they say they are isn't being duped...It is purely entertainment. I wonder did the Blonde not know that impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery? I doubt it because she went on an all-out, no-holds barred, spam every twit pic related to the situation and decided to go on a I'M SAVING THE TWITTERVERSE mission... Blonde, leave the tights at home.

I applaude her for supposedly trying to shed light on the poser epidemic but seriously acting childish and immature doesn't bode well with myself or others. Especially when you insult via twit pic (and yes, posting comments on twit-pic knowing you were blocked for WHATEVER reason is a form of harassment.) We don't follow for popularity, we follow for similar interest or because the poster is funny..Or in come cases we're just being nosey!

I thought it was funny how she said that someone she knew who knew so and so DM'ed (direct message) her and said they were fake.. *dies laughing* and that she found the real So and So and they were aware of the poser.. Yeah they're aware of them, but do you see them doing anything about it? Um..nope.. Why? Quite simple, they do not care! It is giving them publicity! It was also interesting to read how she would'nt reveal her sources (I smell Ted Casablanca around here..lol). Now, If I were say busting out a presumed poser, I'd list my sources! Hell, I'd let all know who told me (and those who know me know I have NO problem holding my tongue!) But this insn't the case..

And even today, she went back to a person's Twit-Pic and continued to post things. Yes! IF you annoy someone you will get called out your name. At 36, you really shouldn't be acting so trite and juvenile...She states she doesn't like 'gang mentality' but she uses the same tactics as those she accuses of doing.. That pot is black..Kettle is black... And yeah someone called her racist, which I don't particularly care for, because she dislikes Obama. Well I disliked Bush.. Cheney...Perez...Does that make me a racist homophobe? Nope, means I don't like them.. Nuff said.. If she is about peace, love, etc. then why didn't she just ignore it.. Noone gives a damn about her Blonde blog and her mundane life. But, this issue caused her to gain hits..So way to go Blonde!! More hits and views for you!! *rolls eyes*

For someone who has never heard of the shows Supernatural and Heroes(which I think is a complete LIE!), she really threw herself into it. Blonde, hey! Try this.... We have an abundance of Twilight posers..Use your 'investigative journalistic skills' on that! And hey! While your at it, I hear the Lochness Monster and Unicorns have Twitter too...

To those who want to view her blog, HERE is the link...

27 April 2009


Well that job I was at told me not to come back...I guess I messed up on a test or something.. I'm screwed! Now I have no job and no hope. This was not how it was supposed to be.. What am I to do now.. This means I cannot attend the summer program because I don't have the funds!! What the hell!!

Kstew and Oregano...

Well it seems that Kstew and Oregano were spotted TOGETHER over the weekend; which probably puts doubts in the minds of Twilighters on if the rumours of a Rob/Kstew romance are legit. Personally speaking, I think these photos of Kstew and Oregano (i have some oregano in my cupboard :D) are kind of staged in a way.. But they look so cute! They know they are going to be spotted when they go out, so why not have something to gawk about, ya dig? Kstew's outfit reminds me of the Ojai chicks and the skater girls I went to school with..Minus the ponytails.

See all the images HERE

Thanks for the tip TwiCrack and her dealer Hannah:D

25 April 2009

Leah Is Not In Hiding!

My bud over at Twifessions thinks I'm missing..lol

I'm not missing or hiding. Just been busy..


Leah Clearwater aka Gallifrey aka Camille :D

24 April 2009

Even Ted Backs Me Up....Sort Of.

Whether you loathe him or hate him, there is one thing about Ted Casablanca you gotta love...
When it comes to getting stuff, he gets it! And this time, he actually in a round about way, confirms something I have long stated and posted before...Kstew does NOT have a Myspace!

"Kristen Stewart supposedly just posted on her "official" MySpace that she was now single, because her "boyfriend" had cheated on her.

So which dirty boy was she talking about? Rob or Michael Angarano?

"She doesn't have a MySpace," dished Kristen's rep when we asked if K. Stew's relationship update was real. How odd, it sure looks real.

Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for an official goodbye boyfriend post, but it's our job to tell ya what's going on."

That Myspace (along with a couple of others) are faker than Paris Hilton's hair extensions!!

I am stunned that I am about to say this but.... THANK YOU TED!! You have just confirmed what I, MTV and others had been saying...

But then he goes back towards this route....

