11 September 2009


Well, someone saw Sorority Row and filmed the second New Moon trailer. And because they are such huge fans, they posted it on YouTube for all the world to see! *does happy dance*I must say, this looks like it is going to be much better than Twilight (THANK GOD!!). Heck, even some of the acting from the first cast looks improved. But wtf is with Alice looking like an old woman..wait, she is like old enough to be Bella's grandmother... CGI wolves ooooh! But, I really cannot wait to see Michael Sheen as Aro; not to mention those oh so smexy Wolf Pack..*thud*

Mad courtesy and props to Twilight Sisterhood for the tip :)

And if the copyright blowholes at Summit have removed the video...

That means you have to wait till Sunday at the MTV VMA's. Personally, I'm going to be watching the season finale of HBO's True Blood ..Go Team Eric!!!

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