10 May 2009

The Worst Rob Fans....Ha!!!

Ok so I was paying a visit to Letters to Rob and I stumbled upon this post, The Worst Fans That Ever Lived..

Now I love post with bits of humor and this was way funny.. (Unintended Choice and Themoonisdown I *heart* ya!) Because they outed themselves lmao! And I thought why not state what I know and how bad of a fan am I.....lol

  • I have seen The Haunted Airman, The Bad Mother's Handbook and unfortunately Rings of the Nieblung(sp) The last one DEAR GOD I REGRET!!
  • Went to see How To Be..FOR FREE! hehee!
  • Wrote a review about it HERE
  • Saw him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and was cheering for Harry...Kill the Spare!! lol
  • Downloaded Twilight because I got tired of seeing it flash on my 'Space page every bloody time I logged in...lol
  • Actually LAUGHED at the first time I saw it *does stuttering tourettes scene* whhat nnnno youu..noo.. *blinks to show emotion*
  • Only read the books to see what the hoopla was about..Did I mention those were free too :)
  • Actually was hoping for more of Jackson *giggles* I love how he looks like he has to poo!
  • I do not have any interviews of Rob on my lappy..
  • I have a few pics of Rob on my lappy..
  • Has sworn off any type of set-stalking cause um for one I have a rep to uphold and two, I might be working with these people in the future...sheesh!
  • Did not know who Kstew was until someone mentioned Zaruthra to me and I was like, Oh the bratty sis.....That was her? lol
  • Did I mention I never heard of the series till October of 2008??
  • I put off reading Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton to read all four books and the Midnight Sun manuscript... *bashes head*
  • I still think that Rob looks more constipated than conflicted in Twilight.. *passes the Pepto and fiber*
  • *amended* When I wake up in the morning, my hair looks like his.. but less greasy and no one calls its sex hair!
  • I know is bday is May 13th and he has two sisters, they dressed him as a girl and he got kicked out of school..
  • Downloaded the Twilight soundtrack because Collective Soul and Muse were on it..On and Rob too...
So there you have it! Am I a bad fan? Possibly... Do I want to know everything about him? Gosh no! It would take away the mystery of this Brit boy..lol Would I rather meet Jackson and 100monkeys than Rob? Um..noo comment.. LOL Will there by Galli's own Letters to Rob? Heck no! Unintendedchoice and Themoonisdown do it so well!!

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