"And what does Pattinson have to say about all the Kristen “rumors”?

Rob tells Entertainment Tonight, "It becomes a joke. There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen, and when you look at it and realize it's on the front of a magazine...You realize that people are actually reading that even though how ridiculous it is. It's really bizarre."

We’re not exactly seeing a denial there?"

Although he is right.......

And since I'm on the gossip tip tonight, only because it confirmed something I have been mentioning form the start...

He does state in his latest Truth, Lies and Ted what a lot of people were saying..That Nikki was leaking out the cast whereabouts while in Vancouver and calling the paps HERSELF with info! That sounds dirty to me, don't you think? For shame Nikki.. No wonder she was up there longer than she was scheduled to be and just so happy to take pics!*rolls eyes* It could be why Lainey is quiet on the New Moon gossip front.. That's because Blabbermouth Nikki isn't up there feeding her stuff.

I do feel bad for the cast.. And sometimes you never know who your friends truly are... So Kstew, my word to you is watch your ass girl... Rob as well..

ET on New Moon

The first part of the ET look at New Moon started today and it was quite short IMHO! I did recognize a bit of dialogue from the book and it seems to be coming along nicely! (I want Taylor's trainer!!) Although, it will be interesting to see how much of Rob's face and voice we see in the film..

You can view the videos in two parts over at my affiliate, Cullen Boys Anonymous site!

See, since every Twilight fan site and/or blog will have it posted, I decided not to post, but refer you to my affiliates. I am doing this because we all read the smae sites and gather the smae info.. Lets share the love :D

Click HERE to view the post!

22 April 2009

Eclipse Has A Director!!!

Summit has announced that David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days Of Night) will be directing Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Erik Feig, President of Production at Summit stated that,

"Stephenie Meyer's ECLIPSE is a muscular, rich, vivid book and we at Summit looked long and hard for a director who could do it justice. We believe we have found that talent in David Slade, a director who has been able to create complex, visually arresting worlds. We cannot wait to see the ECLIPSE he brings to life and brings to the fans eagerly awaiting its arrival in summer of 2010."

What this means is that casting for Eclipse will begin soon. *jumps up and down* Melissa Rosenberg is currently writing the screenplay based on Stephenie Meyer's book.

Eclipse is slate for release June 30th, 2010

For the complete article, click HERE

Jackson in NYLON!

Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen *phew* is in this month's NYLON magazine.
The man is multi-talented! An artist, gentleman, singer-songwriter, actor, musician...*faints* My ideal man!! (if he's reading this..MARRY ME DARLIN'!!)LOL

He talks about his bandmates in 100Monkeys:

His bandmates are old friends and actors as well, and he shares a house in Hollywood with two of them. "We call it the Monkey House," he jokes. "We all play all the instruments," he adds. "We call it the Monkey Switcharoo."

On Twilight cast members :

When asked about working with his Twilight castmates, he praises their talent, then adds, "Kristen and Rob are both very musically inclined, so we would have jam sessions. It was like the Cullen Family Band."

Read the complete article HERE:

20 April 2009

100Monkeys footage

These are clips from their set at Neptoon Records Saturday..

(i'm lovin my monkey men!!)

I'm lovin' Ben G's voice!!! Oh and um I see J-Action crotch! lmao


Coutresy of eevilreasaa

19 April 2009

Sightings in Vancouver

Our resident Twi-hunters :) saw Rob, Kristen and Nikki at a show in Vancouver last night! There is even video footage as well. What makes this so funny is because a Rob poser on Twitter last night posted that he was with Peter Facinelli..Which also was dumb because Peter was on his way to LA (laughs at stupidity)..and he posted this just now..PattinsonRTIcon_lockCoachella is an awesome music festival.. if you've never been, i recommend it.(damn idiots lmao)

Since the pics and video are almost everywhere, I will post links instead.

Malicious Mandy and her Escapades!<~~~this woman has basically met the WHOLE cast!

Pics of Rob, Kris and Nikki Robsessed

Thank You

I would just like to express my thanks to those who visit my blog. I am grateful that you have taken the time to come by and some have expressed their thoughts on things I've posted. Some things might not be 'Twilight' related, but the sheer fact that I have visitors is amazing! This summer, I will be logging my trip to LA, my classes and anything else I see out there! I hope you all continue to visit and share your thoughts with me!!

