31 July 2009

Advertising Fail WTF

So I'm browsing around and I find this commercial on YouTube. It shows African American women in a salon and one is getting a weave.. My question is..Why just Black Women?

Why not show our Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian counterparts getting 'weaved up'(and we all know they do)? Simple.. They don't want to. I was appalled actually. This was aimed at African Americans(Iguess trying to reach theirt 'target audience'. To me, it promotes negative stereotypes that all BW wear weaves and have major attitudes. I find it funny that in this world where it is acceptable for non-BW to enhance their features (rhinoplasty, tanning, breast augmentation, etc.), that BW cannot do the same. Don't get me wrong, I love to change my style as much as the next woman, but seriously..Why not incorporate other ethnicities? This is an advertising FAIL!

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