10 September 2009

100Monkeys Show Review

I know I am behind on postings, so bear with me:)

I went to see 100Monkeys at Lucky Strike last month and all I can say is AMAZING! This topped off what was an already awesome weekend. My friend Lisa and I also attened the Barnes & Noble autograph signing in Novi, MI earlier that day (see this post for pics from meeting the guys).

So, after waiting in the rain and heat, we were allowed inside to cool off and eat, then re-line up back outside to enter the upstairs. Opening up for the guys were The Stevedores and Drew & the Medicinal Pen. Both bands were awesome, especially The Stevedores. 100Monkey man Ben Johnson did double duty that weekend. Not only playing with 100Monkeys, but also with The Stevedores. I developed a new respect for this man!!

I got a chance to speak with Ben G. for a bit and totally the coolest guy ever..*fist bumps*

The guys performance sans Jackson was amazing. A totally unique and different energy. Also, we heard more of Jerad singing 'Thank You' and since Ben J was pulling double duty, the audience sang 'The Monkey Song' and 'Twenty To One' (both songs by Spencer Bell :). The night before, Ben G forgot a verse from 'Twenty To One', so when asked should he sing it, I yelled out, "NO!" lmao. Needless to say all eyes were on a ducking me!

My feet are still slightly traumatized by an attack from Dan Graupner aka Orson Brawl (he apologized this past week! I love ya DAN! :) ).

The funniest moment of the show, an improv song called 'Pineapples and Love Apples'.. But I swore I heard 'cum' apples.. ROTFLMAO!

Overall it was an awesome show! I do hope to see them again with Jackson soon . Oh and btw, Uncle Larry is a vessel of awesomeness!

Jerad's cool too, but um yeah I can't travel like that! lol

Below are a few pics I took at Lucky Strike. If You want to use, contact me first :).
One of my absolute fave pics I took that night.. Graupner!! :)

Pineapples and Love Apples....

Graupner & Uncle Larry!

Missy, Drew and Anna of Drew & The Medicinal Pen


Till the next post...


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