08 May 2009


As many know, I will not be attending Twicon due to two things, 1. finances *cries* and 2. I'm supposed to be studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for the summer (that is if I can get the tuition paid in full by June 22nd :(. So with that in mind, I need a favor. As some know I have like a lust crush *laughs* on a certain Twilight cast member and he will be there at Twicon along with his band who I support whole heartedly. *smiles* (i heart my monkey men!! See I want like pictures, autographs, video (especially of 100Monkey's show :D), peeps saying hi Galli/Camille wish you were here type thing..lmao, etc. So to whoever helps will be my bestest friends for life and I would be in deep dept to you :D I already have one of my friends at Twifessions doing something huge (hehe) for me (well if she still goes along with it..) and it would make this down and out girl so blippin happy!! And yeah I know some of you are going to order tix for the brunch with him (YOU BLOODY BETTER GET THOSE TIX PEOPLE!!!) Coffee, tea, Jackson... Sweet Niblets!!

There is something about that Texan with those eyes that just...*insert unheard mumbling here*Lawd help me! lol So, since we all love Twilight, I say..HELP a lady out !! lol And you know what, I even have an EXTRA unopened copy of Twilight here and I will give it away(including postage in the US) to WHOEVER does the most awesome thing.. Yeah I know who doesn't have the dvd, but hey... Its an incentive :D

So if you are game for the Gallifrey experiment, Leave me a comment below :D

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