09 September 2009

The Power of Social Networking

As some already know, I'm on Twitter.

But before Twitter, I was on Myspace. Before Myspace, I was on Facebook. The thing I love most about social networking sites is that I can re-connect with friends I've lost touch with throughout the years. Case in point, friends of mine I hadn't seen since Kevin Richardson was a Backstreet boy, found me on FB & Myspace! Cool huh. Then there are those I went to high school with and college. A few exes too lol. But, connecting with these people made me remember all the good times had. Although some memories form h.s. they can keep.. lol

Not to mention new friends I met throughout my travels and other things. I think social networking has its advantages. And a crap load of disadvantages. Like I don't want to be followed by spammers and porn bots on Twitter, so I block. Perverted men on Myspace... I reject their friend request. People on my Fb I only accept if we have:

  1. Mutual friends
  2. Met in person before
  3. Have a common interest
  4. Networking/Jobs
  5. I knew them from a previous life.. lol
As of right now, I have a nice group of people I keep in contact with. And as my interest grow, so does the list.

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