28 May 2009

Are You Ready...

You are? Good! heheee...


Hotpocket Pie lovers across the globe got sneak peeks of the reunion scene from New Moon curretly being filmed in Italy (mind you, one of my fave moments from the uber depressing book). Have you had a chance to breathe yet? Did you do laundry? Are you able to function today? lol.

Rumor has it that Sparklepants was so nervous about being shirtless, that the extras were asked to turn around.. I don't know why? Its not like you see jelly rolls and a Homer-esque belly!

Man up Pattinson!

I will admit, the man looks GOOD! (although I miss the facial hair) Whoever he's been training with needs to hook me up! Seriously! So.....

Let's discuss said pics..Shall we? hehee

There is clear evidence of extensive ab work outs here. Plank & plank twist, crunches, reverse.... And some weight training.. He looks a bit bow-legged as well.. Oh ladies.....

Why the stink-face Robbie poo? Could it be that besides being the human incarnate of EC, that now people will request you to be shirtless in EVERY film thereafter? and require you to..*gasp* SHAVE!!

*sings* Here comes the sun..And the CGI dots...Here comes the sun and I say I'm sparkly....
That lovely line us regular people try to obtain at the hip..And do I spy lack of underwear?? Hmmm....

I swear it looks like he is commando under those trousers... Maybe he tucked for this movie too? Channeling Ken?? I see no hair there...

Buttcrack Santa lives..... In New Moon! My proof there *points* that Pattinson is going commando!!
That and those CGI dots! I bet girls were like he has moles and freckles THAT large???

So yeah ladies..Your wish was granted..Shirtless Robbikins.. Did he disappoint you? I doubt it..How? My Twitter last night! Every other post was Rob shirtless.. Rpattz shirtless...etc..etc..etc
That is dedication! We all know Rob loves his Hotpockets and beer to keep this up lol!

You wanna discuss? Come comment..share.. *sips coffee and bites biscotti*

Now for a lovely montage of the above photos and more.....

Check out this vid by one of my Twit girls VickyB! Someone's just too sexy! LOL


pics courtesy of Radar Online and A Socialite


  1. Okay, I confess, last night I "totally forget how to breath!". He is hottttttttttt, obviously he work out a lot, well, HE IS HOTTTTT.1 more thing: the expression, totally Edward Cullen, I like it.( I'm afraid 4 Kris/Bella)My humble opinion, okay?Danislytherin/Brazil

  2. Another thing. WTF is up with all the dots on him. Am I the only one that sees that?

  3. @hiding those are markers for the CGI sparkles added in post production lol

    @Dani lol i'm glad you resumed breathing! lol

  4. Damn he really did go commando. I'm surprised I'm not walking around a bunch of fainted twilighters.

  5. reelhimin.now@hotmail.comMay 30, 2009 at 11:17 AM

    I love u like my luggage! AND #shirtlessrob

    i'll be back!



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