09 September 2009


Did you miss me?

Oh come on.. You know you did! LOL

We are less than 90 days away from the release of New Moon and with Eclipse being filmed, the frenzy has not died down. And judging from all the pap pics I've seen recently, it is getting hot in Vancouver!

No not sexually.. (although Robsten lovers would LOVE that!)

Set stalking has resumed and Twitter is a blaze with set pics and cast locals. I wonder do these gals ever quit (the stalking ones)?

Did I mention I met some awesome people last month in Michigan? Did I also mention I met 100Monkeys as well (sans J-Action)? Did I mention that I rock socks? LOL Did I also mention that Lucky Strike has an awesome club area?? OOOOOOh!

Don't believe... See the proof kiddies..

Oh and my hair was all kinds of messed up by the end of the night.. Sweat and humidity are not my BFF's! LOL

J Rad aka Jerad Anderson & Me (I will travel if ya pay me.. LOL)

The awesome.. Ben J aka Ben Johnson :) I have mad respect for him :)

Ben G aka Ben Graupner.. (note to self: Don't pull a Graupner..LOL)
Ooh we're both all gums!

See, I so rock socks off Monkeys yo! LOL Just missing one signature... Oh Jackson... LOL

Myself & the Man.. The Myth.. The Legend.. Uncle Larry :)
taken at the Spencer Bell Legacy Show

Yeah I know, I'm soo behind in posting.. But you love me anyways.. right?? lol

Oh and also, Check out this montage I made, with a little help from my friends, of course.. :P

Oh and btw, this vid is also up on my You Tube channel XxGallifreyRejectxX . There will be more 'Amandah' vids up soon, as well and whatever I feel like putting up there.. lol, But in the mean time, rate, comment on my channel.. :)

Ok..Till the next post...


p.s. I have this awesome pic I took with Dan Graupner aka Orson Brawl, but because I love me some Dan, I ain't posting it :) hehee

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