10 April 2009

You Be The Judge

As many know, I refuse to post anything regarding who-is-sleeping/f**king/boning/munching/dating-who on the set. Why, because it is none of my business. I have a rule, if it doesn't concern me personally(as in its not my man), then it is none of my concern. One must remember that these people are humans and they are entitled to their own lives. People assume that because you are famous, it makes the general public privy to all the little tidbits of your life. Unless you are a fame whore who revels in everyone knowing everything about your personal life....

The thing about celebrity these days is that some are famous for absolutely nothing! It's bloody pathetic and someone needs to say enough is enough!

I really could give two shits a piss about what goes on behind closed doors. I advise you to do the same..It will keep you sane and grounded.

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