03 August 2009

My Name

When I was a kid, this song was and still is one of my favorites. A lyric I kind of apply to me goes like this...

"...She used to have a carefree mind of her
own, with devilish look in her eye
Saying "You can call me anything you like, but
my name is Veronica..."

Kind of weird for a kid to be singing..lol I used to substitute 'Veronica' for whatever nick name I had that month. These days, I have a few more names I go by.. D.i.v.a.(not much anymore), Cams(very few use this & ya need permission lol), The Reject & the 'illustrious' Gallie. I like Gallie. It is up there with D.I.V.A in a sense. It stands for something. Something.. I think, besides Gallifrey..But this post is about names. We name our children names in the hopes that they fit; but do they? My birth name would have been Sara (thank GOD she didn't chooses Hall & Oats). I don't feel like a Sara.. Heck, I don't feel like a Camille. It is funny. My name is a classic & timeless one and people somehow still find a way to fucker it up (i.e. Ca-millie. camillay..) err..!
Sometimes I wonder about our educational system, then I see how they mess up a seven letter proper noun..

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  1. omg, so so many names. lol.


    follow me, i'm following you. :)


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