27 December 2009

End Of Time

As some of you know, the first of the Doctor Who two-part special, The End of Time, aired Christmas Day in the UK on BBC One and on December 26th here in the US. Some people have posted their reaction to the first part already. These last two episodes marks the end of David Tennant's run as The Doctor, making way for Eleven (played by Matt Smith). Smith has really big shoes to fill. Not only was David's Ten listed as the most popular Doctor(beating out long-time favourite Tom Baker), he's also the sexiest, as listed by a British poll.

My review of the specials will be posted after watching part two. Why you may ask? Simple, I want to get the whole picture RTD was trying to paint out. But I will say this, part one had very touching moments and a few wtf ones as well..

Till that review comes, I leave you with these lovely... gifs! lol

The 'Master' Race! John Simm (or Simms however you like to say it) has great gams!!

From the BBC Christmas indents.. The eyebrow... *dies*

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