29 April 2009

Something BlondeThis Way Comes....

I assure you, its not moi...Hello!! I'm not a blonde! This is actually something via Twitter I encountered over the past couple of days.. You know how I've written about Twilight posers on Twitter (See I Told You, Ted Backs Me Up..Sort Of) and how although quite entertaining, can damage a persons reputation..That is if that is the goal.. Being duped is one thing, but following someone you know isn't who they say they are isn't being duped...It is purely entertainment. I wonder did the Blonde not know that impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery? I doubt it because she went on an all-out, no-holds barred, spam every twit pic related to the situation and decided to go on a I'M SAVING THE TWITTERVERSE mission... Blonde, leave the tights at home.

I applaude her for supposedly trying to shed light on the poser epidemic but seriously acting childish and immature doesn't bode well with myself or others. Especially when you insult via twit pic (and yes, posting comments on twit-pic knowing you were blocked for WHATEVER reason is a form of harassment.) We don't follow for popularity, we follow for similar interest or because the poster is funny..Or in come cases we're just being nosey!

I thought it was funny how she said that someone she knew who knew so and so DM'ed (direct message) her and said they were fake.. *dies laughing* and that she found the real So and So and they were aware of the poser.. Yeah they're aware of them, but do you see them doing anything about it? Um..nope.. Why? Quite simple, they do not care! It is giving them publicity! It was also interesting to read how she would'nt reveal her sources (I smell Ted Casablanca around here..lol). Now, If I were say busting out a presumed poser, I'd list my sources! Hell, I'd let all know who told me (and those who know me know I have NO problem holding my tongue!) But this insn't the case..

And even today, she went back to a person's Twit-Pic and continued to post things. Yes! IF you annoy someone you will get called out your name. At 36, you really shouldn't be acting so trite and juvenile...She states she doesn't like 'gang mentality' but she uses the same tactics as those she accuses of doing.. That pot is black..Kettle is black... And yeah someone called her racist, which I don't particularly care for, because she dislikes Obama. Well I disliked Bush.. Cheney...Perez...Does that make me a racist homophobe? Nope, means I don't like them.. Nuff said.. If she is about peace, love, etc. then why didn't she just ignore it.. Noone gives a damn about her Blonde blog and her mundane life. But, this issue caused her to gain hits..So way to go Blonde!! More hits and views for you!! *rolls eyes*

For someone who has never heard of the shows Supernatural and Heroes(which I think is a complete LIE!), she really threw herself into it. Blonde, hey! Try this.... We have an abundance of Twilight posers..Use your 'investigative journalistic skills' on that! And hey! While your at it, I hear the Lochness Monster and Unicorns have Twitter too...

To those who want to view her blog, HERE is the link...


  1. i stumbled across your blog via ltt via twitter and Gallifrey caught my eye... only fans of the doctor would know that word - anywhoo, wanted to say hi and say well done - oh and i follow fake people on twitter because it's fun, fake paris hilton cracks me up! @emmeloowhoo

  2. Aww Emily thank you for visiting! And hello to you too! :D


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