With great humility and thanks,

Camille aka GallifreyReject XOXO

18 April 2009

Birthdays, Nutters and the Single Life!

Today the crush of my adult life (well one of them), turns 38 today.. Who you may ask? David Tennant of course! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!! I get flack for fancying guys who would not give me the time of day in my normal life. pffft! Like I care..lol Its harmless. I'm not one of those nutters who stalks people, has weird facinations with complete strangers and tries to impose themselves on another being. I just like to look. Plus I like artistic & intelligent guys and those are in limited supply around here.. Well, the cute ones...lol I would take a talented cute guy over an athletic type anyday..Why, because they are more inclined not to have me in a bathing two-piece lmao! Its funny..

I had someone ask me the other day why I am single(and not the say i'm single but hooking up with someone else single either) and I told them it was by choice. And instead of leaving my answer where it lay, he asks me again. I guess he was waiting for me to give him a different answer;but that wasn't the case. I like to think I am waiting.. Waiting for my career to take off, waiting till I'm set, waiting till I am ready and quite possible I am waiting for my soul to say, "YES!! That's him!" So far, my soul has been quiet in that notion..lol

16 April 2009

The Things We Do....

I am completely frustrated right now! As some of you may know, I got accepted to this school in LA (http://www.aada.org ) for the summer and I'm trying to find a place to stay. I've talked to friends about it and it just seems so frustrating!! I am this () close to selling my immortal soul for a place to stay..*shakes head*. I have been in talks with the mother of a student who want to sublet the apt to me, but it cost $1600... *faints* On top of that, my car isn't fixed so that means by the time I leave, I will have to find another way to get there and back. I am splitting hairs about this and it bites! So many obstacles.. So little time :(

Swimming In It.. Loathing it

As much as I try to avoid the mere appearance of celebrity gossip, I seem to get sucked in like a popcorn kernel up a Hoover; especially when it comes to Twilight.... It annoys me to the point where I'm wondering what is real and such. I think it means I'm starting to care ( oh shit! HELL is freezing right now!!). Even though I really don't, it does pose a question..what is real and what is fake?! It seems lately there have been enormous rumors flying about regarding the young cast of Twilight (sans Taylor..thank God!) about who is sleeping with who, who is dating who, who is breaking up with who and who is doing who number one behind who number two's back.. It's like a jacked up version of Sweet Valley High with All My Children (an American soap opera) sprinkled on top with Grey's Anatomy as the crust!

*gets dizzy and grabs smelling salts*

See what I mean?

We all know bedding where you eat is never a good thing (trust me. that can of worms should be left closed). All the women/men in the world and you pick your co-stars?? EGAD PEOPLE!! If it is true, then may Almighty God help ya (in a Southern voice). I have grown tired of this mess and I wish it would just go away..the gossip I mean.. So you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to crush all these rumors here. How you may ask.. by giving one simple answer to all the questions.

1. Is Kristen and Rob shagging/dating/snogging? My answer: WHO GIVES A *bleeep*

2. Is Nikki a fame whore and is she trying to latch onto Kristen and Rob? My answer: I DON'T GIVE A *bleep*
3. Is Ashely Greene and Jackson Rathbone dating/shagging/snogging? My Answer: WHY DO YOU *bleeping* CARE?!
4. Who is everyone dating from the cast of Twilight? My answer: Whatever they are doing has NOTHING to do with you personally, and.... IT'S NONE OF YOUR *bleeping* BUSINESS!!

Why am I fed up with this?

Because Twitters and gossip posts I've been seeing by some people is giving me roid rage! I will give them this, it keeps the names in the papers. As the say, bad publicity is better than no publicity, eh?

Let me share something with you..Come closer my dears and gather around my frozen fire.. They have to tell people they are SINGLE! Why? Because if the object of someone's affection is viewed as available, their stock rises higher. More women flock to see a single man's films/shows/etc. than one who is say attached. Its a psychological game being played which is really sad.
So if they are boinking/rubbing noses/doing the horizontal mambo/shagging/canoodling/etc. it doesn't matter..

15 April 2009

Summit Announces Remainder of New Moon Cast

Summit Entertainment announced today the remainder of the cast of New Moon; which has already begun filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada and will also be filming in Tuscany, Italy!

