16 March 2009

I am Leah


Yes.. Leah as in Leah Clearwater. I know you are thinking WTF!! But after reading the Twilight series and seeing the movie, I felt I wanted to play her. Why? Well, I like the character! And yes I know I'm not completely Native American and the tribes would disavow any knowledge of my family history..But I DON'T Care!!! I want to play her! Make up does wonders for people these days!! (They Made Rob Pattinson sparkle!! Robert Downey, Jr. was Black!!) If I ever get a chance to audition for the role, I would make it known here first!!Well, after I told my family and friends..hehe! I think Leah is the Anti-Bella of Twilight. She was hurt emotionally..Hell and to top it off, she ended up becoming a werewolf (actually a shape-shifter with wolf as the preferred form), and having early onset menopause! And she comes into her own somewhat later in the series. And her character is older than the others(with exceptions to the Cullens ,Billy Black and Charlie). And I feel someone older should play her. Not someone barely out of her teens!
Well that's my stance! I want to play Leah Clearwater and I'm damn sure gonna try!!

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