06 May 2009

Biggest Loser

I have been watching NBC's Biggest Loser this season and I am completely inspired! These severely overweight people should be role models for all those struggling with their weight. Many people think that it is because overweight people are lazy and constantly eat anything. In some cases its true and some it is genetic or thyroid problems. I think the person who inspired me most was Ron of the Brown team. He has been overweight his entire life and his health was bad. He was on so many meds that he could open up a pharmacy with what he had. He had also tried everything under the sun to manage his weight. Not to mention years of carrying around that weight impacted his joints and knees badly;but he persevered. His son, Mike was morbidly obese as well.

These two are just some of the people I found to be inspiring. Another one is Tara. When she arrived she was almost 300 lbs! I sympathised with her in many ways. I am not the size of those contestants, but they are all similar to me and my struggle and I know that if they can do it, even with all the health issues and joint problems, then so can I!

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