"Rejoining the movie are Ashley Greene as Alice, Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Kellan Lutz as Emmett, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, Edi Gathegi as Laurent and Rachelle Lafevre as Victoria. New cast members include the legendary Volturi, a venerable coven of vampires who weigh and impose the laws of the vampire world, as well as two new members of the Quileute Indian Nation. The Volturi include Charlie Bewley as Demetri, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Daniel Cudmore as Felix, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, all Volturi enforcers. Dakota Fanning plays Jane, a high ranking and powerful Volturi member and Cameron Bright is Alec, her brother. Noot Seer plays Volturi member Heidi. Michael Sheen plays Aro, the Volturi leader. Graham Greene appears as Harry Clearwater, Quileute tribal leader and old friend of Bella's father Charlie. Tinsel Korey is Emily, the fiancé of Sam Uley."

Information courtesy of Twilight Lexicon

And Summit Entertainment

For the full article from Twilight Lexicon, Click HERE

For the Summet article, Click HERE

So Much!!

Ok I'm in green mode LOL!

Last night 100Monkeys (I HEART THEM!!) played a show at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver and some Twilighters attended the shows! Also in attendace were several cast members. I will not be posting anything from those sites, but I will list the links! These girls I give them props because not only were they cool about approaching the cast, they didn't act like nutters and treated them just like regular folk! KUDOS GIRLS!! And they were kind and sweet and just totally numero uno chicas in my book! I'm still waiting to read Twicrack's story (she was at the show as well) from that night.

MaggieQ and Trina's story at Twilight20Somethings

Confessions of a Twi-Crack Addict Vancouver Day Four

New Moon Cast At 100Monkeys Concert via Cullen Boys Anonymous

Again girls, you rock!!

13 April 2009


Oh wow!

Today was a busy day despite the rain! But, I did get my You Tube page up and running!!
*does smexy dance*
I decided to put some of the songs I've been working on up...Just to see what kind of feedback I'd get. I'm stil working on them and they will be pretty much acapella because I down't own a guitar anymore *pouts* But my introduction video is up now!

Check it out and let me know what cha think!


Eardrums and Smexy Dancing

Ok, So I am a huge 100Monkeys fan (and not because of Jackson..as if people!)and I was surfing the You Tube bank and I came across this jam. I'm totally digging this song. It's called 'Eardrums' and you actually see Jackson dancing "smexy" as he put it..I had to ask my friend Cessie what the heck was 'smexy'.. I guess I need to brush up on my popular lingo..hehe. So check out the vid and check out their Myspace page 100Monkeys

11 April 2009

Doctor Who Planet of the Dead Review

I just finished watching the Doctor Who Easter Special: Planet of the Dead (don't ask how either..)and I must say it was a good episode. This is the first of four serials that are making up this season (or series) for 2009. It was written by Russell T. Davies and Gareth Roberts. This episode placed The Doctor (David Tennant) on a double-decker bus with a suspected(well, actually she did just steal something) thief named Lady Christina De Souza (Michelle Ryan, Bionic Woman, EastEnders). As they are driving through a tunnel in London, the bus gets sucked through a wormhole and ends up on what is assumed to be a desert planet. Little do the passengers know, the desert was actually remains of a once booming and heavily populated civilization...A level one psychic and her husband are also on the bus along with an assorted band of passengers. The psychic hears the cries of the dead and warns everyone what she hears. Everyone gets spooked, but The Doctor makes a promise to get them all back home alive! ALLONZY!!
The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver (oh I sooo want one!!)to hot wire a cellphone(remember he did that with Rose, Martha and Donna's phones) and calls...UNIT! *looks around for the Brigadier*
UNIT stands ready to defend London from a possible alien terrorist attack(and mind you, these aliens are fierce and nasty looking). The Doctor and Lady Christina encounter two beings that resemble adult flies who came to the planet to eat the inhabitants dung and come face to face with one of the beings making that awful buzzing sound. They race back to the bus to hurry up and get the hell out of dodge, so to speak! A quirky scientist named Malcolm (Lee Evans) who I think is The Doctor's biggest fan, helps get them out of what could have ended up a nasty situation by finding out how to close the ever-expanding wormhole. The crisis is averted, the passengers make it alive, sans one, and humanity is saved by The Doctor, Malcolm and UNIT. But there are some parting words for our orphan Time Lord from the psychic.."The song is nearly over; it is returning from the darkness and he will knock four times.." (he was told something similar by the Ood in Planet of the Ood and the four times might be in reference to The Master returning...)The psychic woman tells him this as he stands in front of the TARDIS. At that moment, my eyes well up a bit because I know that this is heading towards the end of Ten's run in this form. He also does a neat thing with the sonic screwdriver setting Lady Christina free and she flies away..Literally!

