11 May 2009

The Great Pie Debate

Last night began the first ever..Great Pie Debate via Twitter *winks*

Several of us girls debated whether Jackson, Kellan or Rob was the best 'pie' giver...

Mind you this is an adult conversation..If under the age of 18, don't read..*snickers*

(the ones in plain underline are from me, the ones in bold are to me)

How it started was a discussion on recent pics from Vancouver Saturday of Kstew and Rob's inter-leg mingle. So being the gal I am, I said they were pie bumping...aka stick hoping...tommy-knocking, pole-rubbing..If you get my drift..hehee

So I posted this question to a few of my twit buds:

Who do you think gives the best 'pie': Jackson, Kellan or Rob?

And it just ran from there!!!

@twitterbuddy1 i say friends with pie benefits lol @twitterbuddy1although jackson looks like he gives better pie! and kellan looks like his pie has steroids lol *dies laughing*
@twitterbuddy1 lol yep.. i'm tellin ya.. he looks like he gives good pie! lol

@GallifreyReject oh yes, Jackson looks like a sneaky pie giver! LMAO
@GallifreyReject *cracking up* HILARIOUS!!! No no - I disagree. I think RP gives the best pie all around! LMAO
@twitterbuddy1 lmao!! hahaha!!! well maybe its a Jackson/Rob tie.. best pie giving!
@twitterbuddy1 LMAO oh hells yes! see.. see... undercover pie givers!! I claim Jackson as numero uno Pie Giver! I will recieve with open um.. legs!
@GallifreyReject why will young girls and cougars be running?
@twitterbuddy2 because robsten are pie bumping.. :D
@GallifreyReject ew no. and they shouldn't be "pie humpin" she has a boyfriend. or does that mean nothing to people is "hollywood"?
@twitterbuddy2 lmao well that's what i think.. others disagree with the pie bumping and snogging lol
@twitterbuddy1 ROTFLMAO!! hell i even put it in my profile.. Willing pie receiver! lmao
@GallifreyReject BWHAHAHAHA! I bet you will !!!! ROTFLMAO
@everyone *sings* i don't see nuthin' wrong.. with a lil pie and griiind....
@twitterbuddy1 lmao i did.. go look lmao!! i just didnt mention names lmao
@GallifreyReject get outta here!!!! LMAO

So since I had to get more opinions the convo became public so....I stated again:

