13 May 2009

HotPocket Pie Birthday Wishes!!

It's a sunshiny day....

Rejoice all Hotpocket Pie lovers!!!

It is HotPocket Pie aka Mr. Sparklepeen aka Rob Pattinson's birthday! The life-size version of Edward Cullen (glitter not included) turns 23 today! In his honor , I've composed a little something, something..
Ode to That Guy Filming That Movie...

Sparklepeen pie hair wonder,
Makes the girls and cougars go under,
They cream when he speaks,
greased lightning from their seats!
Got them guessing in heated debate,
What your pie just might taste..

Pepperoni or Heineken!
They see that crooked smile..Again??
The cougars are excited too.
For as you get older,
They grow in hopes of shaggin' you!
They say you dazzle them with your eyes..
I guess I must be blind!
I have no clue I might add,
But they're into you..
I guess you're rad!

Even when you say you're a dick,
People still love you..
And your prick!

Turning 23 today, oh joy I must say!
Hope that you enjoy your day..
Stop banging Kstew by the way...

Love and silliness,

Gallie the Reject..


  1. Hahahahaha... You are awesome!!
    #texaspie is too :-)

  2. Girl... I can't STOP LAUGHING!!!!! It's your fellow Twitter friend that's a hubba hubba! *hint hint* .... YOU ROCK! You should honestly get that poem etched in stone.. hehe



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