30 July 2009

The Week In Review

This is the week(or weeks) in review!

Last week, geekdom reached popular high lever as the 2009 Comic-Con was the place to be! Fans of Twilight saw more clips from this winter's New Moon. And I must say, it looks quite promising. I will say that I was not a fan of Chris Weitz after seeing The Golden Compass but, my opinion is slowly changing.

Also on tap was The Doctor Who panel *sighs*. This panel included David Tennant, Eros Flynn, Julie Gardner and Russel T. Davies. I have a lot of respect for Russel and the crew. They revised and continued the story about a 900 year olf time lord from Gallifrey and brought the show back in a huge way. I am also saddened because this is David's final series as The Doctor, and according to reviews of the snippet shown for The End Of Time, it's going to be one hell of a send off!!

Fans also got to see previews of upcoming films such as Jonas Hex and The Book of Eli. Personally speaking, I'm looking forward to seeing The Book of Eli. :)

I also saw the interview clips from the New Moon panel and of course, I am wondering why doesn't Summit get Kstew some interviewing lessons! When I was in college, they made us take interviewing lessons so that we would be prepared for job interviews. Back in Hollywood's hey days(before actors could negotiate their own contracts & were the property of the studios), they prepared their stars for interviews. And as usual, Kstew comes off as a snobbish, un-interested bitch!

Seriously!! We all know she's been filming The Runaways with Joan Jett looming over her with detailed intimidation over her shoulder but, that is no excuse to come off so uncouth during interviews! This isn't the first time I picked up on this and as we can see, it won't be the last.
I'm all for sarcasm and humor! Seriously, I am.. But if I am running press for a movie(regardless of the built-in fan base), I am still going to be excited and glad my behind is even a part of the franchise....

Speaking of franchise heart-break...

There has been a lot of upset this week as we learned that Rachelle Leferve has been replaced.

And who takes her place???

Former M. Night muse, Bryce Dallas Howard. BDH is the daughter of Opie Taylor/Richie Cunningham/Cocoon man/Award winning A-List director, Ron Howard. Personally, I think this is a foul move on the part of Summit.

From what I gather, Summit knew before-hand of Rachelle having a 10 week shoot in Europe for another movie. I cannot see how this would be a problem, especially since schedules were worked around for Cam Gigandet & Elizabeth Reaser. I think Eclipse director David Slade had some input on the departure. The sad thing is that this is very reminiscent of when they were going to recast Jacob Black... But the fans prevailed and Taylor is STILL Jacob Black. Personally, I couldn't see anyone else as him..(Sorry Michael :( ).

And this goes the same for the character Victoria. I could'nt see the character being portrayed by anyone else. When the original Albus Dumbledoor from Harry Potter passed away, they HAD to recast. But in this situation, it is about money and a name...

...A name to bring some sort of celebrity presence to Eclipse. Even if that name only fits the character's red hair....

As many fans know, Rachelle has been one of the most beloved cast members from the series. She is, from what I was told, is very gracious and kind to the Twilight fans. She knows that without the built-in fan base, they would'nt have made it past the first movie. Even her tweets on Twitter are nice!!

It is a major blow for the fans.. But, has Stephenie Meyer weighed in her opinion of the recast? We shall see..

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