Overall, I liked the episode, mainly because of how David brings aspects of the past doctors and combines them into Ten. It is the same formula that has worked for the series for the past five years and hopefully with the addition of Eleven (Matt Smith) and new executive producer/head writer Steven Moffat (Blink, The Girl in the Fireplace, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead), the series will continue to go strong. David Tennant was brilliant as usual as The Doctor and Michelle Ryan's character was clever and quick-witted. She reminded me of Time Lady Romana I, who was played in the classic series by Mary Tamm (i miss her!!). I am sad to see David leave *cries* for I know Matt Smith has some huge shoes to fill. I give this episode 3 1/2 stars on my own scale. The next special is titled "The Waters of Mars" which will air later this year.

(images courtesy of The DoctorWhoSite)

10 April 2009

Malfoy Can SING!!

So I'm browsing You Tube and lo and behold I stumble across Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter fame, singing! IMO, he's good. I'm all for original music and I wanted to share :)

You Be The Judge

As many know, I refuse to post anything regarding who-is-sleeping/f**king/boning/munching/dating-who on the set. Why, because it is none of my business. I have a rule, if it doesn't concern me personally(as in its not my man), then it is none of my concern. One must remember that these people are humans and they are entitled to their own lives. People assume that because you are famous, it makes the general public privy to all the little tidbits of your life. Unless you are a fame whore who revels in everyone knowing everything about your personal life....

The thing about celebrity these days is that some are famous for absolutely nothing! It's bloody pathetic and someone needs to say enough is enough!

I really could give two shits a piss about what goes on behind closed doors. I advise you to do the same..It will keep you sane and grounded.

More New Moon Pics

Courtesy of gossip mongrel Lainey more pics from the set.. Enjoy!

For the complete set of pics, Click HERE

09 April 2009

New Moon Pics..UPDATED!!

Lainey's Gossip has posted pics from the New Moon parking lot set in Vancouver, BC... The make-up looks much better!!! The gang is almost all here..lol And yes Taylor's wig looks much better!

AAAHHHH.. A sigh of relief for all fans. Things look good!

For the rest of the pics, CLICK HERE!!

Not Fair!

So I'm like a fan of Lily Allen and there is a new video for Not Fair which is off her new CD, It's Not Me, It's You. The song takes on a topic most of us gals know quite well...PE..haha! If you don't know what PE is (besides Physical Education), then just listen very closely!

Eye Candy

An excerpt from Rob's Dossier photo shoot....
I'm wondering where did that muscle come from??!!!

Dali's Accent..

Rob Pattinson takes on a Spanish accent in the Salvador Dali bio-pic Little Ashes , but does it come off as one? MTV asked that question to the experts! Joel Goldes, a veteran acting coat stated that, "I think it's a credible Spanish accent," and "I think if I didn't know his background, I wouldn't suspect anything." They also asked accent coach Claudette Roche and acting coach Bruce Ducat about Rob's accent as well.

"In the clip with the three guys, when he says, 'I expect so,' the way that he says 'so' is right on the money," Goldes said. "It's not English or American-sounding. It's not two sounds or two vowel sounds; it's just one. The 'oh' sound, that's exactly right."

Ms. Roche also stated that in contrast to Javier Beltran's native Barcelona accent, it is a contrast, but Rob pulls it off.

Also in question was would his accent affect his fan base to which Bruce Ducat stated, "I think if I was one of the thousands of adolescent young women who are automatically his fans, I would buy it," he said, adding one caveat: "I think if he has to meet the scrutiny of people whose ears are tuned for accuracy, it may be 50/50."

Personally speaking, to take on an accent that is not native to your tongue, takes skill and practice. I remember learning French and Spanish and the different stresses throughout the languages and the placement of the tongue were challenging to say the least. Based on the previews, I think Rob did quite well, although he does slip into his American accent a few times. If Dali were alive, I think he might be intrigued with the film and who was portraying him.

Little Ashes opens in limited release the 8th of May 2009.

For the complete article, Click HERE.

