29 May 2009

Advice for Jackson's Next Role...

4TNZ has some advice for J on his reported new role as Norwegian death rocker and former inmate, Varg Vikernes (as of 22nd of May 2009 he was released on parole).

4TNZ offers these suggestions:

- Has dyed blonde hair for Twilight. How 'bout jet black?

- Usually wears a nice suit while performing with his band 100 Monkeys. Rip that baby up and stick on some spikes!

- Teeth are his only weapon in Twilight. Gonna have to get his hands on one of those spiked clubs.

A little background info on Varg. He is a black metal musician, a writer of German neo-paganism, a far-right political activist and church bomber (yeah not on my top listening list). He was imprisoned for murdering Oystein Aarseth and burning three Christian churches in 1993. Varg is also a racist and a facist but is denouncing his English translation of his manifesto,Vargsmal ( Speech of the Varg) saying that "Vargsmal was written in anger, while I was young and in isolation, and the book is marked by this". Lords of Chaos will be the basis of the movie.

This role would make Jackson draw from somewhere deep and hateful..It will be one of those roles that will shake a lot of his fans to their core. Scary isn't it.. *shudders* But what about J? Do you think he will be able to handle such a role? Personally, I think so. As long as he doesn't get absorbed in that way of thinking.. Some actors are known to deeply immerse themselves into roles.. And sometimes a part of it sticks with them.. Lets hope that this role doesn't make a mental sticky note in J's head.

Read the full 4TNZ article HERE


  1. Absolutely! I think he will ROCK this role! I saw him in DREAD, also Criminal Minds. He most diffidently has the stones for this role. I think he has a raw side to him that very few people ever get to see b/c it's scary and dark. I've seen him turn from all smiles to a sadistic protector in a matter of a few scenes. I think it will terrify some of his younger fans that he can reach that side of himself, as for me I'm looking forward to seeing his range.

  2. In an interview he did for dread he said he was able to disassociate from the horror of a film and see it as art. I think he'll be able to do this role though Rylinn will have to see it w/o me ;) I support him and his projects even if only in word... this role will scare some of the tweentwihards but as we keep reminding them J is not Jasper...

  3. I think Jackson is capable of performing well in any role he chooses. He is a very strong and talented actor. I think he really digs on those kinds of characters. He likes the challenge of a hard role, and he is totally up to it.

  4. I have no doubts in my mind that he can do it. He's really good at what he does and he really thinks about his character before diving into it. At the same time, he is very grounded with his family and friends. He know who he is and as long as he knows where his character ends and where he begins all should be well. He's going to blow everyone away.


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