10 May 2009

Rob In LA

Rob was spotted in Los Angeles leaving a casting studio Saturday. Me thinks he was auditioning his soon-to-be female lead in Remember Me. He was spotted carrying a script and an unmarked CD. Now for those who aren't aware, Rob is set to begin filming Remember Me in New York during his mini-break before filming Eclipse . There has been some speculation that Amanda Seyfield (Mamma Mia) will be his female lead... But Emmy Rossum (don't ask me..I have no clue who she is) was also spotted leaving the same studio. Seems like Rob was in a good mood because he was also whistling... Oh and it seems he went straight from Vancouver to L.A. because check out the plaid....

For the rest of the photos, Click the links below :D

Thanks to JustJared.com and RobSessed

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