A Question To You

There has been a lot of debate on the casting choices for the Twilight Saga films and I would like to pose some questions to you. I don't think that some are aware of the humongous and diverse fan-base of the series (besides the actors and Ms. Meyer) and I for one would like to see someone near my age cast in a role. (not saying I'm ancient...lol) I applaud the casting agents for choosing to use Native Americans in the roles for the Quilete because it symbolizes a turning point in the industry; not to mention it is not in a negative light! But would the fans(i.e. YOU) like to see yourselves represented in films(and not just the Twilight Sagas). I read about the casting backlash from the devoted when they decided on Robert as Edward, but look how that turned out..hehe

Would you like to see actors outside the 18-24 demographic cast in the films?

Would it matter to you if one of the cast were older, but did not look their age?

Which would matter more: their authenticity or their ability?

I look forward to your comments!!

08 April 2009

Is Lainey A closet Twiligher?

Ok, now most people know I detest gossip, but one site in particular is giving me mixed feelings. Lainey's Gossip (which has been the source for a lot of New Moon pics), seems to be a bit of a Twi-hard herself. I think she is a closet Twilighter..lol How havve I come to this conclusion, easy...Her latest pics of Jackson Rathbone returning to Vancouver.

Such pictorial evidence cannot be dismissed..
She compliments his style..Yes Effortless=Sexy!!

"This is my team. This is the best team. Team Jasper/Jackson" <~~ her words

So yes, I think Lainey secretly obsesses about Jackson and is a Twi-Hard down to her core!

For the rest of the pics and her stuff click HERE

Peter Facinelli Wants to Be The Doctor !!

Peter Facinelli, known to Twilight fans as Dr. Carslie Cullen, discussed wanting to play an American version of The Doctor.

"I wish we had Doctor Who in America.

"Everyone in UK was raving about it when I came over for the conference. I’d love to watch it. Or even star as the Doctor in a film. I could even get a long stripy scarf!"

I guess he hasn't watched BBC America lol..

Peter also discussed his role in the Twilight series and his up and coming role as a scatter-brained doctor in the series Nurse Jackie.

Peter will also be attending London Film and Comic-Con. also Attending will be beloved fourth Doctor, Tom Baker!!

For the complete article click HERE

For the London Comic Convention, Click HERE

(thanks to TwiCrack & her undercover dealer lol)

Reject Got An Owwie!

So I don't know how, but I sprained my ankle this morning. I'm walking around like a stumbling buffoon. More like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man...Sucks but true! My right ankle is swollen and I currently have it propped up. So basically I'm temporarily incapacitated because any pressure on it makes walking uncomfortable :( Anywho..after the rest, I will have more stuff posted..even some commentary on a certain uber Dean-ish pic that MTV has of a certain British import...hehee

Till then.. Toodles!

07 April 2009


Well, it seems that Robert likes his spaghetti and meatballs with a fruity cocktail..
According to Aceshowbiz.com Rob and the cast like to hang out at a specific bar and grill in Vancouver.. The manager says he orders spaghetti and beef meatballs and a drink that contains Martini, Vodka, Alize, and fruit juice. Hmm.. interesting.. That's all you need! pasta, meatballs and a fruity cocktail(with loads of Vodka) to make him come for more..LOL joking...



Allllllrighty then!!

I think I'm going to start a business.. I'm going to call it the PPA (Pattinson Protection Agency). Yes! You are reading correctly! Why, because I think he needs it! The man can't go buy underwear or eat without being photographed. So, I am offering my services, until July 6th, to be his bodyguard. And no, I do not take bribes...(although I do fancy D&G, Coach, Dooney and Kenneth Cole items :D)lol

My apologies

Sorry I haven't posted anything new.. Been a busy day. But, I will have new stuff tomorrow. Meanwhile, check out my fave sites, affiliates and blogs I'm following for the news you've missed today:)

Much love, peace & hair grease...

04 April 2009

Little Ashes Tickets

Yes! Yes! Yesssss!

Little Ashes, the Bio-Pic of famed artist Salvador Dali starring Robert Pattinson, will be released in the US on May 8th in select theaters across America!

Go to the official site Little Ashes and see where it is playing in your neck of the woods!

I will be seeing it here in Chicago and will be posting the review here!

03 April 2009

I Hate Dumb Broads....

