10 September 2009

What Were You Doing.....

.....The day the World Trade Centers fell?

Tomorrow is the eight year anniversary of the day our modern world stood still. The day people from all walks of life perished. Commonly referred to as 9/11, September 11th, 2001, to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, is "the date that will live in infamy". I use this quote because this was my generation's Pearl Harbor. My great uncle fought in World War II. I remember stories he used to tell us of those times. Both he and my grandfather could remember exactly what they were doing when the news came across the radio announcing Japanese armies had struck. On that day, lives were unnecessarily ended to prove a point to our nation that we are not indestructible; that we are not mighty and that we too like the Berlin wall, can fall.

The horrible events of that day will forever live in our minds and have changed the world as we know it. We have colored terror alerts and the infamous Privacy Act which gives the government the right to spy on our citizens. We also have increased security measures at airports (although, I do not like looking at stranger's ugly toes while going through the security gates).

Our lives have changed but has the way we think changed as well? What did the attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon teach us? What did those brave people who risked their lives teach us trying to prevent another airplane from striking another place? We live in an era when the mere utterance of disapproval sends the government running. We also saw an outporing of solidarity from all Americans, breaking color walls down; even if it was for a short period. But we also saw our nation's first minority President elected last year. Progress is slow, but some is better than none.

But, as the years went on, things, in my opinion, went back to normal...

What was I doing that day? Getting ready to leave the house. I was watching the Today show when the coverage of the plane hitting the first tower was shown. I saw, as many others did that morning, the second plane hit the 2nd tower. When I first heard about it, I thought it was an accident. A plane went off course and had a dreadful accident. But when the second tower was hit, I knew this was no mere coincidence. I called my mother and she was told like everyone else, to evacuate downtown Chicago. I then tried to call my friend in NYC to see if her family was ok. Calling out of NYC was easier than calling in.

I also knew her brother and sister-in-law worked in the Trade Centers as well. My prayers went out to her and them. And when the news came out, we all cried for those lost.

So I ask you,

What were you doing that fateful day? How has it changed you?

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