02 August 2009


I tend to think of myself as easy going, social, an original aka being me; but one thing that pisses me off is not giving credit where it is due. I detest people who are unoriginal. People who have to copy ideas (known ideas I might add) and try to pass them off as their own. You know the type. The ones who are copy cats! Original thought to those people are few and far between. I am a creative person in my own right & I respect other's creativity... But to pass something off as your own, without giving credit where it is due is despicable in my eyes. It is plagiarism to a degree. This isn't the first time in this case. Why not ask if it is ok to use the idea? Maybe if it was posed to me, then I would not be a pissed bitch right now.

I have no problem hurting feelings when I feel I'm wronged. Like a lioness protecting her cubs, I am fierce when it comes to loyalty and what is mine. My ideas, my creative process..Mine! And when people steal it, it offends me in the most hurtful way.

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