29 May 2009


The MTV awards will be the setting for the first trailer from New Moon.
Reportedly, Kstew, Rob and Taylor will be announcing the trailer...

But today,

ET has revealed a 14 second clip of the film on their website


Check it out!

And I want to hear your thoughts.....

pic courtesy of spunk-ransom.com


  1. so you know i think Kstew sounds like a dude... is that supposed to be sultry? it's ugh! have a feeling the "trailer" will really be a "teaser" because they won't have been able to finish any italy scenes in time for it. maybe they will... like that even though it's a dif house it still looks the same. there's 174 days until this movie... why am i giddy?

  2. First off. I am not really impressed with the 15 second clip.

    My thoughts on the trailer. I hope you guys quote me on this. This is what it will consist of. The 'birthday' scene that was just shown in the 14 second clip. to her crying. to a dirtbike and then a wolf. Then the yellow porshe and the water fountain. Throw in Edward getting ready to maybe walk into the sunlight. This is what I think will be in the trailer.

  3. I was very indifferent to the 15 second scene that made its way to us. I'm a bit hesistant to get excited about New Moon. Truly. I want to see the birthday scene man. That's what i want to see lol


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