17 July 2009

Whose Your Caddy, Daddy?

So, I'm up late cause of my wicked insomnia and I ended up watching 'Whose Your Caddy?'. This movie stars Sherrie Sheppard(The View), Big Boi (Outkast, Idlewilde) and that weird guy from Ferris Bueller's Day Off(you know, the teacher who Jennifer Grey maced..). So, as I get past the part about the lawyer sent to the guy to bribe him so he won't join the all male/all Caucasian club and guess who I spy???

Twilight dead hunk(James)/DILF...Cam Gigandet!! lol

A bit skinner and playing golf! I saw the movie before and though ooh he's hot.. This was before Twilight of course. And so I just had to blog about this cause it's totally funny. The movie isn't really funny, but it has moments. I'd reccommend Good Luck Chuck and Knocked Up. That was actually not too bad. LOL

But anywhoo, if you have satellite or cable, check out The Movie Channel (Showtimes sister channel) On Demand and watch it.. Cam doesn't show up until about 25-30 minutes into the movie :)

Also, for my 100Monkey fans, I also saw Bratz..*rolls eyes* OMG that movie was CRAP! Seriously, I get the whole friends theme, but really.. This movie is for girls under 13 who have those big headed dolls! I'd rather watch HSM3 again....But as I was about to say, 100Monkeys member Jerad Anderson plays a jock in the film. I was cracking up laughing because he has this goofy look on his face as his character gets a C+ after being tutored by one of the Bratz girls. Hehe..

That's the insomnia round up..lol

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