There is a pic of Rob floating around cyberspace from a certain immature Canadian brat(no offense to Canadians) and her friends that was taken without his knowledge. In her blog she disses him and IMHO, was quite the stuck-up bitch. So, being the outspoken woman I am, I left her a comment on her Flickr page....(and NO I am not posting her blog info. I'm not gonna let her get anymore hits for being such a bitch!)

gallifreyan1 says:


I've read how this pic came about and here are my two cents..

Lets see, he declines to take a pic with you and you sorry broads take one anyway? What kind of mature thinking was that? Oh wait, I forgot you are a pompous, conceited little girl who lacks of any real journalistic skills and integrity. All this gathered from reading your 'blog'.

"Mr. Twilight was at the party but wasn’t “doing pictures,” so no luck. Raymi and I went up to him to chat it up instead, but he had way too much attitude for someone that will probably be starring in American Pie 11 someday. "<~~that comment shows to me that you were pissed because he wouldn't pose for you. Maybe he is tired of random people 'chatting him up' and just wanted to chill out. Did that thought ever pass your mind? Of course not.. Sounds quite pathetic to me...

Tsk, tsk poor little girl who didn't get a picture with 'Mr. Twilight'. Boohoo, so I'm going to blog about it and crap..

Great job of adding to your 15 minutes..

It could've been worse.. I could have called her a 50 times bottle-dyed, ill-mannered, overly-tanned piece of immature bitch who acted childish and unwarranted and thinks her shit don't stink!

I think that if a person say no, their request should be honored regardless of who you are..

No means NO!

02 April 2009

See I Told you....

Courtesy of Twilight Lexicon and MTV, MTV spoke with Kristen Stewart's reps and she does not, I REPEAT, does not have Twitter or Facebook! So, if you are on Twitter like myself and you have posers you are following, tell them off and delete. Unless you ask them personally and there is some kind of visual proof, I would'nt follow them. There are those who say they are fake in their name so this list doesn't concern them. There is a difference between being a fan and just being a liar..

A quote from MTV,

"She does not Twitter or Facebook or anything,” was the response we got from reps for the real KStew when we approached them.

Here is a list and unless proven otherwise......

Poser List on Twitter

kristensss aka kstitch
kristenjstewart (and her myspace,facebook, etc..)
akaDaddyC (supposedly Peter, but go to his official Myspace, nothing about twitter is mentioned)
Rachelle Lefevre (no word on confirmation, but I highly doubt it's her)

Oh there are more, but I don't have the patience to play witch hunt..

Remember, if it has not come out officially or they haven't confirmed it....They're fake..

The girls at Spunk-Ransom confirmed that the RobPattinson Myspace is fake as well via Rob's assistant, Nick Frenkel

it seems that one was missing from the list(don't know how that happened.....) it has be re-added.

For the complete MTV article, Click HERE

(Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the Tweet scoop)

Twilight Musical! Who Said We Had to Let it Go....

So I'm surfing You Tube and I find this interesting parody..
Twilight High School Musical!

*sings* Why can't my life be life my High School Musical....

I'm thinking this could be a role Zac Efron might like or Joe Jonas Heheee....

01 April 2009

Finale Possibilities.

MSN UK is reporting that David Tennant's final Doctor Who episode will be sort of a reunion. Rose Tyler(Billie Piper), Martha Jones(Freema Ageyman) and Donna Noble(Catherine Tate) will reprise their roles on the show, along with The Master (John Simms). This will also be the episode where Ten regenerates into Eleven (Matt Smith). A source from the series said:

"This will be
the most exciting episode Doctor Who have ever done. We really wanted to get all the companions back on board as a fitting send-off to David. And of all the enemies for him to face in his final episode it makes sense for The Master to be the main one. Getting Billie to agree is a real coup, but she loved working on the show so much it didn't take much convincing."

For the complete article, click HERE

A Big Announcement



Despite the rumors of it being Nikki, its not. We had to hide our romps with each other so that his fans don't get upset or come after me with pitchforks and stones!! We're having TWINS! I'm about 4 months along and we have decided to name our children Buckley Thomas Carlise Patrick and Renesemee Claire Vanessa Morrison. We are elated and happy to share the news.. Rob called me this morning from Vancouver to say I could personally release the news! He also wanted me to tell you all that he is NOT doing Eclipse and Jude Law will be taking his place. He also said that Kristen got secretly hitched last night with Michael. Also I got a congrats call from Ashley and Jackson wrote a song about Rob and I's love children... BE jealous girls and moms!!

.April Fools!!