24 May 2009


24th of May 1956, my dad was born...

15th-26 November of 2007, my dad was reborn..

Today, he would've been 53.

Sometimes I can still smell the apt. in Tulsa..

Sometimes , I can hear his voice

The cringe I felt walking into his final resting place..

The smell of death lingering on everything I touched..

The void....

I was the one to take care of his business and bring him home...

I was up for the challenge and I succeeded...Task completed..

I stated this once I came home..

I've done my daughterly duty...

I have lain the absent king to rest...


I can rest..

Maybe now I can grieve too.. It's been almost two years and I still look for the cards in the mail.. The emails.. The phone calls.. Subconsciously.. I was hoping he was around.. I had lost a family member every year up til 2007. The following Spring, a friend was murdered..That summer, my godmother who helped me out more than anyone will know, passed away..That fall, my cousins were murdered..The youngest being seven.. I was damn tired of death making calls close to home..

Death do not darken my door

I have seen thy face and I shan't anymore

Thy power is weak..

It comes cowardly..

Working through souls

Dastardly and most wickedly!

Do not darken my door..

Cowardly reaper..

I fear you no more.. ~CA

I know days are not promised

There is a time and a season for all creatures.

Love while you can..


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  1. This was beautiful. I don't know your Dad, but he is in my prayers today. I know what it's like to lose people whom you love and love you in the best way in return. It's... well I'm not as good with words as you are.. but it's foundation shaking. You are very strong. Love.


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