Ok girls..Who gives the best pie? Do you think Jackson, Rob or Kellan?? lol

@GallifreyReject ok I may be out of the loop but what the hell is pie bumping?
@twitterbuddy2 pie bumping..stick hopping..groin grinding..aka sex ! lmao
@GallifreyReject OOHHHHHHH lmao...what?! no way!!
@GallifreyReject if we're going on looks-Kellan but singers normally are really good in bed...from what I know of them...Kellan totally
@GallifreyReject dont know much about jackson-looks not all there but might be a good "pie" giver,kellan is to damn hot to not try it once
@GallifreyReject and Rob looks to lazy! HA!!
@twitterbuddy2 well kellan is a bad singer and he looks um selfish..so my money is on Jackson.. Rob looks a bit confuddled about pie giving lol
@GallifreyReject lol yeah! Jackson looks like he might put forth the effort to please,kellan looks like he just wants the fun of it
@twitterbuddy2 lmao yep! like oh just get on and ride pie.. no time..no effort..lmao
@twitterbuddy2 um he's a cutie..i go for cute and multitalented :d kellan well um hehee
@GallifreyReject Bahahaha!
@GallifreyReject ah but the fun guys are usually the kinkiest and willing to do things that will make your pie experience AWESOME!
@twitterbuddy2 exactly.. and you know about those gentlemen..hehe..so yeah jackson woulds give GREAT pie in my book lol
@GallifreyReject Rob
@twitterbuddy3 why rob? lol
@GallifreyReject His hair is majestic, lol
@twitterbuddy3 lmao so he has pie hair?? hmm...
@GallifreyReject rofl, No, he has sexy hair, makes him more kissable
@twitterbuddy3 aah but so does jackson.. lol
@twitterbuddy2 hmm.. true very true.. aah pie..lmao my money is still on J though..Kellan got a short 2nd and rob flatlines..lol
@GallifreyReject ok I'd totally give J a shot since you seem to be so determined but I still think K would be better.
@twitterbuddy2 :D well you don't have to.. i just think J would give better pie..something in the eyes says PIE GIVER EXTRAORDINAIRE!!
@GallifreyReject You Jackson fan! : p lol
@twitterbuddy3 um yes..and :D i likey rob too lol just in a brotherly way lol
@GallifreyReject ok that works for me you and @twitterbuddy4 can fight for J while I get K to myself...wait a min, aren't I married? lol
@twitterbuddy2 lmao! un ur married you can't have j and k pie!! lol
@GallifreyReject hehe hey now! it doesnt matter where u get ur appetite as long as you come home for dinner
@twitterbuddy2 hmm.. true very true.. aah pie..lmao my money is still on J though..Kellan got a short 2nd and rob flatlines..lol
@GallifreyReject pie bumping? bahaha hilarious!
@twitterbuddy7 lmao well pie bumping=sex.. pie giving/receiving =oral lmao its my own terminology :D
@GallifreyReject lmao...... stop your killing me!
@GallifreyReject @twitterbuddy2 K has weird lips. but J....mmm
@twitterbuddy4 @twitterbuddy2 exactly! j has those omg snog and suck for hours lips..lol
@GallifreyReject Sorry, but 'overheard' your conversation :-) .. my money is with Jackson too... hubba hubba.
@twitterbuddy5 lmao no problem! and yeah jackson..pie ..hells yes!!
@GallifreyReject rofl.. liked tohe humble pie....lol..
@GallifreyReject Ooh, pie, huh? prompt us with a pie question. Make it a good discussion question! :)
@GallifreyReject lmao..k, rob then.
@twitterbuddy6 rob? no way? how so? lol
@GallifreyReject rob only under certain circumstances though...
@GallifreyReject why don't u stuff yourself w/ some hot pockets or smokes and let me know what you think? lmao
@twitterbuddy6 eww! i dont eat hot pockets!! lol and um rob..nooo jackson pie giver superhero! lol
@GallifreyReject but it's not gonna be u eating the hot pockets. *wink*
@twitterbuddy6 lmao true.. but um i want him to eat PIE!! not hot pockets!!! lol
@GallifreyReject stuff yourself like a thanksgiving turkey and you'll see...rob wins! ;)
@GallifreyReject Rob fans just know how to lure him in...hot pockets, cigs and heiny. ur just biased sweetie. i guess i am too. lol

@everyone: Ok so based on this convo on pie giving, we have Jackson in 1st, Kellan in 2nd and Rob in a dismal 3rd.. Rob, work on ur giving skills mate!

@twitterbuddy6 lmao well i heard cause rob has sex hair& hot pockets.. dammit this is pie eating at its finest &ppl talk about hot pockets lol
@twitterbuddy6 lmao yep.
@GallifreyReject LMAO !!!!!
@twitterbuddy1 he has no bum!! sam's bum is bigger than his!! lol
@GallifreyReject LMAO !!!!!!!!!!

@everyone:Remind me that if I EVER meet Jackson, Rob or Kellan or all three to ask about their pie skills :D

@GallifreyReject oh I'll remind you- don't worry LMAO
@twitterbuddy1 hehe and watch i'll be right.. rob will be like pie? as in food..he'll go i dun like pie. then i'll say sucks for u then! lol
@GallifreyReject BWHAHAHAHA!
@twitterbuddy7 you and Every Twilight fan in the world...hehee
@twitterbuddy1 hell Taylor prolly knows about pie!! lmao
@GallifreyReject you think? LOL
@twitterbuddy1 i think so.. but since he's a minor, he can't be ranked in the survey lol
@twitterbuddy7 naw..i'd make sure i was tipsy first..liquid courage :D
@twitterbuddy7 then id ask and watch for priceless expression lol
@GallifreyReject well then you just have to conduct your own personal survey LOL
@twitterbuddy1 i think so :D and i have to get video lmaooo
@GallifreyReject video is always good! LMAO

The discussion will continue...Wanna join? Follow me on twitter @gallifreyreject *winks*

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