02 November 2009

Rob Pattinson in December Vanity Fair

It seems like the world just cannot get enough of Mr. Pattinson. The 23 year old is on a rise and it doesn't seem like his star will diminish any time soon. In the December edition of 'Vanity Fair', There is a beautiful editorial and interview with Pattinson and some of his costars from the series. Below are some of the VF outtakes.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke on Rob and Kristen's chemistry:

"What Rob and Kristen had is a multitude of feelings for each other. Complex feelings for each other,” says Hardwicke. “It was what we needed. Complex, intense fascination.”

On his looks:

Despite the fact that he is an exquisite beauty—with perfectly formed red, red lips and a face that might have been dreamed by the Romantic poets—he thinks he resembles “a cartoon character.” One of his legs is longer than the other, which makes him look, he assures you, “like an idiot.”

Read the full article in Vanity Fair. On Newsstands this week.

Click here for the slide show of Rob's pictoral outtakes

But for a snippet of the article, click HERE

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  1. i cnt wait to see the sequel this month!!!!!!


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