09 May 2009

Twisted Leg Commentary

It is now time for Reject commentary! This is when I, the Lovely Reject, will interpret what is shown in the photographs. These two pics were taken at 3am in a cab leaving the cast get together.. It's funny how with all of that room, she sits directly across from Rob..Legs rubbing against his.. Message sent..lol
Photo 1:
Kstew: Yeah you see me.. And? Oregano who? He's mine Twi-hards!! *internal conversation* Those gossip are gonna love this. MUAHAHAHAAA!!

Rob: Uh I..Uh..Yeah..I was working on this chord in the loo and um yeah I think it might work..

Photo 2.
Rob: *strums away on the invisible guitar* I'm loving another man's woman..Oregano bites the.. *slight rise occurs as Kstew rubs his leg then looks at camera* What?! What? Oh Shit! Pattinson jr. is awake!

Kstew: *internal conversation* oh when we get back to the hotel..imma slide my legs here..Grab that non-existent ass closer and say....*face conveys apparent lust and soon to be sweat-inducing activities* Drunk sex is the best....

So there you have it! What I think was happening in the cab as these were taken.. Pure speculation of course.. *winks* But what do YOU think is going on..Let me know :D

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